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  1. The autocrats in Beijing are so over-the-top crazy and control freaks that this paper making process is probably illegal, lord knows that this website is BANNED along with many, many others

  2. I ♥ paper! Mulberry with fibers is some of the greatest ever for painting and supporting cannabis farmers in China is as easy as ordering a sheet of landscape paper.

  3. One of the cool things that the Tales scholar hinted at, but didn't fully explore, is rare book replication.
    I worked at a museum that had an extensive paleontology exhibit, and we would explain to a lot of patrons that many of the fossils were replicas because the original fossils were too rare to be on display.
    Now imagine if this were applied to books? Anyone could buy Sir Newton's Mathematica, each school had copies of Shakespeare's original works, ect.
    That would create a demand for papermakers, caligraphers, bookbinders, and all those out-of-work BA's making versions that explain older books (like the half page Shakespeare books) and at the same time, do it by cherishing our heritage.

    (Plus, they might figure out how to replicate old book smell….)

  4. Chris….I love your Journey To The East  episode! Love learning about another ancient lost art. Keep 'em coming!

  5. Did you know you can make paper from animal poo as well… I think camel/ elephant/ horse poo. In fact I believe traditional way of making paper is the only sustainable method and will come back maybe even beat the e-books…

  6. When told, "The agreement is not worth the paper it's written on", one wonders if perhaps cheap paper makes for cheap agreements…

  7. I hope youtube could add a feature to hide comments from certain users. I hope I can block XX moon's comments, which are annoying.

  8. "In Chinese, it's called Go(or Gou)". No, it's not, it's called Jiao, or something else, but defiantly not Go(or Gou).

  9. Favorite Line: "I think what's important is your state of mind. You need a good state of mind in order to choose the right materials, and this determines whether the quality will be good or bad. If your state of mind is not good, then the work will be sloppy, and the finished product won't be as good."

  10. After watching this video I am convinced you are definitely an agent of the CIA.

    Sarcastic suspicions aside you are one of the few subscriptions that I actively follow. When I watch one of your videos I actually don't think I'm wasting my time which I suppose is a good thing.

    I also would be more interested in hearing details about various business scams and business ethical misconceptions that are so abundant with regards to China and Chinese business men and women and OFFICIALS. I would love to see some videos from a perspective of a businessman first entering China then the general information about where to find things how to find things, local reliable sources of information.

    I would especially be interested in what are known as "cautionary tales" with regards to how various business men and women have been burned by dealings with China. I'm interested in the various pitfalls that may befall a new venture into China. Look at it from this point of view, my favorite expression in the whole world is "That a young professional knows the rules, but an old professional knows the exceptions".
    I think you can do at least, one episode on clearing Chinese customs alone.

    Well other than that keep up the good work.

  11. At first I thought I could do it but as soon as I seen the machine I was like "yeah nope I guess I ain't trying this anymore."

  12. We have to be grateful to China. Without the invention of paper, can we imagine how we wipe our asses today?

  13. Finally something the communist chinese can be proud of.  I only wipe my ass with the finest chinese toilet paper.  Thanks comrades.

  14. Great video.
    Although, I must ask. Wasn't it the Ancient Egyptions who were the first to make paper?

  15. Geez can't you guys just have a nice calm discussion about paper. Ha!, I couldn't type that w a straight face! China Un rocks! I'm hooked.

  16. LOL falun gong taoist-buddhist barbarians invented paper? are you serious? ahahahahahahaha what a joke. go hop on your cantonese merchant ship, weirdo capitalist barbarian feudal idiots.

    by the way, traditional Confucianism has always been against the two superstitious religions: barbarian buddhism and feudalistic taoism. lofty scholars like Han Yu during the degenerate tang dynasty spoke the truth about buddhism and taoism in defense of Confucian civilization.

    falun gong dislikes China today b/c the PRC is striving to uphold Confucian tradition and civilization to a much greater degree than taoist-buddhist superstitious religions like falun gong does; in fact, part of Confucian civilization is to denounce buddhist, taoist, and merchant/trade (i.e., capitalistic) barbarism.

