How to do Paper Origami : Origami samurai hat

How to do Paper Origami : Origami samurai hat

My name’s Emily. I’ll be folding the origami
samurai hat. You start with a valley fold corner to corner. Another valley fold. Open it back up. Fold each corner down like
that and fold them in the opposite direction. Take the opposite point, go about halfway
up, and fold the inside corners, like so. Take the last point, fold it upwards. Fold
again at the bottom, like so.

19 thoughts on “How to do Paper Origami : Origami samurai hat

  1. this is odd yes yes yes very intriguing and at first i really thot u were makin a frog and it still does

  2. this video would be the least bit interesting if emily had some cleavage or somethin. if ya know what i mean. 😉

  3. u r supposed to use glue or tape to stick it onto ur forehead so that u can go around showing and telling others "look! i look like an idiot!"

  4. Thank you, this was clear enough for me to follow. It is unfortunate that there are so many who have no capacity to appreciate you effort.

  5. I have a an awesome book on sooooo many things of origami like llamas and and a lot of the things emily makes.

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