hello welcome to a studio vlog I have a
hair change and I don’t think I’ve filmed a studio vlog since I had it done
but it’s darker now and shorter and straight which is a very strange but I
am enjoying it so in today’s studio vlog I need to go to the post office I’ve got
some orders to post and some returns to take and then I’ve got hair on my face
I’ve got a logo to finish and I’ve also got a commission to start and hopefully
finish today or at least finish and send to the client so I thought in today’s
video I could show you mainly how I speak to clients how I kind of get a
client and what happens when they first inquire and how it kind of progresses
into a final piece I thought I’d show you that all the way through but first I
need to go to the post office I always seem to be in a rush when I go to the
post office cuz I leave it too late and I need to beat their last pickup
time so I’m gonna go now I literally am in my cozy clothes I’ve got black
joggers on a black top and then my Cadbury’s Freddo shirt from the event look
at that so cute like at this point the post office have seen me in every every
scenario they’ve see me fully dolled up all the way down to this so yeah right let’s go
to the post office and then I will get back here with the Commission stuff and
also let’s not forget I’ve spent two hours already editing this video and
it’s not even like a quarter of the way done so I’m just leaving that there
whilst my laptop overheats I’m gonna go to the post office and hopefully when I
get back it is calmed down just been to the post
office look at this just sent a parcel to Belgium
how exciting so if that’s you you got a parcel from
me hope you like it how exciting you made my day thank you very much back from the post office and I’ve just
done it a little bit of editing actually was a lot of editing I think I’ve been
editing for like five hours now and I think it’s done
but we’ll see whilst I wait for the video to save I am gonna get started on
this commission so prime example of my life always multitasking so I’m actually
doing it for a lovely girl called Emily so Emily actually messaged me after I
posted on my Instagram stories I was doing Commission’s if you don’t have a
lot of kind of people watching your stories and stuff I recommend posting on
your own Facebook or telling your friends and family that you’re doing
these drawings and you’re looking to get more experience and you’re happy to do
them for them for a little little fee and that’s how I got started basically
so when I first started doing design or photography or whatever whenever I first
started I used to share it on Facebook and then word of mouth kind of got
around and that’s how I got work in the beginning so obviously now I do have a
little bit of a following online so I get to share it that way so we just
spoke in Instagram DMS sometimes I ask people to email me because I find it
easier but in this case we did it in DMs so she just asked me if I’m still doing
them and then the first question I always ask is what is it you’re after
because I do do logos and drawings and digital cartoony things I
needed to make sure what she was after so she let me know here I sent a image
of an example and told her the price so I said that I could add all the bits
that she wanted in the background and on the banner and it would be seventy pounds
including an a4 print that I post first class over to her so then she basically
sent me the photos I usually because it is an old-fashioned photo obviously
there’s only one version of this but if I was drawing a couple from nowadays I
would ask for multiple photos just so I can gete an idea of hair color and kind
of facial expressions and stuff but for this one it’s gonna be a little bit
different so we’re gonna give that a go together I will share the journey with
you so then once I’ve got the photos I let her know how
the payment works so what I do is I ask for 50% of the money beforehand and then
50% after this is so I kind of can save a slot for people and I am ensuring that
I’m gonna get paid and also it gives people the chance to kind of make
amendments before they send me the full price
so yeah 50% before 50% after via PayPal or bank transfer for those of you that
don’t know PayPal do a service called
I’ll link in the description and that is so helpful for stuff like this definitely
recommend and so yeah we’re just talking about the names that she wants in the
banner and talking about things and then she decides to pay on PayPal so I passed
her my paypal email which I will cover up so then yes she sent me the payment
and now it is time to get the drawing done it’s taking me a little while to
get round to her Commission because I did have that many to get through but I
use my iPad pro and it is the older version of the iPad pro so I don’t think
they sell it anymore but I bought it on Amazon refurbished so it was like 2 200
300 pounds cheaper then it would have been if I bought it directly from Apple
and then obviously I use the Apple pencil which is the first generation
model not gonna lie I have been eyeing up the new iPad for a long time but I
feel like that’s an expense I don’t need to make unless this thing
breaks I don’t think I need to buy a new one so I’m gonna keep telling myself
that so I don’t so this is my iPad love that I’ve got this in the background and I
use procreate which is down here and on procreate I design a bunch of things I
do the sketches for my logos that I design I drawings themselves I’ve done
this before little kind of cartoony style things I
do a lot of things on procreate one of which is couples portraits so I have a
folder for couples portraits and in here are like the most recent ones that I’ve
done and we’re gonna just start a new file I think I opened one yesterday so
then in here I am going to import the photos that she sent me so I’ve got them
to look at there we go so these are the photos that I am going to use as
