How Titanic Should Have Ended

How Titanic Should Have Ended

Oy! Knock it off, you two!! If you keep making out like that, we’re not
gonna notice if any icebergs get too close! Oh, bollocks! You see what you did?! How Titanic Should Have Ended Ahhh!! Ohhh!! (screaming) Jack, this is where we first met… Woman, we might die from this! I know, I just thought it was ironic or poetically tragic maybe. That guy just pinwheeled to his death. I know that! This is not poetic, this is real Rose. Well, I was trying to make something horrible
and sad feel beautiful. I’m sorry, Jack. You were on a lifeboat and you jumped back
on to a sinking ship!!! Are you insane??? What is your problem? I did it because I want to be with you! We might die from this!! Well I would rather freeze in the icy water
if it means I can’t be with you. That’s really sweet, but something tells me
I would have a better chance of survival if you would have just stayed on the lifeboat
and let me figure out a way to float on my own. Now, I’m gonna have to find some wreckage and
let you float on it or else I’m a huge douchebag. Well don’t go out of your way or anything. We are on the tail of a sinking ship. I’m kind
of stressed out right now!! I don’t think I like this side of you. Well, we did just meet like two days ago. It’s about time we had our first argument. You know what I think? Maybe we should take
some time to apart from one another and cool our heads. Well that should be easy. CAUSE THIS WATER IS GONNA BE FREEZING!!! And that’s what happened. Wow, that is a really interesting and long story. So, um, do you actually know where the diamond
necklace is or not? You mean this necklace? (gasp) She has the necklace… Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to go
throw this over board into the ocean. Haha, throw it overboard, thats funny. Oh no, she is serious! Someone grab her!! Are you for real? Oh my hip… Why, grandma why? Draw me like one of your earth girls, Jack. Ahh!! Ccccould we at least take turns on the raft? Umm, I would rather not… Fine, can I at least have the life vest? But, Jack its keeping me warm. Ugh, I’m gonna go find of my own piece of
debris to float on. I’ll never let go…

100 thoughts on “How Titanic Should Have Ended

  1. Actually in the middle of the movie rose said " you jump, I jump " and jack said " alright " so it should not end like this

  2. This video opened my eyes…..thanks for ruining titanic for me…now Imma stop thirsting over rose

  3. If rose you stayed on the boat rather than jumping on a sinking ship.Jack would have found that piece of boat and survived are you crazy😶😶😶😶😶

  4. Now, 2:47 that's what we call the…..

    Although,this scene were filmed in Heavens… or…….. Pandora.
    Who Cares ???…

  5. Oi. Knock it off you 2 you keep making out like that we are not gonna cnow if there's any iceberg get to close Iceberg hits AHH boliks. You se what you did.

    Died of laughter 🤣🤣😂😂

  6. There was actually a fire in one of the coal bunkers which are separated by one of the main bulk heads. The coal had been smoldering away for weeks until people started smelling the smoke of the fire. And that weakened the bulk head and the outer part of the ship which caused the iceberg to break through the iron easily and caused the Titanic to sink

  7. We're Jack and the other men should have done was take all the doors on the ship. And built some last-minute life rafts

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  9. I watched video in 2015 and now I'm watching it again just because my friend told me about because I'm Batman and how it should have ended

  10. Djier èô nijfier li TIA nue slichti ńi daz zuo mïngue khatz booya khatzgraageuïr!!! Šan mus bimor nœ pasali ta guensa dzsher. Per Kapītin Emerüika gus Hauz Taitanik… Ćusa woerk HISHE! Bui sami.

  11. jack: “can we at least take turns on the raft”
    rose: “i’d rather not”
    jack: “fine” 😂😂😂

  12. She coulda spent 10 minutes on the raft. Then he goes 10minutes on the raft. She said shed never let him go. Then she let him go

    thank you, that is what anybody with logic would say

  14. Sorry but u guys missed hard on this one. The ending should have just been him hopping onto the floating debris with her. No words spoken.

  15. You must do another one but when rose actually goes on a life boat and STAY there whilst Jack go on the reckeg.

  16. Now here’s a conspiracy theory. What if the titanic isn’t the titanic and it’s actually the Olympus. I don’t have the specific evidence but it’s on the internet.

  17. In der Titanic i cried the heck out of me this should be the end of the Titanic that was so funny and that end was like drama one of your Earth girls and then it falls

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