How Jurassic Park Should Have Ended

How Jurassic Park Should Have Ended

Dr. Grant, My dear Dr. Settler. Welcome, to
Jurassic– Ughhhh.. OhOhhh.. More like Jurassic plop! Hahahah, am I right? Yea, am I right? Yea, you’re laughing. How Jurassic Park Should Have Ended The raptors are gonna break through. We need the door lock back on line.. If only there was someone not doing anything
that could help reach this gun.. We could just shoot it in the face. They’re too intelligent. Even now the raptors
are probably evolving and figuring out a way to outsmart us. Nature finds a way. Hey guys, can you let me in? I really wanna
kill everyone in that room. See?! They’ve already learned to speak just
by watching us. Clever girl. What are you guys doing in there? Trying to reboot the system? Psh, thats not gonna matter. Yes it will. No, it won’t. Dont, Dont encourage her. I’ll just hop through this glass. Then what
are you gonna do? Then we’ll shoot you with this shotgun. You guys have a gun? And you haven’t used
it yet? Where’d ya get that anyway? Nevermind, I’ll
figure it out. Where’s it going? I think she’s looking for weapons. You’ve got mail! Really? You’re checking your email now? It’s not me, its the raptor. What does LOLZ mean? Oh no, she’s advanced to some future language. HAha, what are we gonna do?? There’s nothing we can do! They are the most
dangerous animals on the planet. I know because I dug up their bones. I’m back, suckers! Uhh, everybody get down! Say hello to my little friend! Ahhhhh!!! Enough is enough!! I’ve had it with these mother-effing raptors
on this mother-effing island! Ray, you’re alive! And you have both arms?! What? Sure I’ve got both arms. Why wouldn’t
I? Because, a black guys arm.. it fell on me. We thought you were dead! Oh, I see. So a black arm falls on you and you
just assume it’s mine?! Wha–a– no?… Thats not what— ROARRRRRR Are you kidding with this place? AHHHHHHH!!!! Hold on to your butts! So you guys had a rough time on an island
huh? Boy, I sure know what that’s like. ROARRR!!!! AHHHHH!!!! Click, subscribe… Jurassic Park! We don’t know how to build a fence! Cause stuff just bites right through it when
the power goes out! Mmmm! Thanks for watching.

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  2. If only there was somebody not doing anything that could help reach this gun (which is Tim) we could just shoot it in the face.

  3. 2:50~ Captain Frank Lapidus.

    “So you guys had a rough time on an island huh? Boy I sure know what that’s like.”

    What I like about this channel is that these guys know what they’re talking about, they have infinite knowledge in pop culture and movies.

    1. JURASSIC PARK (1993) A+
    3. JURASSIC PARK 3 (2001) D-

  5. You should have included street scene where rexy himself tells lex to turn on torch so that she could draw his attention towards the car lolz

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