How to Add Insanely Colorful Graphic Designs to Your Summer Rolls — You Can Do This!

How to Add Insanely Colorful Graphic Designs to Your Summer Rolls — You Can Do This!

– Today on You Can Do This printing pictures that you can eat. (electronic music) So the other day I was
in a deep internet hole and I was looking for edible ink pens cause you know, I kinda wanted to draw on
food and be able to eat it. When I found ink cartridges with edible ink. And it opened up the floodgates to be like I can print high quality images that I can actually eat. What do I print them on? Do I print them on paper? I’ve eaten paper. Paper doesn’t taste great. And then I found edible paper. It is made completely of potato starch. And I was like jackpot. But does it taste terrible? So I ordered some and it doesn’t. It’s almost completely flavorless. The only think I can kind of compare it to is a communion wafer except it’s not that
pronounced of a flavor. And it dissolves. When you wrap something like a burrito, a spring roll or something like that it’s just like kinda this one note on the outside. Is there a way to take that and make it super colorful or something that’s like
mind blowingly visual but doesn’t impede the flavor
of any of the components. Many of you are gonna disagree with this but I’m gonna do it anyway. When it hits a little bit of moisture it does start to dissolve and kinda stick. We can make dish where that totally makes sense on the outside. Summer rolls. When you put this starch on then the residual moisture it’ll actually will tack together and take on the same texture as the rice paper when it is hydrated. Just like any rice paper you’re gonna drop it in water. I don’t wanna hear anything about like why aren’t you using the circle one? I know. Okay. The reason why I bought the square one is cause I was trying to
put it through the printer and it worked, it’s just it’s so much liquid when you have to like hydrate these then the color bleeds a little bit. So I nixed it. So before you jump on that train of, this guy is using these
square wrappers to do this. There is a reason. I’m just doing shrimp, rice noodle, carrots, cilantro and a little bit of lettuce. Do your summer roll the way you wanna do it. This is just to get us to the endpoint. Listen, we’re all living in the colored rainbow food moment where you can like get a rainbow bagel and
do all kinds of that and you know weirdly enough, this is the most design heavy but it’s actually the
simplest thing to do. You can print anything. You can print someone’s name on stuff. You can actually do messages. You can do a design like you can take that thing you love that your fourth grader made for you that’s hanging on the fridge and then have it for dinner one night. So you can just be like, “Hey kids that drawing on the fridge that I love so much, you want to eat it?” I’m just showing you something that’s very basic that this is an application that I found really, really works and doesn’t affect flavor or texture. But this is also like carte blanche. Do what you want to do. Like have fun with this. (electronic music) You wanna take our little design here, kinda like this and let’s just do a stripe down the middle. As soon as it hits the moisture it starts dissolving kinda of into the summer roll. See how that’s totally malleable? It actually glued and took on the texture of the rice wrapper itself. It cuts just like a regular rice roll. The flavor is only the wrapper. So my theory is like anything that has like slight tack like this on the outside like if you wanna decorate the top of desserts especially like you wanna do mochi or you just wanna like do rolls like that and put your god damned business
card on the outside. Boom. Now, do I want you to exactly replicate this and just be like I’m gonna make summer
rolls of printed stuff. No, this is just to show
you what you can do. The creativity is in your hands now. And if you do decide to do this let me know. Put it in the comments, tag me on my Instagram, do whatever you need to do. I mean that looks fun. And we’ll eat that. (electronic music) To do this and other questionable
things to your food. Click here.

55 thoughts on “How to Add Insanely Colorful Graphic Designs to Your Summer Rolls — You Can Do This!

  1. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  2. Those spring roll sheets becomes sticky after dipping it in water. I wouldn't eat it if someone made it without gloves. Whatever is on his hands will stick to it lol

  3. In Germany we have edible paper with flavours, every kid ate those before, don't you have them, too?

  4. Awesome video – reminds me of a social experiment where scientists cast different coloured lights onto food to see what effect it had on the consumer.

  5. Honestly I stopped watching when I saw he wasn’t using circle spring roll wrappers. I didn’t even listen to see if he explained why.

  6. Here we have an excellent idea! Why are so many people finding fault? It's shocking. This could be fun! It's edible paper and ink. It's OK to have it once in awhile. It's OK to relax.

  7. I wonder if you could use this stuff to do a dye sublimation sort of treatment. Houndstooth chocolate truffles. Tiger prawns with tiger stripes on them.

  8. why wouldn't you put the paper on the inside so that there was no textural difference from the outside? The wrapper is transparent

  9. Are you using a regular printer? If so, I hope you got a brand new one for that, or it would contaminate the food with (toxic) regular ink.

  10. But….do you know that printing dust is toxic ? The matte slippery feeling on newly printed papers are toxic. That what i was taught.

  11. Is there any special preparation involved if i used my printer with non-edible ink before? Like leeching out residual ink? Or just pop edible ink cartridges in and go?

  12. Dude that's awesome. Yes, it takes special equipment, but I appreciate going back to the original concept of going the extra mile to do something kinda crazy but kinda cool. Well done!

    As someone said, this could be a legit niche thing for an event or corporate branding company.

  13. So do these edible ink cartridges just fit into any random printer? Do you need to buy a special printer for it? Can you use your own printer? Would that be safe? That's important info don't you think? I guess you didn't have an extra minute to explain all that?

  14. You sort of laughed it off, but this would go down amazingly well at a restaurant or something. If you ordered it, you could also choose a design or your name, and they'd print it onto the food! That'd be sick

  15. Eater just needs to stop with this guy and his You Can Do This… Straight up a week series compared to the others… You guys cant keep doing this…

  16. You would need to replace your printer header, to make sure that non-edible ink residue does not mix the edible ink

  17. I'm just imagining some schmuck trying to save the rice paper wrapping coz it's got someone's business contacts printed on it

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