How to Do a Design with Lines | Nail Art Designs

How to Do a Design with Lines | Nail Art Designs

Nail pens are really hot this year. They make it very easy for people at home
to do very intricate designs and fun drawings on their nails. If you don’t have a dotting tool or paints
and brushes and things like that, you can go out and grab one of these. I have a bunch of Sally Hanson nail art pens. You can just get them at a drug store and
tons of fun, different colors and you can just basically, do whatever you want on your
nails with these. It’s really fun. We’re going to do something today. It’s a simple nail pen design, like a wavy
design. The key to using nail art pens, you want to
make sure that your base color is completely dry before you start. If it’s not, the nail art pen won’t glide
properly, it’ll clump in the nail polish, it’ll just make a mess. So make sure that it’s dry. Also, shake your nail art pen before you start,
but make sure the cap is on every time you shake it or you’re going to get paint everywhere
and nobody likes that. These nail art pens, when you get them on
your skin on your cuticles, try to get that off right away. It’s a lot harder to get off than regular
nail polish on your skin, so keep that in mind when you’re working. Okay, so we’re going to take an orange, a
lighter green, and a purple and start in the corner, and just kind of use three-quarter
circles with each color. Use them in a way that you aren’t touching
the same color together twice. Whenever you’re doing anything like this,
you know it’s not just up to your right hand to do all the work. You can move your left hand to position it,
so it makes life easier for your right hand. It takes two to tango. Kind of like a bunch of little rainbows on
your nail. If you’re not getting enough paint out of
it, just go ahead and dab it on a paper towel. Sometimes these nail art pens don’t glide
very easily. Sometimes they just get a little touchy, so
you just have to get a bit of a lighter touch with them. Your options are really endless when it comes
to these pens. You can sign your name on your nails, draw
a picture of your cat, which I would do. You can use all sorts of different color combinations
for different seasons, really. Then you put a top coat on top of that and
there you have a little simple idea for using some nail art pens.

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I bought the art pens a while ago but never really knew how to use them. I'm gonna give it a try . Thanks

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