How The Hobbit Should Have Ended

How The Hobbit Should Have Ended

Can I help you? I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure. Adventure? Yes, a 48 frames per second 3D adventure. Filled with stone giants, bickering trolls, and goblin kings with scrotum beards. (cough) I’m sorry, did you say scrotum beards? SCROTUM BEARDS!!! How The Hobbit Should Have Ended 11, 12, that makes 13. Where is Bilbo? He left us! We will not be seeing our Hobbit again! He is long gone! No he isn’t! Here I am! Oh! Well… this is… awkward. How on earth did you get passed the gobblins? Oh well, you know. No big deal really. I just… slipped right past. Yes well, What was that? What? What was What? What was THAT! What? Nothing! I didn’t do anything. You put something in your pocket just now. Whaaaaat? Nooooo. I didn’t. Bilbo, I have a very bad feeling about this. Now tell me what is in your pocket! It’s funny that same question got me out of a jam earlier. Oh! I don’t believe this. Come with me! Ah! Alright! Where are you going? To find a butterfly! Don’t worry about it! But what if someone attacks us while you’re gone? Then climb a tree! I don’t know. I’ll save you at the last second. We’ll be right back! Well that was odd. You have an axe coming out of your face! Do you know that? Why don’t we travel this way all of the time?! (bird squawk) Cast it into the fire! No! Yes! NO! You cast that ring into the fire this very instant! I don’t want to! Bilbo if you do not throw that ring into the fire I’ll be forced to cast you in with it! Now, DO IT! But it makes me invisible! I LOVE IT! One! It’s mine! Two! No! You can’t make me do it! Threeeeee! The precious!!!! What the? (laughing) huh? (kaboom) There. It is done. *sigh* I sure hope we will not need that ring later. The dragon lives! Run for your life! Oh! Thanks a lot, Gandalf! (RAWR) It’s now over Click subscribe Thank you for watching… share, and like. Watch more videos… comment below… but please becareful don’t feed the trolls.

100 thoughts on “How The Hobbit Should Have Ended

  1. Now I know it's a parody but this would have made Frodo Baggins life alot easier(except of course Bilbo was killed by the dragon without it) and also he would'nt have had to leave the Shire.

  2. But Gandalf wanted the dwarves to get back Erebor to get a strategic advantage on Sauron. So they wouldn't need to win it back after destroying the ring 😛

  3. When they say BILBO it sound like sexs toy. And the smoug look totally diferent, ow wait he didnt show up in the first movie.

  4. Never thought about it.. all this time bilbo had ring.. Gandalf knows in end he had magic ring… he could have set him upon quest to mount doom long ago. Bilbo cenrtainly has more will power then Frodo… Frodo starts to go crazy just after a year with the ring… bilbo had it for 60 yrs and still let it go quite easy in the fellowship. Bilbo should have taken ring to mount doom.. not the Frodo the weisel.

  5. I like hishe its my favorate i want them to make more hishe dubs and hero swaps like infinity war dubs and swapping deadpool into some serious movies

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  7. Now that is a way to ask to like share and subscribe. Just because i approve and you guys nailed it, i will do what you ask of me.

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    In case you needed lyrics 😉

  9. Gandalf: "I'm looking for someone to share in an adventure."
    Harry Potter; "Sure. Just let me grab my wand and Invisibility Cloak. Anything is better than staying with Dursleys."

  10. 2:39 Hishe, you changed that dragon since I last watched this video a year ago. What is it a reference to?

  11. I wonder if it would mess up the story if Bilbo was the one to cast the ring into mount doom instead of Frodo I wonder how it would've turned out.

  12. 02:33 Why isn't Gandalf present during this scene because he wouldn't have to go to Dol Guldur to investigate this "Necromancer" due to Sauron being kind of dead.

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