How to Craft a Duck Tape® Pinwheel Headband

Hi, everyone! I’m Karen Kavett and today I
have a really fun, patriotic Duck Tape DIY for you. We’re going to be making this cute
pinwheel headband. For this project, you’ll need Americana tape, red tape, blue tape,
scissors, a headband, five pieces of wire that are each cut to six inches long, a thumbtack,
and a crafting board. Begin by making a square of Duck Tape that is the Americana tape on
one side and the red tape on the other side. Now, a little trick to this is to cut a piece
of tape that is about three inches long and then cut a piece of the red tape that is about
three inches long as well. And now, take this second piece of tape and place it at a right
angle to the first piece of tape to make a plus sign. Then, you can just cut off all
of the excess. And really quickly, we’ve made a perfect square of Duck Tape. Now, use your
scissors to very carefully cut about three quarters of an inch in from each corner, making
sure that the center of the square stays intact. Now, very carefully use a thumbtack
to poke a hole in the center of your square, as well as on one side of each of the corners.
And now a thumbtack is very sharp, so if you feel like you need it, you should ask an adult
for help. So, now grab one of your pieces of craft wire and bend the end of it into
a spiral to make a stopper like this. Now, carefully poke the other end of your wire
through the holes that you made in the corners of your square. So, just poke it through the
corners and the holes one right after the other until you’ve gone through all four of them.
Once you’ve gone through all of the corners, poke the wire through your center hole and
pull it tight, and then you should see your pinwheel form. So, once you have your first
miniature pinwheel finished, repeat those steps until you have five of them. And I actually
made three with the red tape and two with the blue tape. Now, grab your headband and
take your first pinwheel. Hold it right in the center of the headband and wrap the wire
around until you use up all of the wire and make sure that you tuck the end in really
well so that it doesn’t poke you in the head. And then keep adding your pinwheels onto the headband, wrapping the wire the same way we did for the first one. So, now we have a cute,
patriotic pinwheel headband, which you could also make in any other colors and wear all
summer long. So, if you want even more crafts and DIY inspiration, be sure to head on over
to Thanks for watching!

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