99 thoughts on “How to Do the Mind Reading Card Trick | Magic Tricks

  1. this only really works if they cut the deck somewhat evenly because if they only pick up the first few cards, they would notice the switch

  2. iยดve tryed a simillar trick like this on my friends . noone have seen the false cut. atleast if you not show it 2 times. just once is a tip.

  3. Oh my god man I'm practicing practicing at school tomorrow I'm going to be doing your contract and I got it down I even have it on Facebook

  4. my mind reading card trick is to look at their eyes then eyes have a little mirror and look their eyes where you can see the card he/she used

  5. what I do is I get 13 cards and the Card they pick I pit the Card in the back but behind it I spell there name it works for me

  6. I will sub to anyone that subs my channel! I'm just getting started and I will be happy to help others who are just starting! It's very hard at first!

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