How to Craft a Duck Tape® Arrow Bookmark

How to Craft a Duck Tape® Arrow Bookmark

Hi, everyone! I’m Karen Kavett and today I
have an easy, back-to-school DIY for you. We’re going to be making these arrow bookmarks,
which are the perfect way to keep your place in all of your school books. For this project,
you’ll need a roll of Duck Tape, scissors, paper clips, and a crafting board. I’m using
this fun tribal Duck Tape for this example, but this project is so quick that you can
make it in as many different colors as you like. Begin by cutting a piece of tape that
is about three inches long and then cut a second piece of tape that’s also about three
inches long and lay it down right on top of that first piece. Now, if you want to, you
can use a pencil to draw an arrow shape on this piece of Duck Tape or if you’re feeling
brave like me, you can just use your scissors to cut it out freehand. And now, try to make
this as symmetrical as possible. Now, cut a small piece of tape and use it to attach the paper clip right here to the back of the arrow and now, you can just cut off any excess. And, we’re done. These are so quick to make that you can make them in as many colors or sizes as you like
and use them to mark your place in all of your books for school. Now, I would love to
know from you, if you were to make them, what color would you make your arrow bookmarks
and if you do make one, be sure to post a photo on Twitter or Instagram and tag @theduckbrand.
I hope you guys like this project and I will see you all next time!

24 thoughts on “How to Craft a Duck Tape® Arrow Bookmark

  1. I would make mine magnetic. Just making a double ended arrow to fold over and it stays in place better. 🙂

  2. I love how easy this project is and how you can make as many variations as you like! Hope everyone has a great school year!

  3. Thanks for the idea. My niece is getting ready for 2nd grade, so I thought that it might make a fun gift. I "beefed" mine up a little bit though. I I cut out a thin cardboard arrow shape, then covered both sides with several layers of printed duct tape, and used a larger, more solid paperclip.

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