How to do Paper Origami : Origami box

How to do Paper Origami : Origami box

My name is Emily. I’m going to show you
how to fold an origami square box. First you crease the paper. And again, on diagonals. And open. Each corner
fold towards the center, using the crease as a guide. Fold in half. And in quarters towards the
outside. Open. Fold the quarter sections upward. And pull the corner, like so, following along the crease lines. Do the same.
And fold inward. At this point, touch the center. And that’s the last step in the
origami square box.

81 thoughts on “How to do Paper Origami : Origami box

  1. Excellent video (all of them actually) I would love to see some different ones in the future!! You have pretty hands too! Origami is awesome, thanks for posting.

  2. ok wow. this is one of the WORST ways of folding a box. you just expect it to stay? thats not origami thats just hopeing that the creases wont let loose. Bad folding teqnique

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  4. yeah, I saw her iris and I do it a more efficient way that preserves the strngth of the creases. In this one I think she missed a step, because this box is supposed to be pretty strong and be able to hold items while preserving its shape. mine came out all weak.
    (could be just me, though)

  5. i agree :S

    I dont see anything of what you doing
    when the cameraman is filming so far away from the paper…. But not on this video

  6. don't turn the box away from us when you're trying to show us how to fold it and all we see is your hands move and then all of a sudden there's a box!!! 😮

  7. did it ever occur to you that it wasn't Emily who actually took the video? Expertvillage always has insanely short videos and splits them in to obscene amounts of sections for us to find in their 140k list of videos. She tried her best to teach you how to do a VERY simple model. If you can't figure this out, don't bother trying origami, it's not for you.

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  9. If you are patient you can get this, I did have to watch it a few times though. I just learned this technique and in turn taught it to a group of kids age 8 to 12 in summer camp. I thought it might be too hard for them, but they loved it. I had other projects for them but they kept wanting to make more boxes.

  10. i once saw this dude in my previous class fold a CLOSED box where you can blow into to get it full open… Howw do that THAT

  11. i sorta got it so thanks for 1 good vid =) but heres a tip if you make 2 since its almost Christmas you can put them together and make a real box and put a ribbon on it

  12. Thought this video was very good and it sure beats reading instructions in a confused state. Thank goodness for youtube. I can remember spending so much time attempting to follow folding instructions. Thank you….

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