69 thoughts on “How to 3D Model a Paper Clip – Learn Autodesk Fusion 360 in 30 Days: Day #3 (REVISED)

  1. IMPORTANT: Be sure to apply the sketch fillets ONE at a time. Applying them both as I did in the video resulted in inconsistent results due to Fusion 360's rendering engine. If you apply them ONE at a time that will avoid the "Anti Parallel" error.
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  2. Thanks for the video. It helped me model a shape on a project I am working on.
    The project is not complete and these are just some sample files I made.
    Here is one I did with 2 inch square tubing with .125 wall thickness using the sweep command.

  3. Can't wait to use this option on a hammer hanger. BTW wondering if I can create a printable copy of the dimensioned drawing?

  4. hi. i got a problem. after selecting the sleep command and selecting path i am getting "Error: The start direction of a path segment is antiparallel to the end direction of the previous path segment.
    pls help me

  5. I thought I would try this drawing to give you some feedback. I noticed that as I was laying out the lines, once I hit the green checkmark circle. This ended my line, and starting a new one at that end point seemed to create problems when trying to sweep. Also, sometimes as I was laying the lines out, it automatically exited the line function. I am not sure what exactly is happening.

  6. I thought maybe the problem was going into the sweep operation without parts of the paperclip sketch being constrained. I went in and "fixed" (i.e. the fix/unfix constraint) the lines to each other, but the sweep is still stopping part way through.

  7. Hi there, thanks for all the tutorial. I am facing the same problem with the sweep function and I read the comments below with the add of vertical constraints and I don't think my fillets are broke into 3 parts. And also my fusion 360 did not get the problem with the sketch being mess up @8:19
    However, I still cant sweep at the end (I tried to redraw it a few times but still can't get it…) Any help or may I send my file to you have a look?

    Really want to solve this problem! Thanks a lot!

  8. I think I figured out what was happening with the antiparallel issue. In my case at least, it looks like the fillets were too large making each side cross the midpoint and twist the whole path around it. The twisting was barely visible but it was there. So if anyone else has the same problem try using smaller fillets!

    Or avoid those full fillets and just use 3 point arcs.

  9. I had the UI preview ticked which was recommended by Brad Tallis. However with this clicked there was no model tab as in your lessons. The version you are using appears more intuitive or am I missing something?

  10. Looks like before you filet the bottom to 3.25 mm we only have two perpendicular constraints to your three. I was able to use 3 mm on the bottom instead of 3.25 and 2.25 on the middle filet. Thanks for the dope vidz

  11. Hello! Third one of your tutorials tonight haha, loving it. I'm also having issues with the sweep thing but I'm just going to start over, probably clicked something wrong somewhere. Anyway, might I recommend occasionally making common mistakes in your tutorials on purpose so you can show how to fix it? For example, I hit the wrong number on a circle but I can't figure out how to go back and edit its diameter even though it's not connected to anything. I come from 3DMax and I'm finding Fusion very… alien ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Hi! When I try to filet the bottom corners, one of them protrudes in a odd way right after I hit enter. I put a vertical constraint on the right line, but the left line won't let me do so – i suspect this is due to something called over-constraints or something. If I just enter the number in the filet options it turns out fine, but once i hit enter, it goes crazy. Thank you!

  13. Amazing videos. I had zero problems until this one. The fillet issue that all others had. Followed you step by step 3x before I started messing with my fillets. I had to reduce them to leave "clearance" (.05 was plenty for me; less would likely work too) at the intersection. I could work around this by getting rid of the perpendicular constraints before I tried my full fillets, but it would still freak out on the 3rd and final fillet no matter what. I tried using dimension lines to measure what was going on and my best clue was that the fillets could not meet perfectly – there seemed to be a "lost" .01mm somewhere for some reason… at least that's what I saw before F360 freaked out and told me I was overconstraining everything (clearly I have much to learn and am scared to break everything currently.

  14. Hii, the sweep is working but only in half sketch, only when I m taking that arrow on to the sketch path. when I am taking that arrow forward other than half path it is showing me this – " Error: The start direction of a path segment is antiparallel to the end direction of the previous path segment."

