How to Create an Easy Melted Crayon Canvas with Crayola

How to Create an Easy Melted Crayon Canvas with Crayola

hi everybody welcome back to the
Hedgehog Hollow takeover here at Crayola and I am going to create some really fun
canvases using Crayola crayon so you might have seen this technique before
but we’ve had so much fun and we wanted to create something to go over our
fireplace so what we’ve done is we’ve arraigned 120 Crayola crayons in rainbow
order and I just found a link online to do that and so what I’m going to do is
take my favorite glue gun here and I’ve got some 12 by 12 canvases and I think
it’s gonna take about three of them so I’m just going to add some lines of glue
like this I’m gonna do a few kind of lines at a time just put my glue stick
in and I’ve preheated my glue gun ready to go so like this and this is a no drip
or a drip list of glue gun and then what I’m gonna do is take my crayons like
this and I’m going to line them up with the edge of my canvas so we have up three canvases and as I
was going along I actually preferred having the criolla at the front on
everything so my first one was a bit more kind of heel he piggledy and you
could see the names of the crowns which is fun too but the others I decided to
have my career list at the front so now we get to do the fun part I have a heat
tool you can do this with a hairdryer on heart it just takes much longer to do
but the heat tools this is the I don’t know why and this works really well if
you’ve got a range of heat at all you can do it with that I stood this up on
the back crease with some glass jars but we’re gonna heat this and we’re gonna
watch the crayons trickle down these are awesome I’m so pleased with
how they turn out I mean I have all three and they’re going to go up above
our mantelpiece here I think just one of them in a room just piece of deck or
kid’s room a playroom an art studio this is so many things you can do I mean you
can even do this on the front of a card wouldn’t it look awesome so it’s a
really fun idea I hope you’ll try it out at home thanks for joining me again for
another part of the Crayola take over join me for more videos hop on over to
the Hedgehog hollow to join us for more inspiration and I’ll see you again soon

5 thoughts on “How to Create an Easy Melted Crayon Canvas with Crayola

  1. Ok why am I seeing this now? I have seen the canvases in the background for quite a while now? I must be losing my mind lol unless it was done weeks ago and just now published maybe??

  2. I think they would look much better if you painted a colour/added glitter underneath for that extra texture and a little more things for the kids tro do 🙂 Looks really fun!

  3. At first I thought I didn’t want to watch this video but I watched it and it changed my mind. I loved it so much, it gives us new ways to add deco to our rooms. Thank you so much.

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