100 thoughts on “How to Check a Used Car Before Buying (Checking the Engine)

  1. Very nervous. I found a 2015 challenger R/T for 21,998 and my credit union said it’s worth around 27,100. Why is the vehicle so low? It’s a certified dealership, but the auto check and car facts check out as perfect.

  2. Even if I read the comment section it won’t be as much help as chrisfix just showing it to me visually

  3. Did you see the oil and dirt residual at the bottom? The oil was caked with dirt. It was slightly black. That is a leak that only happens when the car has been driven. Liquid expands when it is heated and it pushes the rubber gaskets aside.

  4. Oh, don't forget to check for worn brakes and rotors by checking the depth or cracks of the brake pads and feel the rotors and make sure there is not a deep indention.

  5. Always have said and always will say if you have limited mechanical/automotive knowledge/experience pay the money and take it to an expert, one which you pick not one the seller recommends. If you do have some experience then what this chap is showing is good. A few things I would add would be. Service history, is there paperwork available to view on it…? If there is none available then that is always a big alarm. Starting a car from cold. Again if an owner does not wish to allow you to see the vehicle from a cold start there are obviously issues around squealing/noisy belts and or engine knocking/Hard starts etc. Running your finger around the inside of the engine oil cap. If you do and your finger comes out with sludge, servicing has been poor. Underbody check. If you look under the car and there are any non factory looking 'touch ups' such as paint on the chassis or other structural areas its another big alarm. Driving test. Always on automatics do starts from D1 and shift through the gears accordingly. If there are any major clunks or hesitation as you 'manually' shift between the gears, service history has been poor on the trans. Also take the vehicle to an area where you are able to turn the vehicle sharply whilst driving at low/moderate speed to check for any excessive body roll. If vehicle seems to 'roll' and 'jitter' when doing so shocks are probably rough or even stuffed. Make sure you are able to brake heavily from moderate speeds to check how the vehicles breaks pull up under load. Excessive shudder means discs/pads or both will need servicing or replacement. I've more, but I will leave it at that. Hopefully this offers some extra tips

  6. In 2019, if you don't know how to check a used car you want to buy.. You are walking in darkness, and this is your wake up call. Don't go buy a new car, you might regret it in the long run 😉

  7. Thanks Chris.

    I don't know if you're a subaru guy at all, but if so – what model years of Forester should be avoided (due to design and very common major issues)? I'm considering a 2010 with just over 200,000Kms. I've owned several subaru's, one being an '04 or '06 Forester (I don't remember right now).
    Gotta see this car tomorrow.


  8. These Jaguars from 2000 to 2005 are notorious for having the gas pump failing and the worst part is that that shit is 'INSIDE THE FUCEKN' GAS TANK' and get ready to waste $1000 for fix it because that's how much the freakin job labor cost from a mechanic, forget the ripoff dealers as those mofos will charge an arm and leg for the repair! Just avoid a Shitguar!

  9. I've sold about 600 items on craigslist and the customers that are skeptical , take forever, and ask a lot of questions even though I'm obviously being 100% honest with them, usually end up being a huge pain in the ass and complaining about some trivial detail or just being a general psychopath.

  10. 9:58 lol..i remember viewing a Toyota Hilux truck years ago. I removed the filler cap as she was running and it blew up onto the underside of the hood like an oil derrick…It pissed everywhere.
    i slammed it back down and fucked off.

  11. Great video that really goes above and beyond in educating the public. But consider nobody keeps a great car in most cases; everyone will sell a car needing $$$
    So chances are your car is going to need work. The trick is budgeting for it and buying something that was well kept. But that 7+ year old car will need work sooner or later.

  12. I love how when he started his channel he didnt care about showing him self. Now he hides his face every chance he gets

  13. What about testing the gearbox Chris….Jolt as you engage gears(especially when the engine's cold),Grabbing when you pull away(gets worse as the temperature goes up and also car does not move forward on release of the brake pedal)..All the signs of a totally knackered auto gearbox.

  14. You say "if you see this walk away"

    I hear "if you see this you are justified in lowballing the hell out of your offer and listing all the issues to the seller"

  15. Awesome video! I have been doing 99% of my vehicle work since I was 16 years old (I'm now 45, so ya, a while). You mentioned some things that I didn't know. Thumbs up, subscribed, and checked for notifications.

  16. I ask owner if they had ever changed the radiator fluid. If they tell me they change the fluid every Fall, I know they were a conscientious owner who probably took good care of their vehicle. But if they're fuzzy on why they're selling, I walk away, because they've discovered an expensive repair.

  17. The first red flag would be the cleared oxygen sensors!! Did they really make the repairs?? Did that fix the actual problem!?? Or are the catalyst converters bad or going out??? That could be expensive !!!! (: that's a big red flag!!!! Especially for a jag…

  18. I like your videos you’re doing a great job I can tell you’re not joking and you have a lot of experience. Thank you

  19. Don’t buy it 🙀⁉️⁉️It’s a Jaguar,, their made to break down,, Pommy Gremlins 👎🏼👎🏼🤣😂👾👾👾👿

  20. Add in the car battery. Too many times the battery goes out on me and I buy a used vehicle especially the 2013 Ford Taurus Motorcraft battery.

  21. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE PLONKER. The white sludge on the oil filler cap is condensation, NOT head gasket. I would recommend learning how a car works before advising others on what to look for.

  22. If you don't know what you're looking for or at, no you tube video will change that. Best bet is to bring it to a qualified shop and pay a nominal fee to check it out. Do NOT go anywhere the owner recommends and don't go to a chain store either. Get results in writing.

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  24. Almost made the mistake of getting a car with creamy residue under the oil cap. Luckily I had someone with me who knew to look for these things. Its definately good to look for these things

  25. This guy just needs to go buy a brand new car unless he's paying top dollar for used car that's hit in the front. It's a used car hood latch won't mean anything. Nice video did she going to buy my car I'll take it to a mechanic to plug in a scanner I would not let you plug anything into my car. Because there's a hundred other customers that won't do all of that LOL. I will tell you I'm not selling the car no more and sell it to somebody else

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