How to create question paper in ms word 2016

How to create question paper in ms word 2016

Start Ms word first from the start menu We already cover the Home Menu and Now we start to make question paper First step you type the paper heading Start typing….. Type the college Name for which you want to make question paper. Now Center the text and bold it and change the size of text its ok Keep the size 16 for heading Now go to Page layout Remove the paragraph spacing and set it to 0 Type the Discipline Name that is Bs-Physics and Economics 1st semester Next step type year Draw line by pressing shift + minus button press enter key then go to home set size 14pt Type the subject name for which you want to make paper like introduction to computer then press enter and draw line Now header area are set for the paper. So easy to create Header for question paper Now go to left side of paper type the time for question paper according to your choice then press tab and go to right side of the page type Marks for paper Type instructions for question paper underline instructions by pressing u or Ctrl+u now again press U to remove underline Type Instructions detail about paper and then press enter press the tab button and write use of mobile Cell Phone is Not Allowed in Examination Hall Select both line and underline it Remove the unwanted underline at the start Underline first line then Second line Now Press enter and start Section of Question Paper align the text center Then ctrl+l to align left Then remove bold and underline and set size 12 Now start questions of the section A choose the best option for a each question in the following Now its ok and then Press enter key Select number style ctrl+z and press tab and then select numbering begin from the start So Now its ok Then Start typing questions Continue typing and Press enter Delete 2 by backspace Now type Options Then Space Press Space or tab button Second option Joy stick Now its ok Now press enter and delete b go to the beginning of line Now start and type ii and press tab Now type the next question Press enter key but No need of iii type option Kindly Subsribe my Channel and like my Videos Thanks for watching Now its Ok and you can complete it easily

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  1. pls sir! we want to many many question paper solve creative question, MCQ question,2007 ms word.

  2. assalam-o-alikum sir ap ne acha btaya magar eik baar ye bhi bta dijiye ga k board ka paper kaise likhte ha yani k left mein english ho aur right mein urdu ho

  3. Questions bank in Ms word for matric. Can you please provide or guide. Ready-made. Your reply appreciated. Thanks

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