How Godzilla Should Have Ended

How Godzilla Should Have Ended

Dad!!!! I’m ok. You see that?! I almost died! Wheww! Good thing I didn’t. Ha ha! That would have really stunk wouldn’t it? I mean I just got here! How Godzilla Should Have Ended Hey. I’m still alive. Thank God. I was so scared. Listen, there’s something I need to
tell you. Because I’m a responsible husband. Get out of the city there’s giant monsters! It’s headed straight for the city and people are gonna die!!! Leave now before it’s too late!! You don’t want me to wait for you to get here first? For God’s sake, stop talking and just go! Oh, and take our son with you! Whatever you do, do not leave him with a
stranger. That’s just weird! Okay, I will. Thank you for letting me know.
Goodbye!! You’re welcome!!! The arrogance of man is thinking nature is in their control and not the other way around. Let them fight! Are you sure there’s nothing we can do? Let them fight. Maybe nuke the creatures before they reach a major city? Let them fight. Maybe power down the facilities these
monsters feed off of? Let them fight. You just wanna see giant monsters fight, don’t you? Let them fight. Ok there’s cat 5 kaiju in San Francisco, we’ve combined our memories and we’re ready to fight. Right! Alright, guys let’s do this. Gypsyyyyyy dangerrrr!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!! It’s over. We made it. The boat’s driving away with the bomb. And everything’s safe. There’s no way that boat got far enough
away in time!! We’re all gonna di— (boooomm) Woohooo! yeah!! I was so worried but now everything’s okay! Be amazed, ladies and gentlemen, because we are clearly looking at the greatest hero to ever exist on this great earth. What??? Woohoo, We’re saved! Oh sure, when Godzilla destroys half the
city and kills the unstoppable threat to save the world everyone cheers! but when I do it, everyone gets all
grouchy and judgmental. I see how it is. Hey, way to go Godzilla. You killed those awful creatures… that only wanted to breed. you know who else wanted to procreate at
the expense of humanity?? Zod. That’s right. You’re welcome. Godzilla!! Yea, woohoooooo! Holy cra——- AHhhh!!!! Say my name. Rooaarrrrrr!!! You’re Godzilla right. Hey we’re back! Thank you guys for waiting, HISHE is back! Start expecting more content from us, a lot more! Like us on Facebook! We’re gonna be giving away a lot of cool stuff over there so you don’t wanna miss it. The first one is really cool. Links are in the description. Oh, there’s the ground. Hey Ford, you ever thought about how many times you’ve crossed paths with these giant creatures? You’re like some kind of mega-monster magnet! Ughh! Roarrrrr

100 thoughts on “How Godzilla Should Have Ended

  1. I may be kind of late to the party, but does anyone else want a Godzilla: King of the Monsters HISHE?

  2. I expect Godzilla: King of monsters to have a sequel to "Let them fight". Perhaps the scene when the professor says that "he will do IT" (won't say what for spoilers). and that "there's no time for debate"
    please please please

  3. High quality animation for a joke video. Also been following these. Watched part of it but thinks it is one of the better ones. Gave a like

  4. 1:32
    Godzilla: Are you sure about that?

  5. 2:27
    Superman: The Emoji Movie doing product placement
    Godzilla: Ralph Break the Internet doing product placement

  6. They can't nuke them because they feed off nuclear energy there just gonna get a boost and if they power down the facilities the monsters feed off godzilla just gonna hunt them down because a muto killed one of godzilla's species

  7. First off, yoh who's here after the King of Monsters.. HISHE remake woohoo. Second, 1:39 took me too long to catch that Jenkins reference

  8. Nuking the monsters is not only nearly impossible (nukes go to coordinates, monsters that move around are not coordinates), but we learn in King of the Monsters that they feed off nuclear power, so that'd make it worse. Shutting down the facilities that they feed off assumes they can't still feed off it while shut down and that it won't cause any additional problems. Also, Gypsy Danger would either be tough enough to take 1 blast of Godzilla's nuclear breath at least for a little while or agile enough to dodge it. Wouldn't be laid out that easily.

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