  17. Papermaking is going away because people rarely even write anymore. There are schools in this world that do not even learn kids to write properly anymore. People are happy to have an ereader with ebooks so Amazon and other parties can update the books and delete books from your library. This is wat you pay for.

    I take pride in my fountain pens and my penmanship, and everyone else should as well. I will gladly pay a premium for good paper for the ink and pen I happen to be using at the time. And that includes handmade paper.

  18. Pls ban this Michael Tsang and Shangai noon they are becoming really anoying always trying to pick fights and stuff, i could bet they are from the 50 cent army or retards thks Chris

  19. "The most important thing is that this gets passed on doesn't have to be related by blood" I paraphrased a little but that is the most important thing about anything. I would be honored to learn this technique

  20. I wonder what the Bible looked like before paper. who wrote the Bible and transfered the Bible to paper. did the person do any changes, left out something?

  21. So China really made paper?? what about the scrolls that they had in Moses's day and the paper they had in Paul's day?

  22. who goes to the library to get a book on how to make paper?
    just google it man, jeez. damn baby boomers amirite

  23. Ever heard of papyrus plants? Egyptians (thee real ones not the Arab immigrants that destroyed the country with Islam) used them to make paper long before Anyone in China thought about it.
    Just for those who believe everything they are told on the internet. Nice show,but historical accuracy is not their main thing.

  24. Paper-making could reasonably be described as an early information technology. Without something on which to write, literacy is pretty pointless.

  25. I wonder. Who cares what some ancient people say? I mean, sure it can be important, it can be some superstitious nonsense. What I mean though is: why does it matter who came up with something? if it's 'fabricated' or some ancient record doesn't really matter. what matters is what is written, not when it was written or by whom or if it's just digital, on paper, chiseled in a rock or bent over plants in a corn field forming the text.

  26. I love videos like this. They are like gemstones in the electric mist that when found enrich my life. I love the internet because something like this can be sifted if one searches carefully. These days I am writing on rare and expensive paper with a fountain pen while sitting on a wooden bench near blooming roses and hoping it will rain.

  27. Love how Asians (in traditional thinking) insist that one's state of mind is essential to the outcome of something they do. I've heard Japanese artists/artisans say this too. I don't know it artisanship is commonplace in China, so this surprises me. I thought maybe the Mao regime had destroyed traditional Chinese art culture. This is refreshing.

  28. Very touching, very beautiful! <3 <3 <3 As an artist, a writer and printing and publishing worker, I totally value paper.

    I have certain kinds of paper on hand here for various necessary purposes, and I have stuff I wrote on paper from a quarter century and longer ago saved back to eventually be transcribed into digital, but will never get rid of the original paper copies.

  29. How many people were aware that some companies are working on re-writable plastic fireproof film sheets to replace paper completely as a document recording medium? https://www.archives.gov/preservation/family-archives/storing


    I was looking for some older documents but apparently they are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back down the bribe-for-exposure rankings of Gobble now.

  30. I am commenting before seeing the end of this video, but I remember being in Rainy Lake, Minnesota in the US several times where there was and still may be a huge paper mill where they go from wood pulp to the finished product. The process is so incredibly stinky that the air pollution spreads for 30 miles in every direction. It is ungodly awful and almost takes one's breath away. Major money maker though, presumably.

  31. Why did God not ask the Chinese how to make paper because than he wouldn't have to put his law on stone tablets.
    It would be a lot easier for the poor Jews to carry along.

  32. Very interesting and not quite what I was expecting on China Uncensored 🙂

    Copyright 2011, so this was what Chris was doing before China Uncensored?

  33. Nowadays because of global warming people are encourage to use less paper to prevent from tree cutting. But nowadays there are even worse forest fires are happening. How many trees and lifes are been killed and burnt?

  34. I appreciate how China uncensored respects the people but opposes the oppressive government. This is how it should be. Thanks for the balanced approach.

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