How-To: CHEAP AND EASY FANGS (7 Different Styles as Toga)

How-To: CHEAP AND EASY FANGS (7 Different Styles as Toga)

Oh my god, I’m gonna talk with a lisp for,
like, this whole video. Fangths. Fanghts! Faaaaangzzzz. Make your own fangths. I’m just going to have do this withou bottom teeth. Okay. Fangs. Oh nailed it, okay! What’s up guys, I’m Hendo, and today I’m showing you how to make fangs! This tutorial is for making your own fangs using thermoplastic beads. This is a cheap and
more versatile alternative to buying fangs or paying for custom ones. I’m
gonna show you techniques for shaping them, then show you seven different
combinations of shapes and placements that I think are really useful. I’m gonna
be using a type of thermoplastic bead called instamorph.
You can get a small bag of it for $10 on Amazon and this is way more than you’ll
actually need. Other brands include Polly plastics, Polymorph, and Friendly Plastics,
some of which you can find in craft stores Please don’t use just ANY kind of
plastic bead, like the kind that you find in stuffed animals or in beanbag chairs.
It’s NOT the same, it really has to be a thermoplastic that’s safe for you to use
in your mouth. You’ll also need a heat gun or a hairdryer. You can actually
heat it in boiled water, but I actually think that’s a bit more dangerous and
it’s a bit more time consuming. So grab your thermoplastic and your heat gun and
let’s get started! The first step is to take a small pinch of beads and then heat them up. Use something to keep them from flying away, like a lid or bowl, then
use the heat gun to warm these little guys up. The beads will start to turn
clear when they’re warm enough. Once they’re clear, bundle them together and
make a small little ball with your fingers.
I usually mold them into a cone shape because that’s easier to hold, but I
promise it that doesn’t really matter in the long run. Also, make sure that it’s
not too hot to put in your mouth and if it isn’t soft enough, just heat it up a
little bit more. Fangs are usually on the incisors, so that’s what I’m gonna start with. It’s important that it covers both the front and the back. Too
much is better than not enough because you can cut away the excess. First, I
focus on completely covering the tooth and then I start to work on the fang
shape. I use the back of my fingernail in order to get a straight edge on my fang.
I kind of stick my fingernail into the groove of my tooth, then push it sideways
so that it creates a point at an angle that lines up with this groove. Then I use
my finger to flatten the fangs so that it’s level with my tooth and doesn’t
flare out. I basically alternate between these two motions until it’s
exactly the shape that I want. If your fingernails don’t work or they aren’t
long enough, you can use any kind of plastic or metal tool, just make sure that it’s safe for your mouth. I’m also going to press the
plastic into my gums so that I know where to trim the excess. It can help to
sort of use your fingernail to outline where your tooth is and make it more
apparent line of where to cut later. Also, don’t forget to bite down. This will make
sure that your Fang doesn’t run into your bottom teeth and make sure that it
really holds it in place. It’s usually better if the front of the fang is a
little thinner so that it doesn’t protrude too far from your natural teeth,
but the back of the fang can be thicker and make sure that it really gets a good
hold and form to your mouth. I let it cool mostly in my mouth but take it out
before it tries all the way so that it’s a little bit easier to trim. This is how
the fang looks without trimming, and with trimming. A lot of the time you aren’t
really gonna see your gums anyway when you bare your teeth or smile, but just in
case, I like to trim it back just in case I grin really hard! When you move on to
shaping the next tooth, I find that it’s easiest to put the one that you’ve
already done in your mouth to look at for a reference, that way they end up the
same shape and size. Obviously, it’s best if you can do all of this in one go. You
can’t really heat up the beads once they’re in your mouth. It actually cools
pretty slowly, so you do have a few minutes to work with. But if you don’t
get it right on the first try, just go for it again! It usually takes me a while
to get into the swing of it and I often make several pairs before deciding which
one I like best. Okay, now you’ve got two matching things
and now that you know how to make fangs, you can play around with the size and
placement. I’m making these fangs for Toga from My Hero Academia. She’s kind of crazy and has pointy fang-like teeth, but she doesn’t really have like full
vampire teeth. So here’s an example of fangs there are a little bit shorter
than vampire teeth, but are still clearly fangs. Another thing to consider is how
easily visible you want your fangs to be. If you have a short mouth like mine,
you probably can’t see your incisors that well unless your mouth is open and
you’re like smiling or kind of baring your teeth, and that can get a bit tiring
and awkward sometimes. So here’s an example of fangs on the teeth next to
your front teeth. In this case, I don’t really have to hiss or smile in order
for my teeth to be shown. It’s a good option for more candid photos where my
mouth is relaxed. Many characters also have pointy bottom teeth and it’s the same process to make these too. These can be a bit trickier if you have an
overbite like me. In this case, be extra sure that your fangs go under your front
teeth. And here’s a comparison of all three styles with and without the bottom
teeth, this way you can see all the differences between them and sort of
expect what’s gonna work this for you. You can also play with a few extra types
of fangs. It’s common for cutesy animal type characters to have just one snaggle
thing. The trick to making a snaggle fang is just sort of making it protrude out.
Again, my mouth is kind of short, so I can really only accomplish this on the tooth
next to my front teeth. It can even be a snaggle fang from the bottom, which is often how Beast Boy is depicted. I have an overbite, so it’s a little bit more awkward
for me to try and hold my mouth this way, but you get the picture. And because of this it’s harder for me to hold it in my mouth, so I actually didn’t
trim away any of the gum excess so that I had that extra stability. If you’re
making teeth for a kid and you’re kind of worried about them swallowing it on
accident, you can actually make a “bridge” instead. In this case, you just use more
plastic beads together and you heat it up so that it goes from one incisor all
the way across your front teeth to the other incisor. You can use your nails or
tools to sort of define the grooves between your teeth, but overall it’s
probably just not gonna look as realistic. However it’s much safer and
you can still trim it back to the gum so that it’s a little bit more realistic. In
any case, it’ll look better from far away, it’ll fit your kid’s mouth better, and you
don’t have to worry about them choking on it. There are tons of other options
out there too. In Underworld, Selene actually has a pointy incisor tooth
and the tooth next to it. Some of the vampires in that series also have
multiple pointy bottom teeth. You can also get these thermoplastic beads in
other colors. You can use the black ones to make a cap over your teeth and make
it look like you have missing teeth! The potential is basically infinite, just
make sure that you’re being careful and safe! And NEVER drink or eat anything
while wearing them. I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and found it
helpful. If you try it out, feel free to share your results in the comments below.
I always like to see what everyone else is making too! Thank you so much for watching! Let me know in the comments what you want to see me make next and
until next time, I’m Hendo, thanks for making stuff with me!

100 thoughts on “How-To: CHEAP AND EASY FANGS (7 Different Styles as Toga)

  1. I have seen a LOT of people ask about using this method with BRACES! Please do NOT take that risk! If the plastic gets tangled in your braces and cools/hardens, it will be VERY difficult to remove because it requires more heat than is safe for your mouth in order to become pliable again!

    I get that I can't really stop people from trying it, so I'd say if you can't resist the urge, please make sure they don't form on or above your braces. They will be very short, and will have to be held on with denture glue (or another non-toxic adhesive). BE SAFE FRIENDS!!! Dont give yourself an extra dentist visit!!!

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    Step 2: cut the straw at an angle on both ends
    Step 3: stick the two end pieces on your teeth.

    (Not recommend for children who have a tendency to choke on things)

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