100 thoughts on “How to Come Up with a YouTube Name – 3 Tips & Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Ik a lot of nice youtube names I can list all of them glitchdo ,glitchio ,bugsio bugaholic ,fallenorama ,fallengenix fallenzoid ,disclosure draco ,dracovio reply to me a name or something and I will come up with a cool version of it.if you sub to my channel I would appreciate it 🙂

  2. My friend can you tell me I have problems I make 10 YouTube account but can't use it because my password don't know then I make another it's OK I make one again YouTube account

  3. there's problem cause my content pretty colorful i mean mixed in that case i really have no an idea for some cool name???

  4. You should teach me how to do these names on my YouTube channel I haven’t got a channel or should I say one single video on my channel

  5. I was using my first and middle name (and even my first name as a nickname- Dezie) but there are a lot of people with both names and I didn’t realize that until after I started my channel. I am pretty new to YouTube. And my first and last name is used. So I feel stuck.

  6. Can i call my channel something like "cooking for dummies" ? or would this bring me in problems with the bookmakers series "dummies"?

  7. Very good this channel please subscribe to the cha
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  8. What if the name I'm thinking of already have an existing YouTube channel tied to it and it has one video.. posted 5 years ago.. 😠

  9. One other minor thing with names and urls. Do a quick check to make sure your name doesn't do anything weird when you remove spaces. Like accidently spelling a swear word or having double letters which can cause errors.

  10. What sounds better what I have now, saxophone with satire, or satire with saxophone. I know there’s not much of a difference but I would appreciate feedback.

  11. I’ve been thinking about changing my name to JaXtreme instead of JaXtreame for the sake of simplicity. Plus it’s easier to spell. Should I or should I leave it as is?

  12. Wish I would have checked my name when I began. If you’re starting a channel Sean is absolutely right about making sure the name is original.

  13. Any new YouTuber here wanting to help each other out? Comment done once you subscribe to my channel I will subscribe you back!

    PS: I'll be posting really soon!

  14. When should you buy the domain ? Like what if i wait and some one else takes it by the time i decide to make a website

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