How to clean old & dirty blending stumps | tortillons

How to clean old & dirty blending stumps | tortillons

Hello guys! welcome to another video In this video im gonna show you how to clean your old blending stumps basically we have two methods for recycling first one is “using a knife” and second one is “using a sand paper” so lets try the first one just hold your craft knife like this and sharp your stump like a pencil here you go! our stump is ready for another round I’ve already cleared the other side so lets try the second method which is “using a sand paper” place your sand paper on a plain surface take your blending stump and rub it on the sand paper like this! nice and clean results i’ll do the other side later lets test the recycled blending stumps on a shading its looking nice! lets try the other one Perfect !! Okay Guys ! that’s all for now! Please make sure you subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to let me know in the comments what you would like to see next! See you in my Next Video !!

19 thoughts on “How to clean old & dirty blending stumps | tortillons

  1. Thanks friend can u also upload a video on how to convert smooth paper into rough paper. Remember SMOOT to ROUGH.

  2. I keep buying a new stumps to have a clean tip until i saw this video…. this video saved some future money to me…

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