How to Build a Sandcastle : How to Shape a Sandcastle

How to Build a Sandcastle : How to Shape a Sandcastle

There are a couple of different techniques
you can use to build your sandcastle. The first one I’m going to show you right now
is hand forming. Basically, all you’re using is your hands. You’re not going to use any
buckets or shovels. It’s best to, sometimes if you need to use a little bit of water,
you can wet up the sand. If it’s too dry like this, you need to get a little bit more water.
You can feel free to use a bucket.
This way it stays in the shape better and it allows you to form it. So, the first thing
we’re going to do is I’m going to start and build a little two layer sandcastle. And you
just use your hands, and you can shape it and form it in whatever means you want. As
you need water, you can add it because the water will actually help it stay together
in a solid form. Next, what we’re going to do is add the next layer. And once again, you can use a little bit of
water, as you need to. It will help keep it together. So, what we’ve created here is a simple hand
formed sandcastle that just shows just by using your hands, you can make any shape and
form that you want and be very creative at the same time.

14 thoughts on “How to Build a Sandcastle : How to Shape a Sandcastle

  1. wow! i can use my hands to form the castle… hmm, i never would have thought of that, and who knew that useing water would help it stay together. this was a great help to me thanks for posting it. by the way, could you show me how to do other hard things like eating and sleeping?

  2. @commonabond I dunno eating and sleeping are my sometimes largest problems, just like last week I forgot how to eat, i spent several hours jamming a piece of celery in my ear until I figured out that food goes in your mouth, and as you can imagine I felt pretty silly.

  3. While at the beach earlier this month, out fastle was breaking alot (the water was coming close to it) and at a point we made a circle around the outside so the water can drop in their (not much help).

    Not to mention we didn't have a bucket with water (we used mainly dry sand.

    But thnx for telling water is needed to keep it, in place

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