How The Dark Knight Rises Should Have Ended – Bonus Scene

How The Dark Knight Rises Should Have Ended – Bonus Scene

Gotham is yours… none shall interfere. Do what you please. We can- We can do whatever we
want? Of course! Can we take the bomb your holding us hostage with and send it 6 miles out on a boat? Nooo! You can do anything but that. Can we know who has the trigger? No. Can we fix all bridges you blew up? Can we have our cops back? No, you are all still my hostages. I’m just giving you back your city. And letting out all these criminals… It’s a great plan! Trust me, you will thank me for this. Are you gonna blow up the city or not? Of course I am. Well what does letting out a bunch of
angry inmates accomplish? It’s– we’re taking back the city. Gotham.. We’ll survive! So you’re not going to blow us up? No, listen. You guys are the ones that
will make me blow it up. Ok, you’re kind of ruining my speech here. Well you said do as you please but you won’t let us get rid of the bomb. Instead you want us to let out a bunch of
angry criminals when there’s no cops around. I’m starting to think this guy
doesn’t have our best interest in mind here. Do you even live in this city? You guys.. the letter from the Commissioner. How do we even know he wrote that? Where’s the proof? You guys really don’t trust me. You killed the mayor! Well then what’s it going to take, huh? Getting rid of this bomb? Will that make you happy? Yeah that sounds good. Ok fine. We’ll get rid of the bomb. Alright fellas, radio the trucks. We are moving the bomb. Woo I’m glad he’s reasonable. That worked out pretty good I guess… Ok Ok Ok.. I can’t keep it up, I’m sorry. I was just kidding. No the bomb stays. Ahhhh! Whatever!

100 thoughts on “How The Dark Knight Rises Should Have Ended – Bonus Scene

  1. I'll show this video to anyone who thought Bane's actions were justified. (Yep, there are some people who actually defended him as a character. Sheesh…)

  2. This is great video, THANK YOU HISHE At the end Bane:"Ok. Ok I was just kidding the bomb stays here." The People: "You suck dude!!" That was great!!!

  3. This was awesome but I was still hoping to hear "I'm Batman" in the end, from batman. Batman is life.

  4. I mean, why didn't the countrie's army invade Gotham since they are technically rebelling against the country. That's like people having a revolution in New York, and trying to make it autonomous and the US government not using its vast army to take the city back.

  5. "YOU KILLED THE MAYOR"- did the mayor do ANYTHING in that movie but go on TV, to Lobe's funeral, Harvey Dent's memorial/funeral and a football (or rugby if you're also British) match?! He was useless and relaxed and burnt to a crisp now days!

  6. This was so brilliantly scripted I laugh every time I watch it and marvel at the level intelligence and levity that went into this video so good 😊

  7. Is it possible to make a HISHE with just bane fighting batman please? I love bane and would be interested in seeing your bane and batman versions facing off and as a fan of dr who too, having a dalek in there would be cool! Just a suggestion! 🙂

  8. Civilian: why did you change your mind.
    Bane: becuause you think darkness is you ally i was born in it moulded by it i by the time i saw the light i was a man and it was only blinding

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