How to create cute OCTOPUS model from clay | how to make OCTOPUS | clay tutorial OCTOPUS model

hello guys,
today we are going to create octopus with clay so lets start our work with this blue clay lets split this clay and we will merge it and make a dough a circular clay to make any shape from it. so we will make a dough. here we go. lets smooth the clay to mound it in any shape. lets go for working on it. octopus is mostly in round shape. so , we make it circular now we will take another color for octopus we can take orange or red as per our choice. now we will make some strips with this clay. we will smother it more and cut int two equal pieces. now we will make some more. we will again make some strips with the clay just we have to make same length of strips. we have to make stripes of equal length and equal volume. its not to be vary. we have to make stripes of equal length and equal volume its not to be vary. we have tio maintain volume and size. so here we completed it. now we will press it from one side 1 2 3 4 5 6 we have make six strips. now we will use green color clay on it. again we will make it smother . now we will cut it down , because we will not use too much clay it is sufficient to us. we will split in two parts . we will make it more smother with the help of spoon,I am cleaning it .its not compulsary that we have a tool you can use any of the equipment to make it more smother. here a proper circe is formed. with this green clay so here it is we will smother its edges too. and now what I am going to do with this clay is… now i will took the another cicle of green color clay. Now I a going to put one circle withmore voluume on another circle of lesssr volume. This will became the cap of the octopus. Its very interesting ..normal acircle and an another circle. and we will put it in the body of the octopus which is a circle. now we put this six strips we had n the ground and put the octopus over it. see, soo easy we make the legs with the six strips we made. and blue is the octopus body and green became the hat we will give some shapes to the strips. and it is clay so its very easy to give it any shape. now we will give some shapes to the strips. more clarity to the octopus. as forming his face.. add eyes, eyes is also a circle. we will made some circles and in the hat we well add more variant colors as green is the hat we use the orange clor over hat. now we have the purple color you can use any color you want its just depends on the avability of th color clay. ven you can make the colors it will depend on you. here we decorated his hate little bit more . now will make small small colorfull too much circles to add on his legs it will make it realy more attractive and great . as legs are of orange color we can use variant of color. whatever we want, this is small octopus we had made and we will make it more decorated look at the octopus its very attractive, realy very simple easy anyone can make it. YO is written on his hat. octopus is ready now. you can make it very easily and quickly so, thats the tutorial to make octopus with clay hope you like the video. please share your views over it . more videos are coming soon be connected. see you soon gays , goodbye Thankyou

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