How to Apply Hair Product The RIGHT Way | Hair Tips For Men | Alex Costa

How to Apply Hair Product The RIGHT Way | Hair Tips For Men | Alex Costa

[Music] what’s up everyone welcome back to my channel if you’re new my name is Alex Costa and earlier this week I was talking to a friend of mine and he said that he always has issues applying hair products he said that it can make his hair look oily or dirty even though he just washed it and it also weighs his hair down which means it doesn’t stay up throughout the day so I thought why not make an entire video on how to apply hair product at the right way because even though it seems like common sense there are a few tips that are gonna make your hairstyle so much better the first thing you should do before you try any new hair product is to wash your hair completely use shampoo use conditioner towel dry and then we can get started because your hair has natural oils that need to be cleaned and replaced and if you just apply hair product on top of dirty hair and you’re just mixing up all of that oil with the product and it’s not going to look great so make sure your hair is completely clean and that we have a blank canvas before we start working on it next up when your hair is still wet but not soaked it’s time to apply some pre styler freestylers are gonna help give your hair general shape before you even apply some finishing product not only that but it has a bunch of other benefits as well like adding a lot of volume to your hair protecting it from heat damage and minimizing the amount of product that you’re going to use as a finishing product because you’re already gonna have the general shape and style that you want today I’m using original by bloomin as a pre styler bloomin was nice enough to send me all of their products and sponsored today’s video which is super cool because not only do I really like their products but Joe the creator of bloomin is also another youtuber so I’m really glad that we get to work on this together all of the products I use in this video are gonna be listed in the description right below and since Black Friday is coming up keep an eye out on their website because they’ll have a special sale happening I’m gonna leave a link to their website in a description right below the video here also make sure to stick around because we’re doing a giveaway that’s why we’re giving away a bunch of hair product to you guys so stick around at the end of this video I’ll give you more info original is a wax paste and it gives great hold as a post styler for medium to thick hair types but today we’re actually gonna use it as a pre styler because it’s really nice and light which is exactly what you want as a pre style and remember guys you don’t need a lot of pre styler just because we’re still gonna add the finishing product so go easy one of the most important things that you guys have to remember when you’re applying a hair product is that you need to emulsify it meaning you really have to rub your hands together to break the product down don’t just rub your hands together once or twice and think that you’re done because that was gonna leave clumps of product all over your hair ideally what you want to do is you want to rub your hands together into a few that heat just breaking down that product when you feel that heat that’s when you know that it’s ready to be applied apply an even coat all over your hair making sure that you got everything from the front to the back and now you’re ready to blow-dry you could honestly just stop here just style it and get a nice shine if you’re looking for that specific style but I prefer to go for a more natural or even matte look so I’ll have to blow-dry to get there after your hair is a hundred percent dry and I mean completely dry alright otherwise your hair styles just not gonna last after it’s dry and then you know that it’s time to apply the finishing product today we’re gonna use cavalier clay to style my hair because it has strong hold and works really well if you have thick hair and are going for that texturized look which is what I usually rock now if the clay is a little bit too heavy for you and you want something a little bit lighter then you should go with the hybrid cream clay this is a little bit creamier and it also works really well for that slicked back style so if you’re going for a pompadour for example or if you have finer or thinner hair this is the right product for you but again guys make sure you’re not using too much hair products alright just remember one thing you can always add more product but you can never take it away from your hair so start with a small amount and if you need more you can always just top it off with a little bit extra I see so many guys with hardrock hair alright it just doesn’t look good it looks like it’s filled with hair product also that same tip applies for finishing products make sure you mull safai it rub your hands together until you feel that it gets a little bit warmer and apply an even coat all over your hair another super helpful tip that has saved me many times is to actually start applying the hair product all the way in the back and then slowly moving towards the front and what that does is it prevents any clumps of products that are coming from your hands to go straight into your bangs alright and it’s not going to be super visible to everyone because it’s gonna be back here if that ever happened so what you do is you emulsify it rub it together and then start back here and slowly make your way to the front also you should coat the ends first but then make sure that you’re getting deep in there to coat the roots or here and that’s what’s really gonna make your hair stay up all day long think about it this way the roots are the base of your hair so if there’s no product there holding it up supporting it it’s just gonna fall and if you wanted some free bloom on products then this is the time that you’ve been waiting for all you have to do to enter the giveaway is click on the link in the description right below the video to enter guess what first place is gonna get a grooming kit from bloom on full of products and then we have five more prizes for five different people you guys will actually get to choose whatever product you want and that’s gonna get shipped out to you alright so make sure you enter we have six winners which is a lot hopefully you get to win so good luck you guys if you’re not subscribed to my youtube channel you’re slacking man come on click that subscribe button below to become part of our YouTube family and then of course don’t forget to follow me on Instagram because I’m in London I’m posting some really cool pictures you guys should definitely go check it out plus I post daily outfit inspiration as well as hairstyle inspiration on my Instagram so go check it out my Instagram username is at Alex Costa thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you again soon peace

