How to Create Abstract Art | In the Studio with Steven Sabados | CBC Life

How to Create Abstract Art | In the Studio with Steven Sabados | CBC Life

I need to buy a vowel I need an A.
Anyone got an A? Today we’re gonna be creating a piece of
abstract art it’s gonna be really really simple and I love the fact that it’s
abstract so it can look like anything One of the main things you’re going to
need is sort of a whack load of acrylic paints and this is a great time to sort
of if you have a lot of these lying around sort of use use up the odds
and ends that you have it because we’ll just be squirting it all over the canvas
so next I’m gonna need is one of these canvas boards let me just show you what
I mean it’s a big sort of wooden canvas that you can get from most art supply
stores and the great thing is that it’s all everything’s pre done and it’s a
nice hard surface to work on other things you’re gonna need simply around
the house everyone’s gonna have a rolling pin okay a clear plastic drop
cloth or in this case these are just clear plastic garbage bags that we’ve
that we’ve stripped out and then a whole bunch of white spray paint now you can
use a different colors of spray paint but in this case we’re using white and
you kind of see why we’re using that in the end Also we’re gonna be using of
these vinyl adhesive letters these you can get from most office supply stores
that you know those big box supply stores they come in a variety of sizes
we’re gonna go with the biggest size because we have a large canvas now from
here this is where the abstract comes in this is the fun part we’re just gonna
get our acrylics we’re gonna create a color story maybe some blues some
purples and some reds think about the color story you want to say you don’t
want to have a lot of blacks I don’t think because the blacks will start to
overpower the image in the end and from here once we have our color story I’m
gonna be doing purples and reds and blues we’re ready to start squeezing
down the canvas again abstract here we go this is what I mean by abstract
nothing there’s no rhyme there’s no reason we’re just kind of working
quickly right this actually is a lot of fun also you want to do this maybe not
necessarily on the dining room table somewhere where there might be a drop
cloth because if acrylic paint does get somewhere you don’t want to be ruining
your furniture maybe some more purples okay for now I’m just sort of trying to
create sort of different colors that are gonna sort of blend around I’m trying to
keep the color scheme sort of in the Reds and blues okay so we have a
generous amount of paint on our canvas right now now here comes the drop cloth
what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna place the drop cloth over top of our canvas
okay and this here you can use a plastic drop cloth this one here is just a clear
plastic garbage bag that we cut and the reason we’re doing this is because we’re
gonna get our rolling pin okay and here’s where the magic starts we’re
gonna start rolling it out and you can see see that’s where the cool stuff is
so all this stuff is sort of happening in here and the rolling pin depending on
how hard you press the rolling pin and how much pressure you put and the
direction that you’re squeezing it we’re gonna start to blend all these colors
together it almost looks like you know you’re a little kid and you sort of play
around with plasticine and you start to meld it around or like dough or
something like that and it starts to create this really cool sort of these
melded shapes awesome also there’s a lot of places here where
we still have exposed wood no worry we can do this give it back insert some
more paint right and roll it out again see that now the thing with this project
you want to make sure is that we want pretty well all the wood to be covered
so you can this little square that’s happening right here is is really really
good so we can kind of leave this area maybe I’m going to work on what’s
happening up here because I think I want a little more coverage so let’s add okay that’s gone let’s go ahead let’s do
this right and put some blue in here again again so you can see I’m working
kind of quickly here right so because it is a kulluk paint it will dry relatively
fast and again don’t worry if you get kind of paint all over the roller like
this put it back on the canvas and you can see that’s why I was saying make
sure you’re doing this in an area where it’s not gonna matter if you get paint
somewhere because well I love a messy environment as you can see I always have
paint over my hands so for me I don’t care paint drips all over the floor
which is great but you’ve got expensive hardwood in your living room you want to
be careful so you’ve got a basement or a garage or something like that this would
be awesome he’s added sort of a new color in the corner here this sort of
green wood she was unexpected I think it’s kind of cool so I think I’m gonna
bring more green in here yeah I’m Pro singing about abstract see
it’s like there’s nothing really intentional about it it’s just sort of
it’s just and again you don’t want to really overwork it too much we want to
work it so it’s all covered we don’t want to blend the color so much that
they sort of become mud great you still want to sort of be able to define sort
of certain colors and areas we’ve got some really great stuff happening up in
here or you get some solid color happening you know down into here you
can sort of see where the blues and the Reds are starting to meld together to
create another color which is okay but again you don’t want to overwork it we
want sort of these strong pieces coming through at this point when you are
working with it by all means you can always because it is clear you can kind
of see what’s happening we can always peel it back and have a little look I
think maybe these corner bits here can get a bit more of a go I think at this
point I’m going to peel the plastic off and reveal what we have awesome cool it
is yeah that’s cool right so from there we have a piece of
abstract art you can let this dry hang it call it a day call a museum and sell
it but we’re gonna do we’re gonna let this dry for at least 24 hours we want
to be really really dry then really go to stage two putting on the printed word
and our spray paint so at this point go leave it to be back in a bit okay so this piece now is completely dry
and you really want it to be fully dry and do all the areas now I think I’m
gonna work on the floor here there’s more surface area but first I need a
drop cloth and then we’ll get to our inspirational quotes so we need to prep
our area first okay so beaver canvas board gonna layer down so we’ve got all
their supplies now what we have to do is the letters that we’re gonna use our six
inch letters so I think we’re gonna do is my stains gonna be abstract is an
idea which i think is kind of fun because it’s an abstract piece so what
I’m gonna do is I’m gonna tape down exactly where I want the bottom of the
letter to be when you tape it down it’s easy to follow there so we got everything taped out now
we’d have to adhere our letters so I’m going to start with my first word here
which is abstract so we just take our a peel it off and place it down there now you can sort of be because
that they are piece of letters you can have a few goes at it and you don’t want
to really want to push it down too hard because we will be peeling it off in the
end so just sort of gently lay it down make sure it’s lightly adhered and we’re
good to go make sure that your spelling is right
the first time okay so the last letter is in place now
and you want to make sure you can sort of see little areas up in here where the
C has a bit of an air pocket you’ll want to smooth that out and the a is kind of
popping up a bit just with your finger that’s basically where the acrylic
underneath was a little thicker a little heavier right so again we don’t want to
like really force them down but we also don’t want them popping off because
we’re gonna be spray-painting this we don’t want the spray-paint to bleed
underneath I mean if it does a little bit that’s okay and from here we can
remove the tape and once the tape is removed we can
clean up her area and then let’s prep for the spray paint okay so at this
point we’re ready to go so what we’re gonna do is you’re gonna flip this over
so you can see it a little bit better there we go
again make sure all the letters are down so with the spray paint what I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna do some soft even strokes going back and forth I basically
want to fade so I want this top part to be almost white and then I want to
slowly fade down to the bottom and so all those sort of colors are gonna come
through we’re gonna do at the very end is then peel back the letters which will
reveal all the color underneath so again you want to do this really well
ventilated area outside preferably in a garage door open that kind of thing I’m
in my industrial space so there’s a lot of ventilation here so we’re all good
that’s it there you go so when you’re painting you want to make
sure that you’re not constantly holding the trigger down you want to just sort
of like slowly go back and forth and we don’t want to have pools of paint we
just want to have a really soft mist of paint so that’s why we’re just sort of
lightly going we can always add more but it’s hard to take away so basically when you’re doing this I
think maybe whatever your last letter is I kind of think you want the let the the
I guess the the word to be somewhat recognizable but at the same time it’s
kind of nice that it’ll fade away a bit so as you can see here the word idea I
just want to be just light have a very light light light coat of white okay so
from here what we can do I just want to see how the bottom is reacting so I’m
just gonna come up here and peel back a bit of the letter yeah see the
difference I won’t continue with the bottom anymore and I’m definitely happy
with the top so now we can reveal all the letters peel the back for this you
want to have a very fine blade I want to do it while the paint is still wet I
don’t want the spray paint that completely dry that way the letters may
adhere to it so as you can see here very gingerly peel it back and reveal the
letter I think this is an awesome-looking
project so for this project you can use these vinyl letters that we have here or
theirs you can get adhesive vinyl you get that at most art supply stores and
even a lot of office supply stores and you can sort of cut shapes out stars
moons hearts whatever you want and do the same sort of thing with the with
images as well but in this case I think the printed word is really cool and the
printed word is really trendy right now so it’s coming along really well okay
Wow here’s the last letter awesome do you think I think it looks fantastic so
you can see like you know you can do any sort of printed word I like the fact
that you’re getting this really sort of faded sort of quality in here you can
see how the acrylic is sort of moved around and you’re getting these really
cool subtle colors but the letters are it really really pop and that’s what I
love is that you’re getting all this sort of activity behind but you don’t
really know what it is that a painting of something you have no idea because
it’s been covered over and then here you’re just getting a really soft sort
of like sort of subtle bleed and from there we can hang it up leave against
the wall it’s pretty well dried this the spray paint dries almost right away and
again you can do this any color the abstract stuff behind is really really
cool I think it’s awesome just the way it is you could even if you wanted to
you could varnish it if you really want to sort of have that high sheen on it
but I just love it the way it is I hope you guys enjoyed the abstract art as
much as I did save me some photos of
abstract pieces I’d love to see them comment on them and we’ll see you real
soon in this video

