How to Crochet an Easy Candy Cane Decoration for Christmas

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from Today I’ll show you how to crochet an easy candy cane for a decoration. To do this you’ll need
less than 10 yards of 100% cotton yarn and a size G hook. Leave a 6 inch tail
end, make a slip knot, and chain 47. Skip that first chain and make a single
crochet in the next chain. Then make a single crochet in each chain across. At the end you will have made 46 single
crochet stitches. It’s a good idea to measure your work at this time. My first
row runs between 13 and 14 inches. This will produce an 8 inch tall candy cane
in the end. For row two, chain one and turn your work. Make one single crochet
in each stitch across this row. At the end make your last stitch, fasten
off and leave about a six inch tail end on this side as well. Here’s what the
white strip looks like. Make one more crochet strip either in green or red or
some other color. It’s time to twist them together. I like to practice while the
strips are dry since it’s easier to see them. Place the two strips together with
the single crochet bumpy ridge side facing outwards on both strips and then slowly
twist them like this. The natural curl of the two single crochet rows will make
the candy cane rounder looking. Now it’s time to prepare the glue and water
mixture. I use a flat board and place either some plastic wrap over it or a
large plastic bag. Plastic will prevent the candy cane from sticking to the
board. Use 3/4 of a cup of glue, the kind that dries clear in the end, with about
1/4 cup of water. You can add a bit more water if your glue is really thick. Place
the red crochet work in the mixture and completely saturate it. The cotton really
needs to absorb the glue mixture. Then place the white one in and do the same
thing. Take your pieces out but try not to ring out too much of the glue mixture. Twist your work again. Once completed place the crochet into
the shape of a candy cane. You can spoon on a little more glue and water mixture
to ensure they are really soaked with it. Now it’s time to let them dry. It could
take a day or two to dry. Glue dries best in warmer rooms so if you can turn up
the heat or place the candy canes near a warmer place that would definitely make
them dry quicker. And that’s how I make my easy candy canes.

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