7 thoughts on “How to design a great travel trailer | Q&A with Outdoors RV

  1. FIRST! I watched all your other ORV factory tour videos yesterday – they were AWESOME! I have my eyes on a 24RLS or RKS. I'll have to watch this video later today when I have time…. I'm heading out to work soon.

    I looked long at hard at the 21RBS two years ago, but I think I'd really prefer a floor plan with a seating area in addition to the dinette, where I can sit more comfortably and relax indoors if the weather is bad outside, or when traveling in the off season. I'm curious to hear your take on how living in your 21RBS for a year has been with only having the dinette to sit at.

  2. Its been wonderful watching this series with ORV and gaining some insight to the company, it's products, and its people. Great job with the interviews.

  3. Matt, your videos are so helpful and confirm over and over that we made the right decision to own an ORV and helps us appreciate the hard work and passion it takes to create a quality RV. Thanks again 😊

  4. Am in Albany Oregon today to purchase a 27TRX at Lassen Rv.
    Can’t wait to dry camp with it. Will have 2 170w solar panels and 4 6 volt batteries. It will be perfect for my Polaris 1000S and mountain bike.
    Love the off road capabilities and Dexter axles are the best.

  5. Dear Matt ( aka Chesire Cat ) I am going to mess with you a little. Hope you do not mind. 🙂 I sincerely hope Outdoors RV is going to cut you a check for all this free advertising 🙂 Was sold on this manufacture from my own research years ago . . . But if we do not get a chance to see the other member of your team, the one behind the camera, soon, enjoying a “National Park Unit” I just don’t know what we are going to do. . . 🙂 Shannon and I love your work! Be safe! Thanks to you both!

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