How Things Were Named 2 – Merrell Twins

How Things Were Named 2 – Merrell Twins

Hey guys, I’m Veronica I’m Vanessa. Have you ever wondered how things are named for example, like the article of clothes you wear? Disney Princesses or food or how this is called hair! Princesses or food, or how this is called hair! uwu Anyway, we need a part one to this so you guys can check that out And this is part two. So of how things were named. Yes So before we get into the video, make sure to subscribe to your channel If you are new we post videos Every single Tuesday so you can turn on that belt button to get notified when we post a new video We also do live streams on our maritornes live channel on Tuesdays and Thursdays to go check that out Stay updated with our Twitter’s to see what times we go live Yeah, those live streams are fun because we get to interact with you guys live. Are you ready? give this video a thumbs up and let us know if You want to know? How other things were named Play the video Okay, so we did an amazing job naming all the websites, but now they want to say them all the streaming services streaming services What happened to good old fashioned rental places like Hollywood video? they went out of business because they had a terrible small name like Hollywood video see yeah that name just sounds Miniature if they had hired us we would have given them a big a gigantic name I named that sad enormous name that said humongous a name that said blockbuster But they didn’t hire us Well, it’s their loss. Anyway, this streaming service makes you pay for a premium account and on top of that They’re still going to make you watch four to five ads during each episode Um what so you pay a monthly fee and you still gotta watch ads maybe yeah, Mary Don’t you guys ever knock before walking in door was open and we just wanted to say that was unfair Well, yes from a consumer standpoint, but from a business standpoint. It’s genius exactly because in this business there are those who win and there are those who lose Like we were saying in this business it’s not about how Enchanted you are how much of a damsel in distress you may be or how much magic you may possess if you want Disney to? Make a movie about you. So you can find your prince charming or better yet become famous and make millions like our previous clients It’s all about the name no one cares about your epic journey All they care about is how cool your name is which is why you hired us So why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself so we can make you the next Disney princess star? Well, I’m a princess and I have a pet tiger. Oh We have a dog. His name is Tiger. Oh I used to have dogs, but my pet tiger got jealous Anyway, my dad is the king of Agra bar and I can never leave the palace walls like ever because he has so many rules And I’m supposed to marry this prince and I’m not like that. I’m not bougie like him I’m a ratchet Like my favourite Club is Arabian Nights in the city But I have to sneak out to get in and he wants me to date this guy his advisor and he’s super old and he talks to his parrot and I Don’t want to marry him. I want to find someone real Like a street man. Wow, that’s intense. I can’t imagine not being able to leave my house. Yeah, that’s not nice. That’s just mean Jasmine So this streaming service it doesn’t have ads, but it will ask you if you’re still watching every few episodes When you clearly still are well, that’s annoying Um, why wouldn’t I be watching you think I’m only gonna watch three episodes of stranger things and that’s it, man You so get me Why are you guys still here we just wanted to show you what we’ve been working on All right. Well get on with it. Look what I made Weird flex but okay more like wire flex. Oh Now that’s a nice flex more like net flex Netflix What do you mean you want ours? Okay. Well, let me explain I hang out with the rock The rock like Dwayne the rock Johnson. Yeah That’s awesome, huh? No, it’s not. He’s got like the best super powers and it’s so annoying He’s like a demigod and he can shape-shift into any animal that he wants and everyone’s always staring at him and they want him to shape-shift into Monkeys or French bulldogs and it’s just like whatever So what I’m the one who saved the day, you didn’t stop that mountain lava lady. It was me Okay, calm down Powers aren’t everything. Yeah, that’s right take for example some of our newest client Elsa and Anna Yeah for example Elsa has powers Princess Anna does it but I also lost control of her powers and then everyone in the city hated her for bit Really? Yeah, not all of our clients have powers and everyone still loves them Wow. I guess I gotta think differently Jack girl think less Elsa in Moana Moana so this streaming service comes from a cable company called Okay, ah they’re clearly just trying to compete with everyone else let’s think yeah, let’s think man What are you two still doing here don’t you have like papers to file? Um, well Geoffrey wanted to ask you guys something Get on with it. Geoffrey was wondering if I can go home early Why would you need to leave early? Well, I haven’t showered and it’s starting to affect Geoffrey’s ability to focus. Oh Um, yeah, it’s