How to Build a Sandcastle : Building Moat for Sandcastle

How to Build a Sandcastle : Building Moat for Sandcastle

The moat is essentially going to be a river
around the outside, a perimeter around our sandcastle. To do this, all we’re going to
use is our hand, at the beginning, and scrape away sand. Now that I’ve used my hand to dig out the
initial part of the moat, I’m going to go back with a bucket of water or a spray bottle,
and touch up the sides to make sure that it’s sturdy and the sand won’t fall in on itself.
So now that we’ve finished our moat, I’ve gone around the outside and touched up the
corners, using a little bit of water, to make sure that you have no loose sand around the
outside that could potentially fall in and ruin your moat. And I’ve gone all around the
outside, all four corners, and at the very end, the last thing I did was pour a little
bit of water in the base of everything just to make it look like the bottom of a river.

6 thoughts on “How to Build a Sandcastle : Building Moat for Sandcastle

  1. Are these videos for real!?!? "learn something new today"… my 4 years old son knows how to do this without being told how to.

    For you guys who need this heplp…. good luck in the life ^^

  2. OMG! Adding the water to make it smoother at the bottom is a good idea! I was making a sand castle and these to really annoying little kids wanted to put water in the moat! I should Have let them!

  3. how i like to build a sand castle is:
    1st i make a 1 ft down mote 1ft wide with a shovel be sure to build a mountain of sand in the middle of your mote (that will be your sand castle base)
    2nd at this point you should have a 5-8ft tall sand mountain the sand should be loose and easy to sculpt
    3rd start sculpting rodes and houses all over your mountain be sure to make the top a cool palace
    4th take a picture and admire your work!

  4. @sovrcat sorry for late responce, but well… this far less than 8 000 views. Seems most of us actually know how to build sand castles without teaching. πŸ˜‰

    So i rest my case.

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