How to do Paper Origami : Origami star box

How to do Paper Origami : Origami star box

My name is Emily. I’m going to show you
how to fold the origami star box. First, diagonal fold. Again. Take this corner, meet it with
the opposite corner and make sure that the two sides become mountain folds, like so.
Do the same on the other side- this corner to that one. The open end facing away, fold
the corners to meet the inside crease. And again. You pull open to create a triangle
pointing towards you. And again. Fold in half. And fold the opposite corner
towards the center. Open up again. Pull the bottom corner towards the center to make a
crease. And fold the two corners together. Fold each corner downward. Pull apart opposite
corners and flatten the bottom. And that is the star box.

57 thoughts on “How to do Paper Origami : Origami star box

  1. Those people who think this video is great go to hell!!
    She's looking at the fucking instructions. And her explanation sounds like mr.bean Just cuz she's a gurl you morons

  2. omg y does everyone have problems,so she used a book, big deal! at least shes trying to show us how to do it even if she is jus doing it too

  3. Next time, fix the camera so it's over your shoulder. Unless someone knows the basics of all of these folds, they can't see what you're doing.

  4. the reason there's no effort put into it is because they want lots of videos. they even duplicate videos to get more, i've seen it!

  5. ok its called
    but other than that i was catching up:)

  6. expert village is a cult of weird video people who make videos that are difficult to understand and no one wants to hear about..

  7. just practice and experiment. i'm sure there are pdf instructions online.

    i called this a star basket when i was in 3rd grade…

  8. There's about 20 videos on how to do this box. Every one is different. And THIS is the ONLY one that is so confusing, I threw the paper across the room.

  9. My god, what's the point in uploading a video when you screw up everything? It's useless, confusing and annoying. Jesus.

  10. Hey everyone this video isn't very good so basically what you do it make a bird base and get the top solid part of it and squash fold it.

  11. horrible lesson, can't see a damn thing…should have raised the camera over the girl's head…expert village, YOU CONTINUE TO FAIL IN TEACHING LESSONS!!

  12. i really liked your video but the camera angle makes a little hard to decifer the way you are folding the paper

    and i also have a question how long does it take to be able to make quick cemetrical folds

  13. Its not her fault that the videographer thought it would be a good idea to film origami folding from 8 feet away.

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