  15. Thank you for this series. I'm only a couple vids in and I've already doubled my fushion knowledge. I can't wait to start putting it to use. This is helpj g me immensely. I'll be watching the whole series for sure!

  16. Really silly interface question: is there a way to change the color of the dimension guides? It would be helpful to keep them distinct from the actual drawing elements while in sketch view.

    This is not a high priority question ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Oddly, when I was using the Sweep command, selecting the path only selected the first section of the paper clip. I was able to select the rest of the clip (in about three or four clicks), and the command still worked, but the difference with your single click success is interesting. Not sure what gives.

  18. Awesome. Been a CNC machinist for almost 20 years and programming my parts with pen, paper, and a calculator for the bulk of that time. Thanks for this series.

  19. Ran into the antiparallel issue, had all the vertical constraints, swapped them for one vertical and three parallel, tried reducing the fillet by 0.02, double checked the location of the issue (on the third iteration of the sketch) by unchecking chain and slowly extending the path length which that time at least showed the problem was the lower right fillet. Restarted (fourth iteration) and this time did each fillet one at a time – not only did I have no issues with sketch parts moving around (even without additional constraints) but the sweep worked perfectly, albeit with needing to select the path as multiple parts.

    If I had to make a vaguely educated guess, 360 isn't evaluating the results consistently when you ask it to do the fillets two at a time, possibly because of equal-priority order of operations combining poorly when constraints are being removed/modified, and probably not helped by the fillets being so close to one another (hence reducing the size seems to have helped some). This would explain the seemingly random way it's affecting people – some are getting lucky and everything works, some of us get almost all the way there, some halfway there, and others run into trouble at the first curve. And results (positive or negative) aren't consistently reproduceable, because it's a toss up as to which instructions hit the processor for execution first.

  20. You are the man Kevin. Thank you so much. This series has helped me so much already, no doubt I will watch all of your videos forever from now on.

  21. Antiparallel error solution guaranteed. #1 do not select two corners to make the filet like in the video. Only do one corner at a time. #2 The sweep will not go through the entire path at once. After the first sections is "swept" you will have to repeat the sweep function 3 more times. #3 When selecting the profile simply select the end point of the previous sweep.

    WOW took me forever to do this lesson because of the sweep bug. What a silly problem. Why didn't this problem appear in the video? curious!

  22. I'm having the same error: The start direction of a path segment is anti parallel to the end direction of the previous path segment. Even though I've applied vertical/horizontal constraint to all 4 lines (which are perpendicular to X axis). Please help me.


  23. Thank you for the great tutorials Kevin, they are really helping me gain some confidence with fusion! Great Series!

  24. I want to be weapon designer but some months ago i watched fusion tutorials from AutoDesk and find it very confusing but yesterday i find your videos and i immediately download fusion because your videos are awesome dude, thank you for providing these great tutorials.

  25. 13:16 i get this error: "The start direction of a path segment is anti parallel to the end direction of the previous path segment" What should I do?

  26. Hey there..
    I am facing a problem when using the sweep command
    After selection of the profile and the path, I get a error saying that ,' The start of direction path segment is antiparallel to the end direction of the previous path segment.'
    Help overcome this problem ,please!

  27. Hey Kevin. I don't see this problem mentioned yet. When I try to add constraints to any of my lines I get an error: Fail to solve. Please try revising dimensions or constraints.

  28. This one went off without a hitch on my end! (Lol). There were some anti-parallel error but I was quick to find other users were having the same problems and someone had commented a solution. Great video Kevin! Looking forward to the rest.

  29. When I clicked stop sketch then home icon the dimension lines were still there but not in yours. Also to drag those dimensions out of the way in my mind is one thing, but there should be a command to make them vanish. Is there?

  30. You are really clear and precise. I wonder if you do loads of research before preparing for the video. No pausing and going back. Just perfect. Another 10/10. onto the whiskey bottle next.

  31. "ERROR: The start direction of the path segment is antiparallel to the end direction of the previous path segment."
    This is the error I found after selecting the path and profile. Please help!

  32. If you get this error "ERROR: The start direction of the path segment is antiparallel to the end direction of the previous path segment", then read on for a possible solution that worked for me.
    Keep getting this error? Here is one way that I got past the error.
    After many attempts to fix I kept getting the same antiparallel error.

