How to Build a Walk-In Shower (Part 1: Choosing KBRS ShowerSlope)

How to Build a Walk-In Shower (Part 1: Choosing KBRS ShowerSlope)

Hey, guys! Today I’m really excited because
this is video 1 of 3 that is going to show you how to build a walk-in shower.
So we recently used the KBRS ShowerSlope system, and we got great results and a phenomenal-looking
curb shower system in the end. So there are three different reasons why we
use the ShowerSlope. Number one, it’s super cost effective; it was half the price of the
other system that we were going to use. Number two, you can customize the shower pan. You
can cut it to size. You can put the drain in any location. You can also customize the
size and the shape of the curb, which is great. And then number three, you can use any type
of backer board with the ShowerSlope, which is awesome. It gives you a lot of customization
in terms of building your shower. So again, in video 1 today we’re going to
show you how to choose the ShowerSlope; Steve is going to get into that. In video 2, we’ll
build the entire system for you step-by-step. And then in video 3, we’re going to show
you how to waterproof the entire thing. So let’s dive into video 1 and share with you
how to choose the right ShowerSlope. Okay, so I wanted to show you what’s in
this ShowerSlope kit so that you know that everything that’s in the kit is basically
a full kit for waterproofing your shower. Right here we have a 30” x 60” ShowerSlope
pan kit. What comes with it is a pan, and all these ShowerSlope pans are oversized.
So for instance, this 30×60 is actually 61” long by 30” wide. And the reason is so that
you can cut this and customize the fit of this pan in your shower.
So the 30×60 kit does not include the width of the curb; our curb is 4”. So if you were
to just install this right now, you would have 34” of width. So the pans are designed
to cut down to fit into your shower. So it comes with the curb, the pan. It comes
with two tubes of sealant for installing the drain assembly and sealing your backer board
to the pan. It comes with a fiber mesh that you want to bond all the corners of your shower,
and there’s enough to do all of your cement board if you’re using cement board. And
in conjunction with that is the one gallon of liquid waterproofing, and you would use
these two together in liquid waterproofing. It also comes with a trowel because you want
to use a ¾” notch trowel; it’s not like a common size that people would probably buy,
so they include the ¾” notch trowel. So to get more into the details of this particular
kit, I just wanted to show you that this is basically the overall dimensions. So our drain
is going to be 30 ½” from left to right and 15” from front to back. But as you can
see here, there is a 3” cut zone that you can cut around the pan. It’s recommended
not to cut any more than that. So if you want to get something smaller, go to the smaller
size ShowerSlope system. But basically in this kit, you can go from 34” all the way
down to 28” overall including the curb. So they actually have another diagram here
that shows you how far you can cut down the pan. The pan is 30” as it comes; you can
cut it down to 24”, 6” less. And it’s same thing with lengthwise; you can go all
the way down to 55” on it. So this kit is more than just 30” x 60” technically;
34” x 61” as your overall maximum size. So these are all the kits that we have available
on the site. Just to specify that, like I said, each one of the pans are larger size.
So all these pans right here, the 32, 34, and 36 x 48, they’re basically all the same
kit; we just have them itemized for ease of people: “Hey! Hi, 36×48, I want to buy that
kit.” But all of these kits are essentially the same; they come with a 33” x 49” pan.
So 33” x 49” pan. Every one of those systems has that size pan.
So you can see here the variance we have: 37” to 31” wide. That’s where it’s
ranging at kit size. And then the width is 49” to 43”.
This kit has everything that you basically need to waterproof your shower except for
the cement board or the backer board that you plan to install on your shower. So that
would be something that you get from your local supplier. But this definitely reduces
the cost of waterproofing your shower. But please check out on our home page of the ShowerSlope
system the schematic to show exactly where the drain location is and the size of pan
for each kit. That’ll show you basically what you have and what you need to cut down
to fit your space. So just know that all these kits are oversized, and you need to cut them
down to fit your space. We’ll put links to the ShowerSlope down
in the description below. I’ll also put my email address down there so if you got
any questions about your project and how to use the ShowerSlope, we’d be happy to help
you out. We’ll put a link to video 2 right here.
That will show you how to add the ShowerSlope pan, curb, and backer board. So again, we’ll
put a link to video 2 right here. There’ll also be a link to our guide on How to Remodel
a Bathroom in 10 Days or Less right here, and that also has bonus videos for you and
it is phenomenal. So if you’re doing a bathroom remodel, make sure to grab our guide.
Thanks for watching today’s video, and we will see you in the next one. Take care!

6 thoughts on “How to Build a Walk-In Shower (Part 1: Choosing KBRS ShowerSlope)

  1. Interesting shower pan, we need to try this. It looks easy to install and damn, the price is right! We like using Goboard, and this looks like it would work well with. Looking forward to the follow up videos!👊

  2. I got this kit too. What sold me was the hard core shower curb. I never understood how screwing into just foam would properly hold up shower doors.

    I do have a question however, should I fill the gap around the drain cover with thinset since the round cutout is much larger?

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