100 thoughts on “How to Create Abstract Art | In the Studio with Steven Sabados | CBC Life

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  2. "Abstract is an idea" is a tacky slogan you can find on a ruined painting hanging somewhere in a crafts shop but I'm not sure if I can see this as art since it's literally a tutorial piece that the guy clearly had no personal interest in. I mean, he accidentally made a beautiful abstract board and then purposefully made it gaudy beyond belief. Then again, maybe the art is in how little he cared about it, right? A "whack load" indeed.

  3. I actually used this technique to make a business sign for a friend and it turned out really nice. Major difference however was that I just dusted the portion with the letters in white to make them visible and softened the immediate area around them.

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  7. Impressive at the beginning by mixing multiple colors together..I think it’s pretty but at the end he’s messed up with white sprays most of the colors are invisible, he shouldn’t done with that white .. Plus he wasted of paint.

  8. Cut shapes of hearts and moons? This is what’s wrong with Western Society right now. Art like this destroys entire Civilizations

  9. Did you hear him say abstract; Abstract art, non-figurative art, non-objective art, and non-representational art are loosely related terms. They are similar, but perhaps not of identical meaning. Total abstraction bears no trace of any reference to anything recognizable

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  13. I next to never comment but this has to be said –

    First, GOOD abstract art DOES have a formula – a PLAN and intention.

    Second, this in my opinion was simply an example of an ENORMOUS waste of paint.

    Without an even remote idea for a composition – the letters have no margin – so much of it is just white canvas in the end.

    The same could have been achieved with FAR less paint and some true painting skills.

    Last, it was LAZY. The sides of the canvas are left with chunks of thick acrylic and board showing through. What a hot mess!

  14. did you guys noticed the emotion yall felt when he “ruined” the piece? that is what art and the process of art is about its not just what you see but the emotion you felt and feel while doing it

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