affecting me too I’ve got an itch Bo go HBO go Look oh what’s that for? I’m bored. And it’s your fault for messing up the appointment time So it’s your responsibility to keep me entertained like stop flicking me fine. I’ll find another way to annoy you. Oh My gosh, I’m so sorry. I’m late. I was just around the riverbed and I had to walk here They don’t allow horses in LA. Wait, you don’t have a car? Oh No, I can’t really afford it. Oh We can help you with that if we sign you so tell us about yourself well I love nature and my grandma is a willow tree and I have this thing called synesthesia where I can see Colors and I can see colors of the wind Wait a second We have to sign her now. I heard James Cameron is looking for someone who can see colors for his next film This will be big-oh. Let’s do it You’re hired Really? Yeah, but first you need to pick out a car, here’s a list of the brand’s we represent So let’s pick one up finish. Stop flicking me. That was a pinch. Okay. We’ll stop pinching me. Well, how about this both? Ah, I miss Oka hon does Boca Oh Pocahontas Oh Cassie was kind of a stretch but Okay. Okay. So this streaming service used to sell books But then realized selling other things would probably be better business sounds about right Jeffrey you’re in high school Man mom. Oh my god. Do you remember? Homecoming. Oh my gosh. Yeah. It was horrible my dress rips in half and yours caught on fire Yeah, there’s no way we’re going to relive homecoming. Sorry Jeffrey. Come on. Oh mama Formal, I did so hard that night. I pushed both of our dates into the chocolate pudding yeah, and John still hasn’t talked to me since No, thanks. Oh, but yeah, well, we still got to hang out with our high school best friend only. Oh I miss on prom I Miss and prom. I miss it Oh Amazon Prime Wow, these are getting worse Thanks for squeezing me in during your lunch. I know you two are very busy We’ve had so many meetings today. I hope you don’t mind if we eat while we figure this out. Oh, go ahead Can I have a bite? um Okay Okay, tell us about yourself I Got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty Okay, those are things you own. What about who you are? I’m a redhead I love to dance and walk on my own too. Um What do you call them? feet feet All right You’re gonna have to help us out here. I mean give us some more my grandpa was decided my best friends are a crab in a fish and Octopus lady is really mean to me and I can see I’ve got nothing I give up. Oh My gosh, you’re such a messy eater you made a mess. I mean look at my area and then look at your area Oh Ariel Hey Oh Ariel. Come on, really guys Ariel. Thank you guys so much Sorry, I’m late I had to clean up after my stepsister’s they’re so messy I can relate I’m always cleaning up after my sister. If I didn’t clean up after her. I swear we’d be covered in ice But that’s a good thing. All my friends are mice Uh-huh So what makes you stand out? Why would a prince search an entire town for you? well, I think I’d make a great girlfriend a bay a bippity-boppity-boo Well, we’ve got a lot of work to do Yeah, I’m stumped and we actually have another appointment coming in soon And since you came in so late, can we just reschedule for sometime next week? Yeah, I’m free Um, well actually my car turned into a pumpkin. Can I please get right home? Pumpkin, okay Sure. Yeah, we’ll just get one of the interns to take you home. Do you know which one isn’t busy? um, I have well Michaels running an errand and Jamie called in sick but I think elif’s free. Okay. Yeah, we’ll just send her Ella Cinderella, see that was good. I liked that one pretty good. And that was how things renamed part two Hope you guys enjoyed it Thank you to our friend David for helping us out with this sketch and for being the voice in the video Yes, go check out his channel in description below subscribe to him also subscribe to us yes and comment down below if you want to know how other things were named and Thanks for watching. If you like this video give it a thumbs up subscribe to our channel by clicking this button right here Click it I promise it works click grab to our other channel, which is the live streaming channel by clicking this circle button right here Click that to at war check out the other how things were named right here and then another random video It was nice next time. Bye

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  1. This is random, but for Pocahontas, this could’ve been the seen

    (Verronia hits vanessa)
    Vanessa-Hey, don’t do that!
    Veronica – (slaps vanessa)
    Vanessa- Stop it!
    Veronica- okay, but I’ll find a way to bug you again later

    (Roni and nessa talk to the princess about getting a job and stuff)

    Veronica- (pokes Vanessa)
    Vanessa-HEY STOP IT! Instead, poke-on-this!

    (GASP) Pocahontas! 😂

  2. 2:29
    Bruno Mars was actually named
    After Bruno samartino .. and since he wanted his name to be bigger than his music .. he added mars

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    WoW mOm I cAn SeE cOlOrS
    Also I have synesthesia myself. I give number and letters personalities, genders, and colors

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