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  1. Tofu stuffed with lard 🙂 I've learned something new and at the same time you made me laught. You are the best doctor Greger, thank you.

  2. Isn't what he is saying wrong though?

    The comparisons of the amount of saturated fat is compared to percentage of overall fat. Overall fat is 36 grams in the CHEESE group and 50% of that is 18 grams of saturated fat wheres in the CARB group the total fat is 23 grams making the total saturated fat 11.5 grams. That does mean there's almost 50% more saturated fat in the CHEESE diet.

  3. These people should be held accountable one day. Fundamentally, they are mass murderers. They are inducing millions of people to kill themselves with lies.
    If you think about it very seriously, this is not a joke at all. Deliberate manipulation and lies. And millions die.

  4. This is such an invaluable sense check for people who just hear the headlines. I've heard my parents say things like, "cheese is OK now, apparently" after watching the news and they're both intelligent, educated people. Thanks so much for the work you're doing.

  5. Unbelievable! Those rat bastards! Meanwhile the misery of heart attacks,strokes and obesity affects loved ones everywhere.

  6. Lets say milk didn't raise cholestrol, I still wouldn't drink it because the plant based alternatives are tastier :/ Why would I drink the white stuff from sickly cows when I can just get dome blended almonds and water? One sounds way less nasty then the other. I'm pretty sure that regular people even prefer almond milk over cows milk.

  7. Hello Dr Greger!
    I know you are a busy man but maybe you find some some and help us all with this.Can you please check the following video
    And let us know, what they are doing wrong, cause clearly they are doing something plain wrong.And why most of vegans are a LOT less muscular than normal?Some video would be really welcome.Thank you

  8. It almost feels like a conspiracy theory. Like, we literally don't need and shouldn't want dairy. And yet, it just feels like an accepted core standard of our diet.

  9. I wouldn't be surprised if the palm oil they added to Daiya was partially hydrogenated or at least refined or something. Just what they need to get the desired results.

  10. This is so depressing. People who read just the title of an article would use articles like those as arguments that meat is healthy? How can designing a study like this at all be considered ethical? How are these articles getting published?

  11. i know this is hard to believe but
    soy is worse than beef
    yes beef will give u butt cancer and heart attackerino in the longterm, but ull feel solid
    soy products will not do that but ull feel like shit on it, and who can digest that crap anyways…..all the farting like wuuuut
    "ur microbiome will get used to it most likely, only 3% of ppl will experience bloating/farting from soy" no, thats vegan propaganda; i bet its like 25%

  12. It’s crazy to me that there are so many confounding factors in all these studies… which greatly reduces the internal validity of the studies. Who peer reviewed them?! How were they accepted into journals?!

  13. Greger is definitely great but we can’t forget that his staff is also playing a big role in making these videos so don’t forget about them!

  14. Never ceases to amaze me about the idiocy of the editors of these top journals where such studies are published…

  15. More videos like these!!! It's easy to find a study to support your point of view, vegan or omnivore. But knowing what to look for is much more difficult. Dr. Greger, please share your wisdom in debunking or critically challenging these studies. It's vital

  16. Whenever I talk to people about it they all say the same thing..
    "It's okay in Moderation…"

    So I say… "heroin in moderation? Cocaine too? How about cyanide or arsenic?"

    You can see where this is going.. instantly they cry foul.. now fowl..

  17. The whole purpose of science was to shed light on things, to find the truth. It's been pretty good at doing this for some time, but now we're seeing a new trend that capitalizes on the trust we have built, and purposefully attempts to deceive us. I'd have to characterize these folks as shitheads.

  18. I think enemy #1 is processed foods meat and dairy same thing processed non grass fed is bad. People have had dairy for years . So i dunno lol

  19. Thank you Dr. Greger for putting this, and so much more, information out into the world. This enables me (and so many others), to do more research, and to make more informed decisions for my (our) health. You are a real life super hero.

  20. This is the kind of misleading research that gets all the headlines in the popular media (i.e. local and national TV news, pop culture magazines). The fight for truth must never waiver in the age of lies and misinformation. Thanks Dr. Greger!!!

  21. Wow, this smells as bad as the tabacco funded studies.
    Surely there exists a mechanism to reduce this dishonest corruption.

    This reminds me of this film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8ii9zGFDtc&app=desktop

  22. What really bothers me is the fact that they could care less about literally killing people by pushing such garbage. I find it hard to believe that money matters so much to some people that they're willing to go to such ends to deceive people and protect their profits. I just can't relate to that in any way.