    I started over and this time I didn't force any dimensions with the <TAB> key. I did not set any angles either. Everything worked as in the video.

    Maybe, once the dimensions are constrained the fillet operation shortens the constrained dimension and fails to follow the path needed when using the sweep operation.
    All I know is that it works now.

    My 2nd attempt, that worked, is using the Line tool and on the arcs, I held down the left mouse button and moved over the proper radius and an arc was created for me. I never had to leave the Line tool until the path was finished. Course, the paper clip is longer since the line dimensions are not changed like when I used the fillet.

  33. Great tutorial. You make it look easy. Quick question how long have you been using f360 and how long before you felt you mastered it. Not a priority for you to respond though. Great work ๐Ÿ‘

  34. Great video, good pace. I had to figure out how to apply the instructions to the new gui, your video on this topic helped too.

  35. Had the same error, doing the fillets one by one fixed it for me. I just had to sweep each section instead of all at once.

  36. Excellent! Had to redo it to select fillets one at a time, but it works now. Only "sweeps" past one fillet each mouse click, but eventually gets there. Thanks to all who contributed to these Comments.

  37. Hi , Thank you for the video . I have a problem . I did every step following the video . after sweep I see this Error: The start direction of a path segment is antiparallel to the end direction of the previous path segment.

    So I moved the arrow and I noticed it's going well till the middle of path. If you watch this short (1 min.) video you'll understand the problem.

  38. Had several goes with varying problems. After reading all the comments from other users I finally got there. I used smaller fillets but also only applied one at a time. Not sure which change made the difference but the final result was spot on. In a way I'm glad there was a few problems along the way as it all adds to the learning. This is by far the best Fusion tutorial course I have found and I am looking forward to working my way through the rest. Many Many thanks for your time taken to put this all together.

  39. In 2.0.6670 version, I got a warning "Could not create a valid body" – I think this was because parts of the sweep overlapped. Changed the circle diameter down to .75 mm and all is well.

  40. Hi Kevin, I also ran into the sweep problem that everyone else mentioned. I solved it by sketch filleting each angle one at a time. Thanks for the tutorials, on to the next!

  41. I've resolved Sweep problems by making fillet radius slightly smaller than half of lines' lengths (short lines to which fillets are being applied)

  42. Hi Kevin, Another great tutorial! I struggled with the beer bottle, but the paper clip was a breeze. I got the same error message when sweeping and used Neal Hall's solution, which worked perfectly. I'm loving these tutorials and signed up on your Patreon page.

  43. When I go to sweep I get an error saying โ€œthe start direction of a path segment is anti parallel to the end direction of the previous path segmentโ€ … how do you trouble shoot this?


  44. Hello and thank you for these great tutorials. I think I'm running into the same issue as the others. When applying the first 2 Fillets, I receive the following message: "Warning: Constraints and/or dimensions were removed during operation." I then continue following the tutorial by adding the Constraint for the bottom 2 corners and received the same message again. Continuing with the tutorial, I add the Constraint, then the next 2 Fillets. Again, I get the same message. I continue until I get to the Sweep which then gives me the following message," Error: The start direction of a path segment is antiparallel to the end direction of the previous path segment." This appears once I'm in between the bottom 2 Fillet. Here is where I'm at a lost. I'm sure it something simple I'm missing, but would like some help on this one also. Thank you in advance.

  45. Hi, great video!!! I have one small problem, after SweepSelect FaceSelect Path only half of the path is selected, I need to click on the second half manually and it works. Checked on sketch, have only one line. Any idea? Thanks again

  46. A question, why is it that I'm only allowed to put "Horizontal/vertical" constraint on straight edges AFTER I've done the fillet effect to the corners?
    I tried to be "smart" and do it before the fillet effect while having only straight edges, but then I only get an error.
    Currently on version 2.0.7036

  47. i try to do the sweep command just like u did by selecting the origin and path and i get an error that says "the start direction of a path segment is antiparallel to the end direction of the previous path segment

  48. so after clicking C for creating the circle, i didn't get the "select the plane" option so my circle isn't on XZ plane

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