100 thoughts on “How This Guy Traded A Paperclip For A House

  1. There is a fairytale in Japan, which tells about a poor young man who trades a straw for a manor called わらしべ長者(Straw Millionaire), and this is like the netflix adaptation of the fairytale

  2. I mean I used to be able to get like 7 EX pokemon cards for like 1 of the many shitty duplicate card I had…. does that count?…

  3. What a CHARLATAN. Just the travelling he did cost as much as the house, and it took him a whole year to do it. Isn't it easier to just buy and sell one thing you really know, like coins or cars?

  4. The most successful trade i did was trading my little sister with my chips that were only few left with her that was half way

  5. My economics class is doing this! So far I've traded this:


    Paper Clip
    LED Balloon Halloween decoration
    Packet of sticky notes
    Adult coloring book

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