How Man Of Steel Should Have Ended

How Man Of Steel Should Have Ended

Goodbye my son. Our hopes and dreams travel with you. Wait! W-what was that?! What did you
just put in the pod? Hmmm? Oh, I just copied my consciousness into
the control key so that I can communicate with our son. You know later… when he grows up? Did you make one of me? Oh… did you want one too? I am his Mother Jor!!! I’m sorry baby it’s just, it’s just too late! There’s no time! Sorry!! How Man Of Steel Should Have Ended To those of you who know of his location the fate of your planet rests in your hands. To Cal-El, I say this: surrender within 24 hours or watch this world suffer the consequences. (gasp) He sounds serious Clark. Yeah he does. If only there was someone I
could turn to for guidance about the situation. You mean
like a random priest? No, not a random priest. Someone who would actually know
something about Zod specifically, someone who actually knew him OH WAIT, MY SPACE DAD!!! oh yeah Zod is a complete monster You have to stop him. He will kill every
last thing on earth. Well can you show me how? I have less than 24
hours to agree… Ppssssh! That’s plenty of time! Here’s what you need to do. How much time is left on the clock? I grow tired of waiting. Twenty three and a half hours sir!
the clock is right there Curses!! I knew giving him an entire day was
far too generous. General! Sensors detect a small ship approaching. What kind of ship? It appears to be Jor-El’s baby shuttle. And Cal-El is with it! Ha, Cal-El already
surrenders and he’s bringing the Codex with it. This may be easier than I
thought. Wait! Why would he bring the Codex
with him?? He should have no idea what we’re
looking for! PHANTOM DRIVE!!! IT’S A TRAP!!!!! Wow… so you actually saved all of them. Well yeah. I mean, that’s what I do, I save the day. Plus villains are stupid, remember? Nice. So then what’d you? Well I did what everyone was expecting. I made out with Lois for a little bit, flew out into space and smiled for the camera. sweet. Can you imagine if you had to fight those guys on land? Oh my gosh, thousands of people might have died! Plus billions of dollars in property
damages. I can’t pay that kind of debt on a daily planet salary I mean you could because your… Because I’m Batman. I was gonna say rich. I am also rich… I’m rich Batman! Oh my gosh. You know some might think that’s getting a little annoying. Oh well, what are you gonna do about it? Snap my neck? I could if I wanted to! (laughter) Hey, hey Clark! You thinking about your childhood? You look like your thinking about your childhood. welp, I’ll be over here if anyone needs me! (whispers) Justice League What’s the S stand? It’s not an S. In my world it means… Subscribe? Subscribe? No, it means… S’more videos? S’more videos? Why would I wear something that says s’more videos… Special guest voices? Shirts? No. You are just naming off random things now. See you next time? It means hope okay. Hope doesn’t start with an S.

100 thoughts on “How Man Of Steel Should Have Ended

  1. Superman: soo what you do
    Batmen: oh the usual. I made out with lewis for a while flew out in space and smile for the camera
    Superman: u made out with lewis?!

  2. I know everyone is talking about ackbar and all but I want to talk about Superman going to see his space dad and the whole phantom drive stuff because if the codex is in Superman he could run the genesis chamber and give all the babies in there to some families on earth and the whole mess in the actual movie would never happen

  3. SUPERMAN JOKE: What's the opposite of Christopher Reeves?πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
    ….Christopher Walken!😬
    Only the older ppl will get this joke

  4. How much time is left on the clock? I grow tired of waiting.. twenty three and a half hours Sir! The clock is right there lol

  5. I wish there was someone here that I could talk to. He has someone and it is someone awesome because I'm Batman

  6. If Zod turned Mars into krypton instead of Earth and they lived in peace with the humans it would be great ending for the movie

  7. Super man:I can’t pay that with a daily planet pay…but you can because you are
    Batman: because I’m RICH MAN!

  8. Yeah it's probably best he didn't make a hologram of her as well.
    We already have enough drama in this movie.

  9. Also why didn't Zod terraform Venus or Mars before invading Earth? I understand Mars cause of Martian Manhunter but Venus is closer the sun and isn't inhabited. If the world engine really can change the atmosphere, then Venus is a better choice.

  10. Dear hishe, I have been a fan of your work and seeing as it's getting closer to Halloween in 2019 would you please do bright burn? It would be funny to see Batman's face looking at superman πŸ˜‚

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