How to create a Bonsai tree (DIY)

How to create a Bonsai tree (DIY)

How to create a Bonsai tree The best way to start your
journey into Bonsai art, is to buy a starter kit
and grow and train a Bonsai tree yourself. This tree is a Juniper plant
which is about four years old. After pruning, wiring and
repotting, this was the result. Now let’s start from the beginning by removing the top layer of soil to see where the first roots appear. We carefully lift
the tree from its pot and remove loose
soil using chopsticks. Now that we can see
where the main roots appear we can decide on the
best front of the tree. We also take into consideration
the shape and taper of the trunk and the position of the main branches. The next step is to carefully
remove any dead branches dangling growth or dead
foliage using scissors. This basic cleaning will reveal
the structure of the plant helping us in deciding
how to design the tree. Before cleaning After cleaning The next step is pruning. To create a more compact design we remove the top of the
tree using a concave cutter. This branch will be
bent upwards later on and function as the new apex. Pruning is considered the most difficult
part of creating a Bonsai tree. Try to follow our lead or consider enrolling in our
“Getting Started with Bonsai course” where we explain the process
of Bonsai design in great detail. For the curriculum and a free lesson go to: You can safely prune up
to 1/3 of your tree’s foliage. At this point, we are
finished pruning the tree and work starts on
wiring the branches. We start with wiring the main trunk which is still flexible
enough to bend. Carefully wrap wire around the trunk
at an angle of 45 degrees holding the wire with one hand,
and the trunk with the other. Now we carefully bend the
trunk to compact the tree as well as to create a
less formal appearance. Next we wire the main branches starting with the lower branches and slowly working
our way up to the apex. Try to wire two branches
with one piece of wire. Between these two branches make sure to wrap the wire at least
once around the trunk for stability. Hold the branch with one hand,
and the wire with the other. Reposition your fingers after
each twist to protect the branch. The wire should be thick
enough to hold the branch in the desired shape once we bend it. This is the branch that will
function as the apex of the tree. Remaining wire can be
cut off using a wire cutter. Once you finish wiring the branches,
you can start shaping them moving your way up the trunk,
towards the apex of the tree. Next we prepare the Bonsai pot before we start repotting. A Bonsai pot should have
at least one drainage hole. We attach a mesh to cover this hole with a short piece of wire. We also prepare two long wires which will be used later to
attach the tree to the pot. Next we untangle the roots
carefully using chopsticks. Using scissors we prune long roots. We can prune up to 1/3
of the roots if needed. Now we add some soil in the pot. Place the tree slightly
off-center in the pot keeping in mind its front and the most beautiful
angle for displaying it. Once you are satisfied
with the placement attach the tree to the pot using
the wires we prepared earlier. Now we add more soil. Use chopsticks to make sure all
air-pockets are filled with soil. We have pruned, wired
and repotted the tree. So what’s next? First we water the tree. We will wait with
fertilizing for a month and make sure that the wires are not
damaging the branches after a few months. Before After On our website we offer
several online courses including our “Getting
Started with Bonsai course” and the “Bonsai Beginners’ Course”. Again, for more
information and free lectures go to:

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