How Thor Ragnarok Should Have Ended

How Thor Ragnarok Should Have Ended

Awe Man! Come on! Aaaagh! I’m just a janitor. You look like a smart
boy. How’d you like a job? Um… sure. Excellent! Then you could start by
grabbing that sword. Right away! It’s kind of the key to this whole thing, so I wouldn’t want to leave it behind to get stolen. Awe poop! Go! Now! Don’t worry everyone! This is just a minor set back. All we need to do is extricate ourselves free from this ginormous spear here. And then we can get back to escaping. For Asgard! Oh no. The ship has perished. It looks like we’re all gonna die here. Sorry everyone. The revolution has ended. Aaagh! Hela! Come on! Mwahahahahaha! It’s over, brother! Your lightening and Led Zeppelin have failed! Hmm? You can’t defeat me! No I can’t. But he can! Uh… I said… But he can! Um… Thor? I’m sorry brother! But you know I can’t be trusted! Son of a… Ice Giant! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! So I left them all, and got the heck out of there! Hahahahaha! And then what happened? And then I defeated all of them! AHHAHAHAHAHAHAH And I took the tesseract! OH SNAP!
AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Finally! I’ll take that thanks! Now… Let’s get this party started. Hey! How you doin? Someone’s lookin… Hela fine! Ugh! You can’t defeat me! No I can’t. But she can! Wow. Those things are ridiculously powerful. Mmm hmm. It’s not possible! Darling, you have no idea what’s possible. Gasp! My hammer! Nooooo! That hammer was just like a hammer to me! Okay you guys were supposed to leave promptly but instead I’m detecting even more interdimensional activity… Who is she? Kneel! This is our evil sister! She broke my hammer! She’s going to destroy Asgard and who knows what else! Okay well we can’t have that can we? I said kneel before your que… She’s going to be falling for a really… REALLY long time. Okay NOW you guys need to leave. But my hammer! And the cafe. *sigh* Okay. Fine. So the Doctor fixed my hammer… our sister is falling in an eternal abyss… I’m gonna be the king of Asgard… And everyone is happy and good! Isn’t that right brother? Yes… Everyone is happy… and … good. hrrmmmm. This is weird. Yeah I’m not comfortable with this. What’s wrong, Batman? Don’t you trust that I’m a good guy now? Nobody in their right mind would trust you. Why? Because I’m Batma…OH Sorry. force of habit. Because you’re… Loki. My dear, Batman. Do you think I’m going to get people’s hopes up? And ultimately let them down when the time comes? Yes. What do I look like? The Justice League? Mwahahahahaha! Zing! You’re so mean. Permission to punch your brother in the face? Uh… Denied. I’m joking! It’s a friendly joke! You like jokers. Right Batman? This is all wrong! He’s not supposed to be here! Yeah can I just turn back time and make things back to normal? What do you mean? Everything is back to normal? My brother and I are together again… I have my hammer… I have my hair… I don’t have a girlfriend currently, but that’s not even a problem for me. Everything IS back to normal. Except..uh…well… Except what? Except Father? Except Hulk is still missing. Oh! I forgot. Banner. I’m not sad. I wonder where he is. Don’t worry! Hulk fine! Ahaa! Yes you are! I just can’t get enough of this. Maybe it’s because I’m so… Thorsty! HAHAHAHAHA! Awe.

100 thoughts on “How Thor Ragnarok Should Have Ended

  1. Odin: are you, Thor, god of hammers?
    thor with mjolnir and stormbraker
    Odin: don’t make me come down there you punk

  2. There's also one more posibility: Hera (Bad sister) get her power from Asgard. But Asgard is not the place; the people are Asgard. So if this people get away from her with the space shuttle, Hera will lose parts of her power and can (maybe) defeaded by Loki and Thor.

    I'm sorry about my bad English, but I am not a nativ speaker.

  3. There are so many loopholes in this. Couldn't Heimdall see that Hela was coming or Thanos was coming ?
    BTW they should have kept Hela alive to fight Thanos

  4. This is how it really should've ended
    Hela: Tell me brother, what were you the God of again?
    Thor: I am…….rune king Thoooor….
    Hela: Noooooo…..
    Background music starts

  5. Hi auditor here my job is to judge stuff and my reaction to HISHE videos is. I love the idea of how something could have ended a lot of their videos are very well made. However not all are as good. Some done by fans are confusing and just plain silly. But all in all it is a great idea so keep it up.


  7. 2:57 I don't know why but this line reminds me of Pewdiepie
    Did HIShE predicted Felix's Minecraft series?

    He was like a Father to me. I loved him like my son

  8. I would have really, I mean REALLY love to see Thanos coming to Asgard a week earlier and try to flex his mad titan powers on Hela. I suspect that she would not be impressed.

  9. Thor:ahhhhh my hammer my hammer is like a hammer to me 😥.
    2019 PewDiePie: Water Sheep was like a father to me.
    Me: I think they are the same.

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