How I Pack My Products | Eco-Friendly & Recyclable Packaging

How I Pack My Products | Eco-Friendly & Recyclable Packaging

recently I watched this video which
spoke all about sustainable and eco-friendly packaging now this video
was amazing it completely opened my eyes to so many different sources so I’ve
decided to create a little UK version so here I am for those of you that don’t
know I run an online store called soul and fire on there we currently sell
prints and we will soon be selling stationery and greeting cards so we’ve
got a lot of things going out and I right from the beginning I wanted to make
sure that my business isn’t having a negative effect on the environment so
currently I use two different sizes of packaging and I’m sure this will change
in the future but now I’ve found eco friendly companies to buy my packaging
from I can make sure all the sizes that I buy are sustainable and eco-friendly
so the biggest packaging I use is called the lil letterbox and I get it from lil
packaging com I love this website it actually came up
on one of my Instagram adverts obviously I’ve been searching for eco packaging
and those algorithms they worked because it made me click on it and I bought
products from them they have a completely transparent way of showing
you how they’re being eco-friendly I really like the message they stand for
and they’re just very honest and open about the work that they do so I
purchased my big set of boxes from there and I was very very happy to do so the
other bit of packaging that I use is a c4 hard backed envelope now I’ve had
these envelopes for probably a year I bought these in bulk and I’ve slowly
been getting through them so I can’t say that these are 100% sustainably sourced
obviously they’re 100% recyclable it’s just cardboard and paper that was one of
the main reasons but in reflection I should have double-checked when I bought
them where I was buying them from to make sure the paper and the materials in
it are eco-friendly so for now I am using that big pile as you can see I’ve got
a lot of them obviously I don’t want them to go to waste
they are really good to be reused as well because of the card
on the back so in future I’m gonna buy my envelopes also from lil packaging
but for now they are 100% recyclable and fingers crossed
they didn’t do too much damage to the environment when they were being made
lessons can be learned so inside the boxes when I am packaging stationery up
I like to add a little bit of tissue paper just to make it look a little bit
brighter and to kind of add an experience to shopping with soul and fire
the tissue paper I use is bright orange and it’s acid-free tissue paper I used
big sheets and I chopped them down basically so now I have I think
originally I bought like five hundred sheets because I figured if I buy more
in bulk then I don’t have to rebuy them and there’s not more shipping costs and
fuel and all that kind of stuff and when they arrived it turns out they were a
little bit too big for my needs so I actually ended up trimming the ends of
them off and I made my own kind of like packaging confetti filling stuffers
stuff what do you call that I don’t know I did also do my research about tissue
paper so it is actually biodegradable I bought acid-free tissue paper for that
reason so the inks that are making it Orange
won’t affect the environment making the tissue paper itself completely
compostable and it won’t harm any compost bins it is in I’m not quite sure
if I’m saying this all coherently so I apologize if not if I’m confusing you
just ask me questions in the comments that’s fine I also include an order form
within my packages this is just to make sure I am packing everything correctly
hopefully in the future when I get the hang of it a little bit more I won’t
need to include this but I think for professionalism and just for ease of
packing and kind of efficiency I’m including them for now however the paper
that they are printed on is 100% recycled paper I bought it from a shop
called eco Kraft and on there they have so many different eco-friendly products
for my stationery sets they are wrapped in a kind of plastic bag thing and that
is a cello bag now this is something that I really didn’t want to use but
unfortunately because that product is paper if that got wet in transit to its
new destination to new owner that would be a significant
loss to me because I’d have to resend it reprinted etc so I want to make sure
they’re pretty much fully waterproof as they are getting to their new owner
so I sourced the bags from Eco craft which I just mentioned and on their
website it tells you all about the bags again they’re very open and honest about
what they do and what everything is made with and where everything has come from
I’m just gonna read it out a little bit so basically the plastic bags are made
in the UK from film that has been accredited to ok bio-based which means
they’re fully biodegradable compostable and when they break down they break down
to co2 and h2o this will happen in either home or commercial composting or
in landfill the only difference is that commercial composting happens faster
because it’s at higher temperatures so it will biodegrade it might just take a
little bit longer in a home composter for the postcard that I include in the
packages that is also printed on a 100% recycled card I ordered that from eco
Kraft as well I also need to look into getting some eco-friendly inks for my
printer in my office I print out the order forms on here and at the minute
I’m printing out the postcards on there but I would like to look into some more
kind of like water-based inks to include in that printer I mean it’s a really old
canon printer so I’m not sure if that’s even a thing anymore I’d love to hear
your opinions and more information if there are any kind of like home tech
brands that have provided eco ink I mean we can dream can’t we like I hope that
