How to Custom Paint a Car : How to Sand a Car Before Painting

How to Custom Paint a Car : How to Sand a Car Before Painting

Hi, I’m Doug, I work with 20 great guys in
Saint Louis at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods and we are going to do some work for you on
Expert Village. Okay we are going to paint a 63 Impala coverable now. The car has been
completely disassembled. All the body work has been done, this car was rusty. Now we
have the final primer on there and the first thing we are going to do is sand it and get
it all ready to shot. This car is going black and you have to get the car absolutely perfectly
straight and flat in order for black to look good. The body man has done lately. We have
really good men at the shop, the car is really good. But the painter is the last step of
the quality insurance system that we have. So the painter does the final sand on the
car. He would take it down to 320 or 400 depending on the grate of paint that we are using. He
is going to go over this car and we would get it shot black.

48 thoughts on “How to Custom Paint a Car : How to Sand a Car Before Painting

  1. so…. what did this video just teach us? what they are doing to the car? the title reads "How to" you fuckin idiot. learn to post videos

  2. It says
    Properly sand a car down by lightly sanding the car surface before you give it a custom paint job; learn how from our expert custom-car mechanic in this free auto-restoration video.
    It doesn't teach Shit

  3. Why do I watch these vids?? It takes longer to post a comment than the video actually lasts!!!!
    I wish expert village were experts at joining pathetically short vids together. GET IT TOGETHER!!!

  4. these videos get stupider and shorter everytime doug do us all a favor put your videos on the comedy channel because all of your videos are a jokeif you want to learn real bodywork open a book or look at the pros doing work on here


  6. The best thing about the so-called "Expert" village of idiots is they provide endless fodder for youtube sarcasm and how NOT to make a video. BooYah! Youtubers!!

  7. People- if you think his video's are lame- I have actually had work done by him–scary stuff!! Don't hate expert village- hate the messenger, Hi, I'm doug, have I fooled you yet?

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