How It Works: Printful

How It Works: Printful

With Printful, launching your online store
is as easy as it gets. We take care of the printing, packaging, and shipping, and you can focus on the fun stuff creating designs and growing your business. To get started, you need to create a Printful account, which is free, and connect your online store. We connect with a bunch of ecommerce platforms, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Then you can sync your custom designs with our products, which we prepare, pack and ship when you get an order. Or you can use our warehousing & fulfillment service and send us your own products, which we’ll store, and then pack and ship to your customers
whenever you have an order. You can always do both! This is how it works. Along comes a customer, let’s call him Gary. Gary finds a product he likes
and buys it from your store. This could be one of our products with your design on it or an item you store at one of our warehouses. Because your store is synced with Printful, Gary’s order is automatically placed with us, and we charge you for fulfillment
as soon as the order is confirmed. If this is a product with your design fulfilled by Printful we prepare, pack and ship it. So, for example, Gary buys a T-shirt for $20. Printful’s price for the fulfillment is $12. So from the $20 Gary paid for the T-shirt,
you get an $8 profit. If this is an item you store in our warehouse,
the process is similar we pack it, ship it
and charge you for the order fulfillment. But you also have to take into account
a monthly storage fee, which depends on the size and quantity of the items. In both cases, Printful fulfills the order
and sends it to Gary with your branding on all the packaging. And that’s how Printful works! Hey, it’s Wes from Printful. I hope you found that video very helpful. All the links that we mentioned
can be found in the description below. Don’t forget to check out our other tutorials, subscribe to our YouTube channel
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21 thoughts on “How It Works: Printful

  1. So can I have my personal brand on the invoice or shipment label, Like "Awesome" or something like that? Or say a better known brand, "Supreme" would it have a supreme label on the package or printful label? I am just curious as far as store brand labeling.

  2. So. I create a website. Use your product to put my logo on it, put it in my store. Then my friend wants to buy the product and when he buys it, do i get charged for the product on my debit card as well as him ? Or everytime someome buys a product off of my site i just get charged on my card for fulfillment Not fully understanding..

  3. I wanted to know if I can stock transfers from another company and are you able to put them on tshirts? Can I get designs created on fiverr and send the file to you to print on tshirts? I have not started yet. Can you add label inside the neck of tshirt?

  4. Can you do custom one-time designs, like someone’s name and an image on an individual shirt, or is there a minimal volume, like 100x of a single design?

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for this great video – very informative.

    I got a question. Can I sell directly from Printful, without any eCommerce platform? The promotion will be doen trhough Google ads.

    Please clarify.


  6. concerning the profit can it be sent to my pay pal balance ? I don't have a bank account will that be a problem?

  7. Do I have to pay for design fees?

    Because I have heard that I have to pay $ 1 at each request to be sold or else I will not buy

    Is this true or what?

  8. What is your return policy? I couldn't find any information about Customer Satisfaction or the ability to Return for an Exchange or Refund if the shirt is of such poor quality

  9. as a designer who sold one of my designs through you, how do I get the payment? Transferred straight to my credit card? I don't wanna use PayPal.

  10. Oh I'm so confused! I thought this was like Zazzle POD. so unless I already have a shop I can't sell via Prinful? I have no idea how this works 🙁

  11. Getting started with Printful: <– points to "How it Works"

    Printful tutorials: <– "doesnt work"

  12. I’ve ordered merch through a streamer paid for the goods on waiting for it to be delivered I have been sent a letter from customs wanting even more money before what I have ordered can be delivered , why am I being charged even more ?

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