How to do Paper Origami : Origami crane

How to do Paper Origami : Origami crane

My name is Emily, I’m going to show you
how to fold an origami paper crane. First, fold in half. It’s very precise- you might
want to use chopsticks. Fold in half once more. Take the following corner, make a crease,
open that up. Take this point, make sure it matches with this point, but make a mountain
fold down the center, like so. So you have a square. Flip over. Do the same thing on
the opposite side. Make a crease. Put this corner to that corner. Make another square.
With the open side facing you. Make sure it’s even. Crease all the center lines. Make sure the open point is towards you. Take
each corner, fold to the middle. Do the same on the other side. Now you’re
going to take the inside point on the bottom and pull upwards. Make sure its nice and tight,
like so. And then you crease along the previous fold. Take each corner, fold in the center again,
like so.
Do the same on the opposite side. And take the bottom corner and fold again. Each corner meets up at the top. You open
like so. Pull the opposite corners apart. You can fold the wings and the head. That’s
the last step in a finished paper crane.

100 thoughts on “How to do Paper Origami : Origami crane

  1. jeese i do everything along with her but when she makes that boat, i don't have the open edge anymore . i lose her at some point while making it, i wonder what fold it is that i'm getting wrong.

  2. If I were interviewed, you'd hear me saying a billion curse words about this video.:P Horrible job. I hope I offended you.

  3. ?????? i am so confused? I made one earlier with this vid……. now i cant, can you make it any easier to exsplane?

  4. She's too busy with her stupid chopsticks to actually let you see what she's doing. You have no idea which side of the paper she's working on, and her vague directions, "fold the corners into the center" make no sense when you can't see how she's doing it. I'm so frustrated. I wish this video didn't exist.

  5. your an idiot, how is anybody meant to follow that, and what the fuck is a mountain fold, go fold some paper friends dipshit

  6. she really is trying her best– even if it's not the best instructional video for some people. at least show some respect for her. this video helped me a lot when i got confused from the paper instructions. and i can see everything just fine. i applaude her.

  7. Bottom corner, top corner . . . makes no sense when you are flipping the paper around so fast. Congratulations, you can fold a crane. No one else trying to learn from this will.

  8. Might try it with like black color paper on one side and purple on other to help with confusion. Made it so can't complain.

  9. I agree with kelcieboo4. A combination of following the schmetics and this video will produce results. I hope no-one here is kidding themselves in thinking this is easy, because producing a flawless crane is more difficult than a lot of other projects. Understanding the several basic folds (rabbit-ear can wait) before trying a crane can help too. And to all those who give up in frustration and post a negative comment with no contructive criticism, its just not needed.

  10. Most all origami starts with a square. Anyone who has ever done one knows this. And it doesn't matter– you can make a crane with a poster board or with a business card. Really. Just cut it down to a square first.

  11. I must say though, if that was my first time making a crane and these were it for the instructions, I'd have trouble. She goes quickly, and hides the folds sometimes.

  12. following these instructions I somehow made a paper condor. Not a pretty sight. Thanks for posting though, hopefully it'll help SOMEbody.

  13. If you don't know what a mountain fold is (or even what a crease is) then stop watching. You obviously have made no effort into researching the skill of origami.

  14. If you're looking to learn, go elsewhere–she's too fast, sort of mumbling to herself rather than teaching, and the crucial last steps are impossible to figure out as she rushes through them. Go to RobH.

  15. I think the video's alright, I mean if you think she goes too fast you can pause it… And you can turn off the subtitles okay, don't blame her.

  16. if you use something to make creases then your not a pro at origami just wanna make things easier

  17. I'm sorry but this person and her chopsticks really pisses me off… I have no clue why 😛 Ahh well, sorry! ^^; She's so… patronizing?

  18. I watched it on mute and figured it out. Thank you very much, the people who are being mean can suck it they are too dumb to understand. Thanks!

  19. I'm about to punch a whole threw my wall, this is irritating, i'm sorry but, you suck, you blew past everything after 1:40 like the viewers have the perception of a freakin cat.

  20. you seriously don't need any chopsticks or whatever, people can learn to make a simple crane by only pictures and explanation too, i memorized it completely after doing it twice.
    the best way to learn origami techniques is on a site with pictures and explanation, if you dont get it THEN you can see a video.
    but obviously not this one.

  21. youre horrible. i tried so hard, watched two videos, got nowhere. when people are sitting home trying to do simple oragami, searching for beginner oragami, we're not gunna know what a fucking mountain fold is, and we're not gunna sit here with some pansy assed chopsticks, ready for you to tell us to use them!

  22. Great video, I have never made a crane before… or any thing else origami related,
    but after watching this video, it's no problem.

    Thank you,
    Keep up the good work, and ignore all the people that do not know how to pause or rewind 😉

  23. @lol611111111111 im confused to on the part she said make a crease ???? my paper couldent do that even that i looked at her and double checked

  24. Thank you for helping me, you explain very well. I didnt know how to make a swan or crane until i saw your videos. you're awesome 🙂

  25. I think you should be a bit more specific about which corner you are talking about, especially since the zoom is so far out.. maybe pause and show your progress. It's a little hard to follow.

  26. well my friend it appears to me that you dont know what a mountain fold is and a valley fold is either , so like the KawaiiKarasu member here said , i dont think this is a beginner origami video shes doin , so quit complaining and search for a vid that shows origami from sqratch , wich means you get to learn all the names of the folds thats in origami .and then you might be able to understand the vids EXPERTVILLAGE are doin ,just a friendly advise .

  27. its very good of your nephew to be able to do origami that well with no chopsticks at that low age of 7 ,but if she find it useable with chopsticks ,then let her use that i her origami folding, so what ever you are male or female ms/mr LMFAO why dont you do a vid with origami and let us se how good and great you are AYE .

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