How to Be a Good Student – Puppets give Kids Advice

How to Be a Good Student – Puppets give Kids Advice

What’s the secret to being a good student? It may seem like a mystery, but here at Socratica
Kids,we’ll show you how! This is Topher. Topher is a good student. This is Leonard. Well, this is where Leonard sits. Hi Jacob! Hi Olivia! Ethan! Good Morning, Mia! Topher always shows up a little before school
starts. Leonard often oversleeps and shows up late
to school. I think I hear him now. Ahhhhhhhhh! I’m coming I’m coming! Where am I? Is this school? Am I late? Good morning, Leonard. What time is it? 8:01 Oh sweet, I made it. Well, you’re actually one minute late- Do you have any snacks? What? I’m so hungry. I didn’t eat breakfast. It’s important to eat breakfast before school. It’s hard to concentrate when hungry. Good morning, class! This is Rita Fox. She’s the teacher. She wants to help all her students learn and grow. Good Morning Ms. Fox! ‘SUP You should always be nice and respectful to
your teachers. They’re here to help you. Let’s begin today by turning in our homework
assignment. Homework what? It’s important to try your best on your
homework, and turn it in on time. Thank you, Topher. Leonard, your homework please. Uh, my dog ate it? Making excuses for why you don’t have your
homework is not being a good student. I didn’t know you had a dog, Leonard. I don’t. I lied. I’m sorry, I forgot to do it. I see. Well, thank you for being honest with me. Turn it in tomorrow. Ok. Now class, does anyone have any questions
about the homework? Asking questions is part of a good student. So is raising your hand. Yes, Topher. I got stuck on adding three numbers together. It’s so many numbers! I agree, Topher. It is a lot. But I know we can do it because we’re awesome! {loud grumbling noises} What was that? {loud grumbling noises} Please raise your hand if you have something
to say. {loud grumbling noises} Remember no talking in class. Save that for outside. {loud grumbling noises} Rita’s right. No talking in class unless instructed. It’s distracting for everyone. {loud grumbling noises} I’m sorry! It’s my tummy. I didn’t eat breakfast. Oh no, Leonard. I’m sorry. Here have my avocado. Thank you! {yum yum yum loud eating} If you must eat, try not to be… obvious
about it. {burp} That was good. Now I’m ready for school. What are we learning? Leonard So are we still doing the math thing? Leonard. What? No talking. Oh sorry. Ok, so Topher had a great question about how
to add three numbers at once. As an example, let’s take a look at 2+2+2. We know 2+2 is? FOUR! Raise your hand, Leonard. Oh sorry! Oh, pick me, pick me, pick me. Leonard. What? Quietly raise your hand. oh, right. {making noise} Topher…? What? Are you kidding me? 2+2 is 4. I was going to say that. Very good. So now we can think of it as 4 + another 2. That’s much easier. What is 4+2? Yes, Topher. Does she not see me? 4+2 is 6! Very good! I was also gonna say that. You can get the next question, Leonard. What’s 2+2+3. Let’s see. Well 2+2 is 4 so 4+3 is … SEVEN! That’s right! Good job. WOO! I’m the SMARTEST!!! Woo! Ah yeah, ah yeah! Being a good student is getting questions
right, but also not throwing a personal party when you do. Who’s the best? Leonard’s the best! I said, who’s the best? Leonard. That’s right, Leonard’s the best! No. Leonard. I’m talking to you. What? Oh. No personal parties in the classroom? That’s right. Ugh, fine. And use your inside voice, Leonard FINE. I mean {whispers} fine Leonard still has a little ways to go, but
anyone can be a good student. Just remember to show up on time, eat a good
breakfast, listen to your teacher, follow the rules, raise your hand, use your inside
voice, and – Leonard:Who’s the best? Leonard’s the best! I said, who’s the best? NO PERSONAL PARTIES! Oh right. Gah, school’s hard. And fun! And awesome!

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