  23. Saturated fat does not cause heart disease. Cholesterol is NOT a risk factor for heart disease. 25% of the total body's cholesterol is found in the brain. 75% of the brain's white matter is made of cholesterol. The cholesterol hypothesis is a HOAX and a myth. Read about it and learn how to prevent mind illness…

  24. "…in which protein was isocalorically replaced by carbohydrates and lean meat (CARB)." More like MEAT COCONUT CARB, honestly. Because anyone who's watched your previous videos knows that modern "lean meat" from factory farmed animals has 10 times as much fat as it did 40 years ago. Chicken has as much saturated fat as beef. What were they doing, hunting elk? Seriously flawed study. And cookies and coconut oil?….smh…. 🙄 Also, if "sweetened biscuits" are cookies, there was likely eggs and butter in them. At the very least, hydrogenated oils, and there you have your saturated fat again. AND if you look at the graph at 2:23 you can see the footnote says that the "carb" group was eating eggs and a LOT more chocolate (which also has saturated fat.) (lol wth is "diet fruit"? 😂)

  25. Doc I would REALLY like for you to explain why most research shows that higher levels of total cholesterol and LDL do NOT lead to higher “All cause mortality” rates. YES these higher cholesterol levels do increase heart attacks BUT not all cause mortality.
    I’ve looked at a LOT of research on Pubmed and consistently the research on total cholesterol and LDL versus all cause mortality shows that the relationship is “U” shaped NOT linear. So low levels of LDL are as bad or worse than high levels of LDL for all cause mortality. And by low LDL they mean anything below 115. Here is just 1 such study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25605681
    All these studies are not compromised by the meat & dairy industry. So what gives??? 
    I am on a low fat whole food Vegan diet myself, but I'm beginning to think that maybe we/you should not use changes in levels of cholesterol to determine if a particular diet or individual food is good or bad for us. Perhaps the only standard to look at is all cause mortality? Thanks

  26. I think i've worked out why i've come across many talking and trying to trash Greger, its simple really….. he's got an awesome research team and knowledge and he's calling them out and putting it right out there, exposing what needs to be uncovered, I love the one he did on " Dr " gundy I wish he would do more like this with fella so called " doctors " I still want to give gundys book a read so I can just laugh my arse off.

  27. Just WHAT the hay! These aren't even studies! People should understand the myriad ways that these industries stay viable only through lies, deceit, thievery, mass tourture and mass environmental degradation all leading to a massive health crisis costing billions in useless treatments and precious time that could be spent being HEALTHY. But bacon tho! Oh the humanity!

  28. I make vegan cheese sauce out of carrots, potatoes and some spices and it tastes pretty damn good. Not exactly like cheese, but cheesy, and you can easily spice it for like nacho cheesy. It takes 15 minutes to whip up and it's way cheaper than actual cheese, and instead of giving me a heart attack it's actually 100% healthy.

  29. Lol, ultimately watching news about dairy/meat industries is so funny, they became so ridiculous that I cant watch it without laughing )

  30. The sheer desperation some fake scientists must feel, to make studies like those. The studies should be labeled at quackery, so that the media can't brag about this new study showing how good meat og diary is…

  31. Thank you for revealing the truth to thousands of people 🙏 Those industries condemn the whole planet just to make short term profit..

  32. Most of us would not search to read the study design, and even if so find it hard to understand – laypeople that we are.
    Both awesome and necessary to have your team to disclose this professionally.

  33. These kinds of videos are why I love Dr. Greger! Giving the industry funded studies the well deserved smack down!

  34. Dirty dirty dirty practices by dairy. No surprise as their products are dirty in every way. You're not a baby cow bro.

  35. I have been sent this link suggesting cheese consumption extends lifespan. I am suspicious of the data but unable to untangle the stats or discover who has funded this research without purchasing the study articles published in The Lancet and American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Can any one at Nutritionfacts.org help? 

  36. A critical response to the video (an explanational response would be very much appreciated):

    Dr. Greger criticises that the study accomplished their goals (of showing no raise in LDL Cholesterol in CHEESE and MEAT diets) by having the three diets consist of the same amount of SFA in the nutritional composition.
    The paper published by Thorning et al. describing the study is not hiding this fact, as suggested by Dr. Greger's video. It says: "Despite the lower fat content of the CARB diet, it was planned to have the same distribution of SFAs, MUFAs, and PUFAs as in the CHEESE diet."
    In my opinion the same percentage of SFAs in the study's diets is required in order to show the impact of SFAs in a CHEESE, MEAT or CARB diet on blood lipids and lipoproteins (which was the study's goal, after all). If the amount of SFAs would have been different in the diets, you couldn't be able to compare the three of them in this regard.
    Nevertheless, I agree that the study's authors failed to emphasize the fact that this doesn't mean that cheese and meat diets don't raise LDL cholesterol IN GENERAL, but (for example) ONLY, if the amount of SFAs is the same as it would be in a high-carb, low-fat diet. Also, their conclusion that "diets with cheese and meat as primary sources of SFAs… appear to be less atherogenic than is a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet" can be misleading, and I suspect that this phrasing was chosen to benefit the meat and dairy industries' interests.

  37. Animal agriculture industries are despratlety clambering for a foot hold as the vegan avalanche sweeps them away. Look out for the paid puppets within the vegan movement as this is another tactic that is being used to steer people away for ditching animal products

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