How To Design A Quality Poster | Poster Designing Tips

How To Design A Quality Poster | Poster Designing Tips

do you want to create an awesome poster
design well today we’re looking at how to design a quality poster with my tips
on poster designing what is up people welcome back to Satori graphics the home
of graphic design content right here on YouTube so I’ve made a poll Instagram
asking you guys what today’s video should be either a logo design or poster
designing tips it was a pretty close contest but poster design tips won in
the end but yeah if you guys don’t already follow me Instagram
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such as that poll before we start I do want to say that I have other poster
design videos on this channel but those are more relating to the technical
aspects of poster design such as how to set up a poster layout in Adobe
Illustrator an Adobe InDesign today’s video I’m gonna have seven tips on
poster designing which are more target together style the poster and also the
process you want to go through when designing a poster the very first thing
you want to do when designing your poster is to establish a concept now
this concept needs to be very solid and it needs to be established way before
you even make a single click in your daily software you want to think about
what exactly you want your poster designed to say and how you gonna say it
often a good concept has relevancy in social trends and society in general at
a specific time this easily allows your viewer to engage in your poster design
using humor is always a winner when it comes to choosing a concept for your
poster and also shock value is one that you might want to consider however you
need to keep in mind your target audience who’s going to be viewing your
poster design because this will help you establish your concept and a direction
that you want to take so once you better understand the audience and the people
viewing your poster design the better you’re going to understand the concept
but concept is really really important when it comes to poster design so leading on from concept that the next
tip in designing a quality poster design is theme by theme I mean like a running
style throughout the entire design you can think of this much like branding or
logo design you want to evoke a certain feeling in the audience were certain
emotion by the style of the poster so you want to take an account things such
as typography color choices and the imagery and the graphics and how will
this interacts together as one design a good poster design has a running theme
throughout this ensures visual harmony and also leaves the audience not
confused and allows them to engage with your design a lot easier so yeah theme
and concept my first two tips leading on from there it’s reading from a distance
this is pretty self-explanatory you want people to engage in your poster designer
and find a visually appealing but you also want to absorb the information as
presented on the design itself so when it comes to poster design you can think
of it as having three layers firstly the headline this is the main attention grab
when it comes to the typography and this is going to be the most important key
word the bold is the most prominent part of the design from there you want the
details so when where how and why you can answer
the question of the main headline were the forms of large text in the detail
section the detail section should be around of a half the size of the
headline as a general rule of thumb but you can go a little bit smaller a little
bit bigger depending on the design of course the fine print is a smaller
section of typography this is only going to be read for people who have really
been drawn into your poster design and are expending a lot of interest in
information itself you commonly see this in poster designs that are advertising
movies but yeah you and your poster to be visually appealing from a fire but
there when people come into it they can obtain the information that they need in
a very easy and concise manner so there is nothing more off-putting or
a turn-off to a viewer or your audience in a poster design then it being
cluttered you don’t want to confuse or turnoff your viewer so you want to allow
your design to breathe and have space utilizing negative space doesn’t only
allow your viewer to obtain information in an easily and concise manner but it
also makes to design visually appealing and contemporary for you guys have
followed my work in this channel you know that I ready to love minimal design
and impose the designing minimal and contemporary design works wonders so
think of the negative space as just important as a main content if not more
less really is more when it comes to using space on a poster design select
with a logo designing and most areas of design for that matter
typography can really make or break a design depending on how it’s used if
it’s done correctly typography can really elevate your
poster design to quality status basically just keep in mind the general
rules of typography such as not using too many fonts on your design so I would
keep the funks to around 2 or 3 at maximum don’t clutter your design with
many many different fonts as it becomes confusing allow your typography to
breathe like we mentioned we using negative space before use the correct
spacing between lines and lettering on your typography design and also keep in
mind hierarchy I think hierarchy is really really important and poster
design typography because you want to grab attention using a specific part of
the design if you search in YouTube satori graphics typography design you’re
going to find videos that explain these points in more depth but also I’ve
considered layout you want your typography to be laid out in a very very
articulate and visually appealing manner typography is an art form that can take
a lot of time to master but if you follow these rules be opposed to design
you’ve set yourself up for having a solid foundation for a quality poster so the next tip for designing a quality
poster is contrast to attract someone’s attention with your poster design you
and you really have one or two glances at the most so using high contrast you
can really really up your chances of having that person be drawn into your
poster design a lot more poster design it’s all about attention seeking and a
great way to do that is to use bold colors bright colors and also bold
typography use typography that if it was a person you’d be known as a narcissist
it needs to be attention seeking but it needs to be a certain way and is still
visually appealing so make sure to keep your design attractive and stylish
whilst having a high contrast overall so now my seventh and last point on poster
designing is keep it simple I can’t stress enough that keeping a poster
design simple is a surefire way to create a quality poster design pick one
concept and execute it as minimal elements as possible
without losing the integrity of your idea which leads back to the concept
make sure your concept is easily conveyed to the viewer in one or two
glances and you shouldn’t have to explain your idea or concept to anyone
you feel that the design speak for itself
I love simplicity and design as I’ve said before and poster design in general
is one of the biggest advocates for minimal simple design there’s also
something very attractive and peaceful about simple design this is only going
to help to translate and carve a positive connotations to the viewer so
keep it simple and have fun with there so there are my seven tips on designing
our quality poster design let me know in the comment section below if you found
this video useful and I hope you guys better understand how to make a quality
poster design after seeing the video if you want to see more content for myself
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Instagram but have a great weekend everyone
and until next time design your future today

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