How to Build a Small Wooden Boat #14 Not Using Marine Plywood – Electric Powered Mini Boat

How to Build a Small Wooden Boat #14 Not Using Marine Plywood – Electric Powered Mini Boat

Welcome to the electric wooden boatbuilding series number 14 in this video I [show] you plywood boat building working from my very own plans To maybe help you build your own boat today [I] begin carving the oak steering wheel and gluing the underside of the hull and [the] lower side fairing of the craft I’ve Found the way in which the boards line up with no gaps so it’s a beautiful seam down the center I’ll put a drop of glue. They’re The same with this way. I’ll put a drop of glue in the middle I’m just going to soak pretty well this corner And I’m going to wet this one edge and a dampener So I got a nice bead along there and put these up Think what I’m going to do is glue these for half an hour This surface that is resting on is beautifully fryer, and this is an amazing wait Not quite sure how heavy it is, but it’s probably about 20 25 pounds in weight So that is holding this down nice and flat. I’m going to lay these two boards to glue I’ll do the other two boards, and then I will glue them on top of each other so I got a nice crisscross pattern of Oak and I will then clamp those two together overnight and the first one I made out of pine came out so good That I’m going to follow the same The same concept but I’m going to refine it so it comes out better, so this is a good first try I’m happy with it, and it actually I might even give this away to one of my subscribers or So yeah, maybe so just one of my subscribers as a as a first You know prototype will they might be interested in using it. There are a couple of flaws in it But what I was going to do like here What I was going to do is wrap this with Paracord so it gives me a nice grip and then it would actually cover some of the Deformity that kind of occurred when I was making it This piece is for the spokes of the steering wheel So I’m just going to put this wait here and let it settle for a few minutes and then when it stopped moving around I will then go ahead and Clamp it. So I’m just going to use these little clamps. I got it cost a few bucks apiece Come on Just literally get one in each corner doing its thing and Then you know a few hours from now. I’ll be able to start cutting these apart so the first pieces of wood are going Horizontally, so the second piece is I’m going to put on to be Cross that so I’ll put them vertically as I’m looking at them here I have the smaller off cut With the template that I printed out With the three arms that’s going to support the steering wheel And then once I’ve made these I’m going to contour these as well, so so that they The steering wheel kind of sits away from the center hub which turns the steering you’ll see what [I] mean you Here I have the four pieces of wood that have been glued together overnight, so I’m going to start D clamping So here. I have my gorilla glue and boards which will become [the] steering wheel is all absolutely solid thing and Then I’m also going to mark One inch in because this is an inch thick So I’m just going to mine up and there’s going to be my second line This shift a little bit, so I’m just going to make sure I line it up It’s good again, not the ideal working surface at all And so now that is nicely on the center this blade is great that it cuts such clean lines and It’s even top and bottom you you Here I had to create a second hole the first one wasn’t close enough, and I didn’t want to mess up the piece So were I? Finagled my way again as I have done many times in this project to get the blade exactly where I need it Right up to that inside one Inch Edge from the outside diameter But for what for whatever reason? I’m not sure but it just did not want to turn It was pushing the blade. It was bending the blade Sparks were flying off there was no metal core as far as I could tell but At this point. I just decided you know I need [to] step away side of the Hull had already been glued on the transom and the Mainframes it was just the bow section that I had not actually Stuck the under side fairing to match up with the top side fairing so I was just slowly sanding it checking it drilling holes and making sure [that] everything lined up before I actually went ahead and Applied glue, so I was very I was very nervous about this bit, but it actually turned out really well the small pieces of wood with the screws in just helped to displace and disperse the pressure of You know the wood pulling against a single screw head, so those little bits of wood were a world godsend you you So with the offcut that I had I placed it on the lower port side Fairing and I’m just marking it with a felt tip pen just to see you [know] where do I need to cut it later I decided not to use this pen Mark and Simply just to use my oscillating tool. Which you’ll see any second So cut this oak steering wheel I had issues with the band saw not sure why? I’m off work this week, so I’m taking everything outside, but Here last night. I put some plastic off one by one. I took these off Rescrew them with plastic and I put a wooden strip in and be fined making to see in behind the Bow, so I want to see if this glue job has held I’m pretty sure these two are fine. I’m just not sure about this end piece so that there is the back brace which is bloated behind with Gorilla Glue Stripping downs not pretty but you know what it’s um. It’s held the outside Which is going to look amazing? you I’m taping up the Gap in the opening where the Fairings meet and I just fill them with an epoxy just to help fill up the gap You know I’d rather have some sort of bonding agent there rather than filler filler isn’t really much of a glue, but the epoxy will do a great job and Here I’ve actually used the oscillating tool to completely cut away the excess From the top and sides of that lower side fairing on the port site so what it made really quick and easy work of it the only thing is I’m sure my Neighbors didn’t appreciate the noise it is for the size of the tool a very noisy tool you Is he here too rich like Drawn and then like a quarter-inch Bead of glue up at the top so what I’m going to do is make a pattern of this first off Spritz all of this stuff down Put glue on this side put it back [up], Matt’ll the holes and let it dry. I Will be replicating this boat. I will be making kits Pre-made wouldn’t kits to people like yourself should you want it, but I’ll also be selling the plans as well so I’m just making sure that I make the four size plans and The version 2 is where I’ll be fine tuning But I might just leave the excess so that you can kind of as you put the boat together you’ll have a you know a [quarter-inch] she recorder there to work with and You’ll be able to fine-tune it yourselves you Here I have marked be a stem center line on the bow faring, so I’m just cutting that nice and clean and Then I kind of realized the way that I actually wanted the side the side fairing to to finish I Wouldn’t get to do it as I had cut the initial bored, so I actually need to add this little small off cut so that the Curvature [of] the side fairing is handled in A very exquisite way let’s say anyway. I’ll let it unfold for you here I [have] the Extra piece that we’ve needed so when I need to sand this down a bit But let’s go ruff said it and see what looks like you you you you you

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