How This Dentist Crafts $80,000 Veneers For Celebrities

How This Dentist Crafts $80,000 Veneers For Celebrities

This is Michael Apa. He spends most of his days
flying between New York City and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. He works on the smiles
of Hollywood actors, reality-TV stars, fashion
models, and even royals. He’s most sought-after for his
boutique porcelain veneers, which cost clients $4,000 a tooth and up to $80,000 for a
full smile reconstruction. So how did Apa become the world’s
leading celebrity dentist, and what makes his
signature veneers so pricey? Michael Apa: So, when I first
started in cosmetic dentistry, one thing that was being taught was something called smile design, which was a golden proportion of the mouth and tooth form to create an ideal smile. And I think that’s where the term “chicklets” and such came from, is because everybody kind of had this cookie-cutter, perfect smile. Narrator: According to Apa,
what makes a perfect smile is actually, well, an imperfect one. Embracing the imperfections is key to Apa’s signature method, called Facial Aesthetic Design. Here, he’s using Facial Aesthetic Design to create a straighter,
more confident smile for his client Andrea. Andrea Ahern: I find that my
teeth are a little uneven, they kind of slant this way, and I don’t like my gumline, and they’re uneven underneath. Apa: Maybe four veneers on
top, four veneers on bottom. And we would be able to
straighten the teeth out, and we would also be able to use a laser where we would reshape some of the gum so that you wouldn’t see as much to make it more proportional to the rest of your teeth and your smile. Narrator: The method uses a client’s unique facial features to determine their most flattering smile. This personalized way
of designing the smiles means no two are the same and is just the first reason
why they’re so pricey. After the number and shape
of veneers are decided and the client undergoes
any preliminary dental work, like fillings or gum reshaping, Apa takes a mold of the client’s teeth. The mold will be used to create
a set of temporary inserts for the client to
test-drive their new look. Andrea: That is insane. Apa: Looks like big fake teeth, right? [Andrea laughs] Andrea: That’s amazing. Narrator: Once a client
is happy with the results, their smile moves into the
hands of Apa’s in-house team of master ceramicists. Having an in-house team
at this skill level gives Apa full control
over how each smile is made and is probably the biggest contributor to the teeth’s price tag. Apa: When you talk about this process, it’s almost like we’re
creating individual jewelry for the teeth, and that is the
level at which it’s crafted. Narrator: The ceramicists shape the teeth out of a special blend of porcelain, applying it carefully layer by layer with attention to pigment. Apa: The interesting
part about white teeth: There’s really no such thing as white. It’s all a matter of value and opacity. Narrator: While bright-white veneers may have four to five shades, Apa’s teeth use 17 to 20
different shades and opacities. The deepest pigments are layered toward the base of the gum,
becoming gradually lighter and more translucent toward the tip. The overall effect so
closely mimics natural teeth that, when inserted, there’d be no reason for the average person
to believe the teeth are anything other than real. The custom teeth are typically
ready in under a week, but those from out of town can get a new smile in
as little as 24 hours. The convenience is a major plus for his high-profile clients
with jet-setting schedules. The bespoke level at which
Apa’s veneers are designed isn’t the only reason
they’re so expensive. It also comes down to the method in which they’re actually inserted. At any other dentist’s office, Apa says a client can expect to set aside an entire day for an insert. But here, it’s in and
out in under two hours. Part of what makes Apa’s process so quick is what he calls a
minimally invasive approach. Apa: So, when we talk about being minimally invasive
in someone’s mouth, it means cutting away as
little tooth as possible and saving as much
healthy tooth as possible. That in turn is what makes
the veneers last longer. So, the less invasive
you are in the mouth, the stronger the bond of the
porcelain to the natural tooth. Narrator: This minimally invasive method is supposed to cause less
pain and discomfort, too. Apa: I’m gonna lip-assist you, because you’re really numb. Smile. And now you can pull it up. Andrea: Oh, my God. Apa: Right? Andrea: Oh, my God! Narrator: With proper care, clients can expect their
designer smiles to last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. Andrea: I feel extremely
confident with my teeth now. I’m smiling more in pictures, I just seem to be opening
my mouth a lot more and not closing my lips. It’s just life-changing.

