How To Decoupage : How To Decoupage A Box: Gluing The Paper

How To Decoupage : How To Decoupage A Box: Gluing The Paper

Hi! I’m Karen for Expert Village. First, separate
your napkin so you only have one layer.
Place your napkin where you want it. Then we’ll start in the center and move out to
the edges with the glue. Very, very gentle. Very gentle spreading from the center out.
The glue just soaks through the paper and adheres the napkin to the box. Just keep going around smoothing out and a
very gentle touch. You don’t want to rub too hard that it’s going to cause the napkin to
tear and the napkin’s very delicate. Take it right out to the edge. Always check and
see if maybe there’s bubbles or something and you put a little bit more glue on top
of it and spread it out to get rid of the bubbles. If you have a very stubborn bubble,
you can take a very sharp either a razor blade or a pen and just poke so that you can’t even
see it. The rub it a little bit very, very gently to get the air out. Okay, that looks
good all around.
Now, we’ll let that dry. While we’re letting that dry, we’ll work on the inside of the

16 thoughts on “How To Decoupage : How To Decoupage A Box: Gluing The Paper

  1. No offense but using a finger for spreding the glue? LAME! You should always use a sponge or a simple soft brush. But a finger? Seriously? Some expert she is…

  2. don't you have special products for Decoupage? I am not an expert and I know a bunch of those.

  3. why these vids only 2 mins long and incomplete?? I have to search for the rest of it… and they are not numbered so i don't know what order they are in.

  4. I give up. Can't find the right order..I see you have been asked to fis this months and months ago, so unless you do, don't anticipate my return.

  5. I have seen decoupage videos where they put the glue on the box first & lay the napkin. Is there a difference with doing that and the way you do it where you apply the glue on top of the napkin? Is there are specific reason for doing it this way? also, do you need to sand the box first? do you need to seal the box too before you glue the napkin? thanks.

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