100 thoughts on “How to Draw 3D Heart – Drawing 3D heart with Charcoal – Art on Line Paper

  1. ✅ Hungarian anamorphic artist Sandor Vamos creates incredible trick-of-the-eye,
    ► https://mymodernmet.com/3d-drawings-anamorphic-art-sandor-vamos/

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  4. Super, suis tombée par hasard sur votre tuto. Suis bien tombée ! Très amusant à faire. Merci pour cette vidéo.

  5. idk, I thought it was okay. There's something off about it, just not sure what it is. Definitely think this person is much better than this heart drawing though.

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  7. This is just impressive. You can be very proud of what you acheived !

    All the best, from a fellow artist !

  8. question . . . . . how long does it take to figure out what to draw ?
    because your art work is very good.

    awesome video !!

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