How to Decorate a Spiral Notebook?

How to Decorate a Spiral Notebook?

Hi I’m Tami πŸ™‚
In this video we’re going to put our own design on a spiral notebook Let’s begin . . . We’ll need . . a Spiral notebook Contact paper Scissors, some dried leaves. I used some dried leaves i found . . . but you can use whatever decoration you want
Now let’s cut the contact paper it should be larger than the notebooks
cover Lets fold the contact paper around the cover… this will give us some guidelines to
work with and cut the contact paper like this It’s time to place the dry leaves
according to our design – take your time and enjoy the design process Now comes the tricky part – We peel the
the paper and place it from the spine of the notebook outwards like you see here Press carefully and slowly so there are
no bubbles left their always some bubbles left πŸ™‚
so try to push them out as best as you can Now we open the notebook . . . and stick the contact paper to the cover Some fixing here and there . . . finish sticking the contact paper and . . Thank’s for watching!
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  1. Hey IvoryCarrot πŸ™‚
    Thank you so much for your kind feedback
    If you get around to it, i would love to know how it came out

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