becomes a thing if it isn’t already so I also use tape to fasten my boxes but
annoyingly those envelopes that I bought the c4 hardback ones have a little
strip that you peel off and it’s self seals itself annoyingly the little bit
of plastic that comes off of that like paper whatever it is I can’t recycle
that so again another reason for me to look into something else as opposed to
those hardback cards but the boxes that I bought from little packaging they
don’t have any self-adhesive parts on them when you build them there is very
little bits of card that comes off it which I can just chuck into my recycling
so I don’t produce any waste when I am building and making and packaging them
packaging them posting them however they do need sealing up obviously because
they don’t have the self seal strip so for that I sourced some paper-based tape
I think it’s called craft tape again it’s from eco craft they have it in
three different sizes I got it in the middle one I think it’s like 25
millimeters or something and on their website again super honest and
informative about what’s in there basically when you unwrap my parcel you
don’t have to take the tape off you can just cut it and then send the box to
your recycle place and it will all get recycled together no problem all and I
actually didn’t realize that a lot of paper-based tapes aren’t recyclable
because of the adhesive on the back so that’s why I bought this one now for a
little bit of finesse on my boxes I wanted to include some branding of some
sort I don’t have the budgets to get branded boxes per se but I wanted to
include something that when it arrived you know it’s from me so what I have
done I have ordered some stamps I ordered them both from Etsy and they
were like under 20 pounds each which was quite a big investment to begin with but
now I’m just gonna be able to use them forever so I just stamp on the top of my
boxes a little stamp that says a 100% recyclable I want to make sure that my
customers are prompted to recycle it I want just that little bit of a reminder
to say look you can put this in your recycle bin please do and also on the
lid of the boxes I have stamped a little Soul & Fire logo along with the website
just in case anyone takes photos and shares them on social media I have my
branding on there for another little bit of branding I also have soul and fire
stickers so I actually bought a roll of a thousand from the brother website so I
use a label printer called the brother ql 700 and it prints stickers without
ink so that was another thing i didn’t need to buy and another thing i didn’t
need to waste so on the roll there’s just a thousand little stickers
annoyingly the backing paper on that roll isn’t recyclalbe I’m pretty sure
the sticker itself is as long as still stuck to a package but don’t
hold me to that because I feel like different counties do it differently but
I was very happy to be purchasing a thousand at a time because every time I
looked to get branded stickers made commercially I couldn’t find a price
that was good I couldn’t find anything recyclable and I would have had to
repurchase them a lot so I figured getting one roll of a thousand then I
was set for a long old while and hopefully it will reduce the waste
because annoyingly the roll comes on a little like plastic holder which slots
into the printer super helpful at the time but when that
roll has emptied I’m not sure I’m able to recycle that so I will figure that
one out when I get to it but fingers crossed its recyclable or I can reuse it
somehow and finally I also use a sticker on the front of the package for the
address again it’s a brother label sticker the backing paper isn’t
recyclable drives me mad so overall the only elements of my packaging and
postage that I send that isn’t recyclable at the moment is the stickers
I’d say that’s about 98% of my packaging is recycle I’m very happy about that I’m
really really happy with the companies that I found hopefully in the future I
can find some more if anyone watching has any recommendations please let
me know I’m really happy to support like uk-based eco friendly brands even if it
means I have to spend a little bit more I really hope this video made sense
hopefully it helped you out if you do sell things of your own online hopefully
you can implement some of the things I have please let me know if there’s any
alternatives for my stickers something that is still efficient but is more eco
friendly and recyclable you know so yeah hope that video was helpful let me know
if you have any questions thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon
another one

10 thoughts on “How I Pack My Products | Eco-Friendly & Recyclable Packaging

  1. Love the message of the video and think it's great that you're thinking about this stuff! However I just wanted to say that I know you know the tissue paper and cellophane isn't "recyclable" but if people do put it in their recycling (because of your 100% recyclable stamp) it will end up in landfill. Home composting is great but I'm of the understanding that in landfill even if the product is biodegradable, it isn't in the right conditions to compost (ie it's under a pile of other stuff so can't get any oxygen to it). Maybe you could include something about how to compost the tissue etc at home? Sorry if that was confusing 😂 just want to add my two cents 🥰

  2. This was super helpful since all I use are the bubble mailers cause I mostly sell buttons and they get ruined otherwise I tried. Also where did you get your calendar and notepad made? I love how cute they are and would love to make one for myself with my favorite colors!

  3. Give the plastic roll to your local school or scrap store or see if brother will take them back to reuse. Alternatively save up a load and ask if anyone could use them on an fb page or two.

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