100 thoughts on “How to Apply Hair Product The RIGHT Way | Hair Tips For Men | Alex Costa

  1. Hope you guys enjoy this one! BETTER HAIRSTYLE FOR ALL!!! haha 🙂
    Don't forget to subscribe and enter the Blumaan giveaway ⚡️⚡️⚡️

  2. Have to disagree with the first bit of advice about always washing you're hair, much like other animals humans build healthy oil in the hair and every time you wash it with shampoo it is removed this is bad. For many washing the hair in certain time frames is better, and no you hair is not dirty unless it really is like you have been sliding ur head thru dirt or grime. Hell i only have to wash my hair once a week, and doing this leaves my hair much better looking than washing every day, i would know considering i used to wash every day beforehand.

  3. Man these products u mention in your video are not available worldwide for online delivery…i shall be glad if u post the alternative products available worldwide…tnx

  4. Hey Alex, I have thin dry hair, don't blow dry because of it, but I want a strong hold product for short pomp. Which wax (or clay) will you recommend?

  5. I'm really confused about washing hair day after I apply hair products…. If I apply daily should I wash my hair daily? Can you help me in this?

  6. Hey dude love from India n i love the way u understanding that n helping to use right product in such right way..

  7. Bro..make a video in which there s information about how to keep our hair black to brown naturally

  8. Like your videos! Always good advice, professional presented and not even with a tiny bit of stiff or boring appearance. 👍

  9. Some decent tips but you shouldn't wash your hair EVERY day and strip all the natural oils.
    Also clays are very hard to apply when you have thick hair. And if your hair is completely dry like he advocates good luck getting the clay in there without clumps of hair coming out.
    I have thick hair and pomades and creams seem to be the only things that work.

  10. Hello. Im trying hair products and I want something ask you when I apply hair product in my hair after that day night I shoud wash my hair 'yes or no' ?. If it's ' yes ' how long i can go like that ?

  11. i dont have blower to use. but i already bought a 2$ wax just to try. and wtf i feel so oily and uncomfortable. any advice? or i should get hair clay next time

  12. Thanks a lot Alex for all your videos. They are all so simple to follow and implement. Also, I really admire your grooming and style! Please keep making more and more of such videos.

  13. Wait, he said that I should wash my hair before I apply product, but in another video, he said that you should wash your hair too much or else it will damage your hair. TF?!

  14. Overall this is a good video with helpful advice but I found that the editing where it changes camera viewpoints every ten seconds to get annoying real fast. It made me not want to finish it.

  15. Finally found you!! Been having hard time fixing my hair every morning to work. I saw your techniques and are very much easier to follow instructions. Thank you again and keep posting cool products 🙂

  16. BluMaan products are better than those products that has high concentration of toxins and alcohol that will weigh the hair down, like hair Gels. But thankfully, there's BluMaan! I love BluMaan because these BluMaan products are much beneficial to the hair that will easily help the hair stay healthy, protects against heat, damage and shinier. Besides Original by BluMaan Styling Meraki, I mostly like Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade because Fifth Sample has 5 healthy ingredients.

  17. Hi, is it possible to mix different brands of wax and clay? Will it damage the hair or give out unpleasant smell?

  18. Hey Alex. Guess you're contradicting yourself here mate. In one of your videos you have advised not to wash your hair daily. That you only use shampoo 3 odd times a week and use conditioner daily. Assuming you/we use hair products daily to style our hair – your advice here would suggest that we'll need to wash daily get rid of natural oils and product from precious day… please could you clarify? Cheers

  19. real men dont give a fuck about whats in their closet either…. thats not important…. like a bunch girls 🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

  20. i like to put pre styler with damp hair then put the finish product on im going for the greaser look but not to greasy but the side of my hair always goes up and i want my hair to have that damp look to it someone help pls p.s. im trying to grow my hair

  21. if you use pomade your hair will never look like you just washed it. it will look glued together no matter what you do. same goes for many other products

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