How to Create a Stunning Landing Page on WordPress in Minutes [FREE Plugin]

How to Create a Stunning Landing Page on WordPress in Minutes [FREE Plugin]

– [Instructor] Hi YouTubers,
this is Yoni for Elementor, Today I’ll show you how I created this beautiful Landing page with Elementor in under 10 minutes. Okay, I’m going to the
WordPress Dashboard. In this tutorial, I’m using
the default 2016 theme from WordPress, with the free
Child Theme that I linked to in the description. If you haven’t installed the
Elementor Page Builder yet, go to Plugins, Add New, search Elementor, and install it. Alright, next our designing. I’m getting a New Page. Let’s call it Landing Page. I set it as a Full Width
page which is included in the child theme. And let’s start with clicking on the Edit with Elementor button. Okay, the first step
is create a hero scene. This is the main thing
in our Landing Page. This include the heading,
the call to action button and our logo. So let’s start it by dragging the heading. I just paste the text
that I prepared before, here center it, this is the main heading, so I’ll increase the text to 79 pixels, which will be much more
bold to our visitors. I change it to Capitalize, and
then I will change the font to Roboto Condensed. Below it, I will add
another heading element. I will paste in the text. This will be smaller text,
so I will decrease the size to 20 pixels, change the Weight to Normal, little bit Line Height, and we finish it. Below it I will add a
call to action button, so let’s drag it. Center it, case it to extra large, and type here the text showing our next trip tour. And under Style, I will add
a little bit Border Radius, and customize a little bit of text. I’ll increase the size to 22, and change it to Uppercase, a little bit spacing between the letters, there we go. Okay, my next step is to
add a little bit touch to this section. I want to use the video background option, so I’ll go to YouTube, and copy the URL of the video. Section, Style, Background Video. Test the video. There we go, Let’s add a little bit Padding
above and below the section. So go to Advanced, Padding top, 80 pixel, bottom 80 pixels, Now I will change the
colors of the headings so I’ll go to Style, change
the white and the next one I’ll let also to white. As you can see, the text is not clear
because the video behind it, so we’ll add a little bit
background color white that will cover the video. Let’s go here, I pick dark shade of purple with opacity, now it looks swell. Now I want to add a logo. Above our text, you
can use your own image. I will use the Icon Box widget. Let’s drag it, change it to bicycle icon in the title, I’ll put our company name, this is Bike Tour, the descriptor with it. Let’s go to the Style and change the color to a light shade of purple. Copy it to the text also now we’ll change the
font to a script font, a little bit increase the text. Change it to Normal. A little bit spacing between the letters, and the final step is
to decrease the spacing between the icon and the title. Perfect. Another thing is to add a little bit space between the headings, so
I’ll use this spacer widget, just drag it, increase the
size enough, duplicate, and move it above the text. One more step is to reduce
the size of the section, so I’ll go to section
setting under Layout, I have Content Width, so I just decrease the numbers to 850, now it’s perfect. Let’s go to the next section. The next we have three main features. So I’ll add a section with three columns. Then I will drag the Image Box widget, which includes image,
title and descriptor. In image I will pick beautiful
image that I prefer before. I changed the Image Size to maximum. Spacing a little bit something like 20, and duplicate it. We have three features. And change the images. It’s all about bicycle. Let’s add a little bit
spacing between the columns of the section. So I’ll go to the section setting under Column Gap, I have few options to the weight of the gap. I will pick the wider, and a
little bit Padding above it, let’s say 40, 50 pixels. Okay, let’s continue. Our next step is to add a streak of logos. So I’ll add a new section. I’ll use the Image Carousel widget. Add Images, one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, Nokia, we don’t really want. I have here many options, I
want the slide to show five, looks well, and the
Navigation I want to change it to only Arrows. Under Style I will change
the colors of the Arrows. To gray, and I’ll change
the position to outside. And when we’re done, I’ll add a heading. Let’s place the text. Some of our companies that experienced. And I’ll change the color to gray. Perfect. To make it a little bit
bolder, I will add a Divider. Okay. I’ll change and increase
the size to a 3 pixel line, is light gray, and I will duplicate it to under the Carousel. Also, and I see that I
need a little bit spacing above the section, so I’ll
add here something for 40 pixels, it’s too much, 25, now it’s better. Okay, let’s continue to the next section. Below it, I will add a new
section with two columns. Here I’m going to put the testimonials from our happy customers. Let’s change the text. And it is from Jonas Gerber. Image, he’s a designer,
yes, he’s a designer. Align it to left, a bit Style, change the text to Italic. I think it looks well on testimonials. We’ll increase the text a little bit. Make it bolder. Let’s duplicate. I’ll change the text, it’s from Alene, this is her profile image. She is HR manager. This section also, we’ll
add a little bit Padding from the top into the bottom. And now we change the Gap also to wider. Finally, I’ll add a two column section for the call to action script. So paste the text, Enjoy
the bike ride of your life. And I’ll just duplicate
a call to action button from the first section. To this section, I will
add a colored background, which will be purple. And I will use the Min Height with 20 pixels. And I change the Content
Position to Middle. Let’s change the color to
white, as you will see there. Call to action. I will switch the preview mode, we have everything on
the right feature scene, the logos, testimonials
and the call to action for the final. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Stay tuned for more tutorials. Subscribe to this channel
and feel free to share it with your friends.

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