How To Design Sublimation T-shirts

How To Design Sublimation T-shirts

you know those really cool all over
printed sublimation teas you know the ones I’m talking about well in this
video I’m gonna show you how to design them how they’re made and where you can
get some made, so stay tuned videos coming up right now what’s up guys Gary
Ajene t-shirt help desk com and in this video we are going to get into a
little sublimation okay now this is not your little sublimation printer where
you just take it and you print like the front of a t-shirt no no no no we are
talking about the large entire front of the or back to entire graphic whole
print t-shirts okay now back in the day in order to do this they would have to
print the fabric print a whole ream of fabric and then cut and sew which is
kind of time-consuming and it’s much more expensive than just say taking a
blank and just printing that bad boy all right so what is sublimation okay I want
to teach you guys something sublimation is the it’s a specialty ink that can
turn from a solid to a gas so what they do is that they print a piece of paper a
big large print a piece of paper the size of an entire front or back of a
t-shirt okay and then they put it lay it on top of the t-shirt and in a heat
press it okay now the heat causes a chemical reaction which turns the ink
into a gas and then that gas then permeates and becomes a part of the
blank okay and the blank can’t be a standard blank it has to be a 100%
polyester or a high polyester blend like percent polyester 90% polyester 70% but
it has to be a high polyester blend okay and that is the process of sublimation
so now let’s get into designing sublimation how it’s designed what you
should be looking out for and also where you can get some created for you let’s
go okay guys so you know the drill by now not this is a design brief this is
where I give whoever’s designing myself all the information that was much
information that I can if you don’t do this right this is why you guys keep
having to tell your designers over and over again to do stuff I’ll change this
changes change it not that everything is perfect when you give a design briefs
but you would alleviate a lot of nonsense all right so this is a really
famous t-shirt like drawing it’s a sloth climbing like King Kong and I want to do
a version of this but mine I’m going to have Donald Trump climbing up and it’s
gonna be on a sublimation t-shirt the reason why I’m doing this is because
everybody just uses a photograph you know what I’m saying I like to do
something that you can like never see so Donald Trump is a very polarizing figure
so I’m gonna use him so I told them to find something I’ll use something like
this which you can use for reference as him climbing up the Empire State
Building and to put you know one of these crazy faces and to use one of
these awesome backdrops and it’s just a simple Photoshop job alright so after
you get that done you make your PDF let’s take that bad boy over to an
awesome service you can use any service you like I’m recommending design crime
okay they are off the chain so let’s go over there and check them out let’s get
into it baby so uh get started now so many things to do with design
crabbers t-shirt design and I’m just gonna simply say Trump King Kong
sublimation t-shirt design and right here I’m just gonna write follow design
brief attached and we’re gonna go attach it right here and I’m gonna attach all
those pictures that was in the design brief okay so kind of all of those so
they should have a good old time all right putting that all together this one’s your three designs alright takes money to make money guys
and I’m gonna add little something to that so I get that Express and we’re
gonna hit continue and just like that let’s see what we get in a couple days
alright alright so we put it in and through the magic of the internet let’s
see what we got and here goes alright we’re back in and let’s go to my account
my projects King Kong Trump design manage project let’s see what we got
guys smoke into designs we have 16 designs wow wow wow wow okay okay check out Zack check out that guy’s wow
these guys are good and of course you put it on this shirt I mean come on guys
come on guys I mean this is you can do this guy you know kind of kind of season
kind of saw it another way look at this wow this is where you know
the art director approach comes in okay look it I mean come on guys
is this not bond look at this one I think this is the same guy leave these
are I mean these are these are awesome guys and they paid attention very well
that one’s kind of cartoonish but I see what they say we’re going this let’s see
about this one right here look at that look at that Wow
oh look at this one awesome awesome Wow I’m blown away I’m
blown away I mean look at these look at our incredible diesel looking at
incredible I would have chosen another face a little bit more mean a face but
look at look at incredible I mean these are awesome and these could be seen as
anti-trump or pro-trump to print depending on you know how you look at it
man this is a WoW that’s all I can say I am I’m blown away I got to tell you I’m
I’m blown away I’m blown away by this so guys this is just to let you know the
type of fantastic artwork that you can get a design crowd I mean awesome
I mean honestly because I’m looking I’m watching this I’m watching this with you
guys in real time I’m blown away alright anyway guys design crown make it
happen take some money to make money alright as you can see design crowd is
no joke alright so make sure that you go down in the description box and check
out design crown also it’s gonna be pinned in the comments I so check them
out okay look if you don’t know how to do it alright
hire someone who does okay and get the best product you possibly can alright
that’s it that’s all I got for you okay guys if you actually want to get your
sublimation designs printed okay all real t-shirts make sure you go to
t-shirt helpdesk comm backslash regia and go to the print both are
great companies where you can actually get your designs printed okay back to
the video remember guys make sure to do something good for somebody
if you don’t have anyone to do something good for do something good for yourself
as always cheers to your t-shirts I’m finna put some butter on these shoes and
slide on out the dup I love you god bless and peace

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