reference let’s just do this so you can see and the
first step is to sketch things out just using my pencil so I’ll do that now and
I’ll show you a quick little quick little time-lapse bear in mind that my
sketches are always very very bad it takes a lot of refinement to get it to
look like it does in the end so just trust me before I start the time-lapse
I’ve decided to get rid of the photos off the canvas and do it a different way
so if any of you have an iPad I think all iPads do this I’m gonna open it
as a split screen so I just swipe up from the bottom click my photos drag it
over and then I have a little screen that’s next to me with the photos in that
I need to use so I can kind of flick between which one I need and zoom in and
stuff whilst I’m working on it on this side so as you can probably tell by the light
is now dark it actually makes me so sad that it’s dark at this time of day it’s
25 past 6 and it’s already dark but I have finished the first draft of that
Commission it actually took me an hour and 51 minutes according to my like
screen recording thing that you’ve just watched so what I do now I’ve just sent
it back to the client she’s actually usually quite speedy at replying which is
great for me because once I get started I just want to get it finished
and usually a lot of the time hearing back from clients is the bit that takes
the longest and that’s that frustrates me a lot so I sent her a
message and all I said was here’s the basic drawing just wanted to check and
see what you think so far and it still needs shadows and the writing added but
what do you think – the colors I didn’t attempt to draw it in black and white as
you probably saw but it looked really weird so I decided to do it in color and
then I just need to know the color of the hair and the color of the guy’s tie
and so I’ve asked for that and hopefully she can find that out with me but yeah
I’m happy with that so far I think I need to change well I definitely need to
change the color of the banner and the heart in the background I just kind of
did that for now I feel like it needs to be a bit softer but that is the process
so far while we wait for her to reply I thought I would show you what I do
then so once I have finished the drawing I will send it to my laptop and just
adjust it in Photoshop so let’s pretend that this is the finished drawing and
this is one that I did a while ago and I’m just gonna send this straight to my
laptop so I’m just going to airdrop it to my macbook and then up here I’m going
to open Photoshop and then in Photoshop you’ll be able to see the image itself
so actually I’ve totally done this wrong so usually I open it up in an a4 size
because I print on my prints in a4 so I’m just going to open a new page and
put it like that and then
I’ll drag the drawing over so I usually position it however I might make a
little bit smaller or bigger and to be honest the prints that I make fit really
nicely in frames like this this isn’t my print this is what I bought but prints
that I print in a4 fit really nicely in a frame like that without the mount
so that’s why I print in a4 because it means you can either frame it a4
or frame it in a square frame and that frame is just from Wilko so they’re
really easy to get hold of so I print on a4 paper and I do have to
outsource my printers but I am looking into getting a printer of my own that
will print a4 and A3 I just need to look at the price and kind of
work out whether that’s doable because I feel like that’ll be good for my
commissions and also my shop if you guys follow what’s going on with my shop
anyway back to work so I’ve inserted the photo I’ve made it smaller let’s just pretend
I did all that and then usually it’s in the wrong color format so to view photos
on a screen your photo in image and mode up here image mode is going to be in RGB
but for print I need it to be in CMYK so I change it to CMYK then it will flatten
the image and then that is now ready for print so I’ll file and save that as a
new photo I usually save it with the same name and just put print on the end
so if I ever come back to it I know what’s what and yeah so that’s that and
then I just upload it straight to the printers hopefully by the time I get
around to editing this vlog I will have finished that drawing so I’ll be able to
insert it on the screen now I’ll put it here if not head over to my website it
should be on my portfolio very soon but it’s been fun to draw so far right I
need to now edit another video so I’ve got another studio vlog to edit and I
also have a logo to finish so that is how I’m gonna spend my evening but I do
feel like this video has got really long already so I’m going to end it here
thank you so much for watching another studio vlog please do let me know what
you like the best in my studio vlogs which kind of parts you like to see I’d
love to hear that and yeah thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you soon
the floor another vlog bye

13 thoughts on “HOW MUCH I CHARGE CLIENTS!? + MY DESIGN PROCESS | Studio Vlog

  1. Would you recommend this kind of ipad for photography edits eg photoshop and how good is storage space with things like photography? Sorry that it's a bit random questions 😂 because I really would like to become better at editing and stuff but not sure what to go for a computer or something like a tablet so it's more portable xx if it easier for you to answer me you could text me on my Instagram @chl03_ang3la xx also you are so talented and amazing at what you do and I love you're work I find it so interesting 💛

  2. Hi Alice,

    Nice skills! I really admire your work.
    Could You tell me which gen of iPad Pro you've got?

    Cheers from UK 🙂

  3. How did you decide how much to charge for commissions? I'm only charging £25 for a digital sketch and I feel like it's too much 😂

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