How I Create My Own Planner Printables in Microsoft Word

How I Create My Own Planner Printables in Microsoft Word

Hello everyone! Today I am going to tell you how I create
my super quick and basic planner inserts and printables. Before I learned how to use illustrator and
photoshop I created all of my printables in Microsoft Word, because it was the only program
I had access to. I was inspired to do this video after watching
a couple of videos on Skillshare about planning, organization and time management. One of those videos teaches how to create
planner pages using Adobe Illustrator so that’s why I decided to show you how you can some
basic layouts using software that most people have in their computer – Microsoft Word. Skillshare is an online learning community
for creators with thousands of classes on planning, productivity, learning and so on. Premium Membership gives you unlimited access
so you can keep learning, find inspiration, and take on new projects whenever you want. The first people to use the promo link in
the description box will get their first 2 months free, then it’s as low as $10 a month
after that to continue learning if you like it. Or cancel if you don’t, there’s no risk. You can also learn from anywhere: download
the mobile app on Android or iPhone and tap into classes even when you’re offline. For this tutorial I will be creating one planner
page for half a week. You can apply these methods for any kind of
printables, from yearly calendars to to-do lists, meal planners, fitness trackers, project
planenrs and so on. Independently of the project, the first thing
you need to do is setup the page size in Microsoft Word. The size you choose depends on the planner,
binder or general medium you want to print the inserts for. You can either pick from one of the pre-defined
sizes or customize your own by going to format document, page setup and then define the paper
size. Make sure that whatever size you choose is
compatible with your printer so there will be no hassles during the printing process. For calendars, monthly views and weekly views,
you can either create an automatic table to quickly sketch the layout but for better precision,
I advise you to use shapes. Simply click the shape button and select a
rectangle shape that you can place anywhere you want. Click and drag the corners to resize the box
and place it on the page. In order to have full freedom and not be bothered
with margins, make sure to select wrap text and then chose a setting like behind or in
front of text so you can move the shape around without being blocked by the lines that define
the header and footer of the page. You can either fill the box with a solid color
or, like I am doing here, deleting the fill and reduce the line width and selecting a
different color for the outline instead of black. For precise measures, to duplicate the selected
box for the other days of the week, simply press ctrl or command C whether you are using
a windows pc or a mac and then press ctrl or command v and it will copy and paste an
identical shape. Microsoft Word also helps you snap the shapes
together for better precision so you don’t have to worry about aligning everything perfectly. To insert the days and month it’s easier
to create a textbox instead of typing in the regular page layout. You have total freedom with filling the textbox
with color or deleting the outline so it looks better integrated in your design. Be creative and pick a font, consult your
calendar and type the day and month according to your layout. For the purpose of this tutorial I am just
starting October on a Monday but be sure to check your calendar previously to make sure
you don’t make any mistakes. If you want to create an entire planner from
scratch you can actually do it in Microsoft Word. I suggest you to create a file for each page
individually instead of designing your planner in just one document, to avoid any formatting
mistakes that can ruin your entire planner without you noticing. You can export each individual file in PDF
format and use a converter online to merge the files together so you can batch print
your planner in one go. When designing your printables always remember
to visualize the finalized layout of your project. If you want to create a planner, you need
to remember to rearrange the layout for odd and even pages so when printed the margins
match both sides in the area where the coil perforates the paper. If all the pages are the same, then one of
the sides will be printed wrongly. In that sense, be careful when creating printables
for binding or filing. Leave a wide enough margin to allow the binder
rings or coil to go through. The good thing about creating your own printables
is that you can go all out according to your own planning needs. Meal planning, budgets, fitness trackers,
weather trackers, checklists and so on – you can create the best spreads according to your
lifestyle and organization methods and it’s really easy to do so with this drag and drop
interface. You can also quickly color different sections
with light hues to differentiate your layout. If you need to change multiple shapes, always
remember you can press shift and click all the shapes and textboxes you would like to
move and they will group so you can move them around more easily. As I mentioned earlier, to maintain the overall
look of your layout before printing, make sure to save as a PDF file to avoid any problems
or incompatibilities between versions of Microsoft Word. Finally, test your printer and a couple of
pages before you start batch printing your creations. Sometimes this a process of trial and error
so make sure all the settings for page size and margin printing are correct in your printer,
try to see if you can get used to manual printing on both sides and experiment with different
sizes and layouts before printing the final result. I know this tutorial was pretty basic for
many of you but there were so many requests that I had to film this video. For those of you who don’t like the hassle
of designing calendars, I have provided a free printable 12 months calendar that you
can download right away with the link provided in the downbar. I hope you enjoyed today’s video and I will
see you next week. Bye!

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  1. On a Mac/MacBook you don’t need an extra program to bring together all the pages in one PDF
    With ‚Preview‘ you can put them together just by dragging and dropping them into one document

  2. Thank you so much, this video was perfect for me and to get me started. I love your videos, your style and your channel. So thank you again for sharing your knowledge and love of creating beautiful bullet journal pages and all thing planner related with me 💕💕💕.

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  4. I tried watching this video, but it was too difficult to understand what you were saying because the music was really distracting. You have a lovely accent and between that, the distracting music, and jumping to the next stage without finishing the first one made it a little too difficult to finish watching.

  5. I wish you actually showed how to print so you don't print on the wrong side because you just talking about it was confusing. Also when you were manually showing it on the screen you were going waaay to fast I couldn't catch everything you were doing.

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    Would you mind subscribing to my channel because I cant subscribe to good channels like this?

  7. I enjoyed this video. Thank you for sharing. Toward the end of the video, “writing” lines appeared in the 1st October box. How did you make those lines?

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