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  1. So, this is what Cardi B means when she said “ I got a bag and fixed my teeth, hope you hoes know that ain’t cheap ?” 🤷🏽‍♀️ 👌🏽

  2. Why is everybody in the comments calling him greedy. When it comes down to it, this is basic American consumerism. We pay more for certain things based on the brand, which comes down to quality, reputation, notoriety, etc. This is no different

  3. *Celebrity walks in*

    Doctor: "Hey did you see the last patient? here’s his teeths now lets put it in your mouth…"

  4. We literally do the same thing in IRAQ for 250$/tooth ! I don know about other countries but i think most dentists and technicians nowadays do the same thing with the same exact quality for a reasonable price . This is just scamming!

  5. he only charges this much because his company is well known and because celebrities come to him. there’s no way that everything he uses to make his veneers cost 80k, even the time put into making them wouldn’t make it cost that much. but it’s celebrities so who cares ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  6. I wish dental care was a little more affordable.. (I know what they do is worth the price) but.. I can’t wait until I have enough money to get my teeth done!!

  7. To be honest yeah she looks better at the end but not 80k better, I feel like any decent dental place doing cosmetics would give about the same result. My teeth had a much bigger transition with a space in front and two baby teeth that didn’t grow on either side of them needing vaneers and I believe my parents paid like 2k for vaneers. I dunno how much braces were, not much. Her issues was mostly the gums.

  8. His work is good but it's easy to find similarly great dentists that do the same thing but for cheaper. It doesn't have to be that expensive to look perfect. I've seen several gorgeous veneers

  9. He is robbing patients, all veneers are minimally invasive which is what differs them from crowns. Here in the uk there is no such term as ‘aesthetic dentist’ which seems to be the specialist title he is giving himself’ which will land you in hot water here because you’re misleading patients into thinking you’re a specialist. We have restorative dentists and prosthodontists which are recognised specialists and they told me than the perfect smile is definitely not to do with ‘embracing the imperfection’ which was outlined in the video but rather it’s all about symmetry, the slight angle of teeth towards the midline, the gum margins being slightly shifted to the corner of the mouth, the golden proportion, curvature of teeth follows the lower lip and of course the shade. But hey it’s making him money so if I were him I’d milk it too

  10. I dont like veneers because sometimes it looks so fake looks like plastic i can really tell when someone's teeth is just veneers but if it looks so natura i would probably have it!

  11. All these peasants complaining about good ole capitalism. If you can not afford better dental care go find a better job or create a business were you could buy better care. If not….I suggest Mexico or Canada.

  12. Her teeth didn't need vaneer. She could just get her real teeth fixed with 80k or less. Alignment and some fillings that's all. Oh wait, she is rich and wants to waste money on these stupid things.

  13. Go to Europe and have the same quality and perfection for 1500$/tooth. Those dentists who charge 4000$ are just using hype and money of the wealthy but not very smart people.

  14. It’s sad that us human beings are so ashamed of our teeth that we actually pay $80,000 to get “perfect” teeth. I think that us humans who have enough common sense to know that that costs WAYYYY too much will know that our teeth are beautiful as they are and you dont need to change them.

  15. this is kinda satisfying but they better brush their teeth tho or maybe use tooth braces, ik being a celebrity must be hard bc the beauty competition these days

  16. Im really curious, so when they brushing their teeth, actually they brush the fake teeth or do they have to take it out first?

  17. The AFTER was not that great… Teeth was not really white…seems natural but if you gonna have fake teeth then might as well get it whiter instead of a natural white that will eventually get stained

  18. For the people complaining about the price.

    Nike is brand name, Prada is a brand name, Apa Asthetics is a brand name in process. That's what he's trying to do and the reason why his veneers specifically will cost you 4000 dollars per tooth. If you don't have a mind of a businessman then please don't complain about the others who do have it.

  19. I think her teeth were okay, before the procedure. This stuff makes sense if you're a celebrity. But for us mere mortals, the hefty price tag is unjustifiable.

  20. My nephew is young dentist very clever doing more than this and not charging that much not even eight thousands never heard may be it is made with diamond

  21. They're being fooled, veneers don't cost that much even if he used the best available materials. Only implants cost that much because it involves more difficult procedures let alone the materials, plus they last lifetime with good care

  22. Only 15 to 20 years? This is meant for millionaires obviously. That’s 3 to 4 sets of veneers in a lifetime. At $80,000 per set that’s approximately $320,000 plus inflation at about 2% per year. At minimum your mouths lifetime cost would be $500,000 to $700,000. No thanks.

  23. I’m a dentist and this video is bull shit. Apa doesn’t do ANYTHING special or different from every other cosmetic dentist…. there is nothing special here. Your local dentist in your town is doing this exactly the same way.

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